Healthy longevity and health

“Health” is initially seen in “Zhuangzi·Internal”, the so-called “life”, life, survival, growth meaning; the so-called “nurturing”, maintenance, nursed back to health, nourishment, care.

The connotation of “health” is how to extend the time limit of life and how to improve the quality of life.

  To be healthy and long-lived, the key is to implement health knowledge into the daily life and persevere.

Here are some simple and easy ways to try.

Adhere to a few “less”: less salt and more vinegar, less sugar and more fruit, less meat and more vegetables, less medicine and more food, less sleep more, less worry and sleep.

In a poem, the contraction “has been a matter of sleep, no joy or no annoyance, what is a real thing, and a body is a treasure.”

Adhere to a few “normal”: hair often combed, face often sputum, nose often sputum, limbs often stretch, the eyes often move, the teeth are often sputum, the abdomen is often rotated, the ear is often bounced, the anus is often raised.

Practice the “eight characters”, lifelong unremitting: childlike heart, ant food, turtle desire, monkey line.

Childlike heart, be childlike.

Ant food, eat less.

Nowadays, many people have problems eating too much, too good, not exercising, and food is piled up in the body.

The tortoise wants to be indifferent.

Monkeys should exercise more and exercise.

Dry cleansing every day: first hot, then pinch your face.

Get up every morning and do it dozens of times.

Fuyang Mingjing this part, blood and blood transport.

Adhere to the dry-cleaning noodles, eye bags and wrinkles are slowly stretched, and it is more effective than beauty.

Learn to vomit the law: Tao Hongjing puts forward in the “National Deferred Record”: “Are you angry, there are six exhalations.”

One of the gas is said to be sucking; the six who exhale, that is, blowing, calling, swearing, swearing, swearing, swearing, are also venting.

“When you exhale, you can’t open your mouth too much. You should be silent, long, and vomit.”

When exhaling, according to the best difference of each word, there is a slight change in the mouth shape, and the part of the exhalation is also different, and the gas should be maximized.

When you reach a certain level, you can reach the tire suction.

The fetus is in the mother’s body, although there is no breathing, but there is also life, this is the sucking.

Before practicing Qigong, first set your mind, remove all distractions, and enter the state.

After completing the method according to the method, you will find that the mouth is full of fluid, the ancient book called “water on the pool”, and then swallowed the liquid.

The body fluid is an important life substance, and it cannot be spit it out.

“Three links”: Our modern people have been constantly making up, and now the traffic on the road is blocked, and our body is also blocked by traffic.

High blood lipids, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure are the result of the retina.

Therefore, we must correct the “complement” to “pass”.

The blood must pass, the gas must pass, the heart must pass, the gastrointestinal qi should pass, to reach the end of eating, sleep, pull the net, let go.

Persevere in the brain: Do not think that raising flowers, raising grass, raising fish, is to maintain health, a little spiritual sustenance, aging is faster.

At the age of 70, Ma Yin began to learn Russian. When Goethe was 80 years old, he wrote “Faust”. Many of the poems in Lu You’s “Southern Collection” were written after the age of 60.

Do not think that 60 years old will be in his later years.