Baby-friendly room (603214): Proposed to acquire the exclusive distributor of Japanese Royal Toys in China to extend the company’s industrial chain layout

Baby-friendly room (603214): Proposed to acquire the exclusive distributor of Japanese Royal Toys in China to extend the company’s industrial chain layout

Event: On December 28, the company issued an announcement saying that it is expected to acquire 58% of the target company’s 100% equity held by Shanghai Zhiyile Trading Co., Ltd., including all assets, business, personnel and authorized ownership of the Japanese royal toyThe exclusive right to use and sell exclusive intellectual property rights of Japanese royal toys in mainland China. The subject company can independently manage products containing intellectual property rights of the Japanese royal toy brand in mainland China. Through commission processing and development of distributors, it has full control.Production and sale of royal toys in mainland China.

  Extend the company’s industrial chain layout and give play to industry synergy.

Royal Toys (TOYROYAL) is a Japanese century-old baby toy brand. It is a professional infant brand company that integrates infant toys, supplies and textiles. The three major brands TOYROYAL, BABYROYAL, KIDROYAL, are infant toys,Maternal and infant supplies, baby bedding, and royal toys are the best toy brands in the 0-3 age group in the Chinese market.

The company’s acquisition performance: (1) the company expanded the wide toy retail market, strengthened the advantages of toy categories, extended the company’s industrial chain layout, and exerted industrial synergy; (2) increased gross profit margin, enhanced the company’s sustainable development capabilities, and enhanced the company’s marketCompetition and profitability.

  As the first share of maternal and infant retail, the company accelerated store layout, and its gross profit margin continued to hit record highs.

(1) Acceleration of store openings: In 2019, H1 will open 10 net stores, Q3 will open 15 net stores in a single season, and it is estimated that Q4 will open 20 stores (currently, 30 stores have been contracted to be opened). In the future, it will focus on Chongqing in the southwest region and acquireChongqing stores are expected to turn a profit in Q4, and it is expected that the store opening speed will increase to 80 in 2020.

(2) The gross profit margin has increased for four consecutive years: the company’s product structure has been adjusted, and the proportion of its own products has increased. Through optimization of the supply chain, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin will be further improved.

(3) Increase investment in e-commerce platforms: In 2019, the company will formally cooperate with Tencent. In the future, 佛山桑拿网 it will cooperate on WeChat mini-programs and advertising to bring more traffic to the company.

  Profit forecast and rating.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 1.

6 trillion, 2 trillion, 2.

500 million, EPS is 1.

53 yuan, 1.

96 yuan, 2.

45 yuan, corresponding PE is 27/21/17 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk warning: The store development speed and store operation efficiency are lower than expected, and the chain retail model has risks such as rental growth.

Jidong Cement (000401) Semi-annual Report Review: Volume and Price Rise, Restructuring Effect Continues to Appear

Jidong Cement (000401) Semi-annual Report Review: Volume and Price Rise, 佛山桑拿网 Restructuring Effect Continues to Appear

The company issued an interim announcement that the sales of cement clinker in the first half of the year was 4,528 per year, with an increase of 12 in the future.

83%; realized operating income of 160.

78 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.

18%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

80 ppm, an increase of 60 in ten years.


Opinion volume and price go up, expenses fall, and performance flexibility is gradually realizing cash sales. According to the announcement, the company’s comprehensive sales of cement + clinker is about 4,528, which has continued to increase in the same caliber.


The increase mainly comes from the growth of the industry. We observe that the company’s main North China region has a gradual increase in cement output from January to June this year.

53%, consistent 杭州桑拿 with the company’s sales growth.

North China’s growth also continued to lead the rest of the country, basically related to strong infrastructure-driven demand.

In terms of price, according to statistics from China Cement Network, the average cement price in Hebei from January to June was 430 yuan / ton, which was increased by 28 yuan / ton per year, of which the average price of cement in the second quarter was 431 yuan / ton, up to 24 yuan / ton.

We estimate the company’s price of 317 tons of cement clinker.

04 yuan / ton, an increase of 28 per year.

73 yuan / ton, gross profit of 119 tons of cement clinker.

36 yuan / ton, an increase of 12 per year.

17 yuan / ton.

In terms of expenses, the company’s selling expenses increase by 29 each year.

02%, mainly due to an increase in sales volume and an increase in sales freight in the one-ticket settlement system during the sales period; a decrease in management expenses and a decrease of 4%.

65%, financial costs are reduced by 5 per year.

30%, we estimate that the company’s ton of cement clinker sales costs increase by 1 every year.

64 yuan, the management cost of tons of cement clinker is reduced by 7.

5 yuan per ton of cement clinker sales costs are reduced by 2.

71 yuan.

Reconstruction was successfully completed, and the leader Yang Fan set sail.

In the reporting year, the company announced that the second batch of asset injections had been completed. It took 3 years for Jinye Group and Jidong Cement to complete the asset reorganization.

The combined clinker capacity of Jindong Jidong after the merger will exceed 1.

100 million tons, cement production capacity reached 1.

With 700 million tons, the production capacity of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei accounts for 60%.

Jidong’s unified operation and management of cement assets, enhanced strength, and reduced market communication costs are aimed at improving the profitability of cement assets, while having the advantages of Jinying’s internal control and financing rating advantages to reduce management costs and financial costs.

Demand is expected to increase, and peak production will be normalized.

Xiong’an New District’s external backbone road network has entered the stage of comprehensive construction. The first phase of the Jingxiong Expressway has begun construction. The Rongwu New Line and the first phase of the Jingde Expressway are easy to implement.The long-term demand forecast for cement is estimated to have both room for improvement and performance growth.

Jijin Luyu area announced the second phase of peak shift production plan: Hebei August 15th to August 24th cement peak shift production for 10 days; Shanxi August 5th to September 13th, phased and regional shift peak production for 20 days; Shandong peak production for 20 days from August 17 to September 5; Henan peak peak production from mid-late August to mid-September September, we believe that although the peak season is about to get out of the low season, the peak shift production in Jijin Luyu area has endedMost of the follow-up prices will remain stable while rising, while peripheral markets will also benefit.

In addition, others continue to benefit from anti-cyclical adjustments to infrastructure expectations.

From an overall perspective, the sustainability of environmental protection policies will not change, especially in North China, where the ecological environment is more fragile. Therefore, under the expectation that cement demand will increase significantly, cement prices in North China are expected to rise steadily.

Profit forecast: We are optimistic about the long-term volume and price rise, and the restructuring dividend will continue to be released. We predict that the revenue for 2019-2020 will be 346.
15 billion, 365.

7.1 billion; net profit attributable to mother is 32.
5 billion, 37.

200 million, EPS is 2 respectively.

41, 2.

76 yuan, maintain “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei demand is less than expected, and cement prices have fallen sharply.

Autumn Detox Slimming Honey Burdock

Autumn Detox Slimming Honey Burdock

Honey burdock material: 1 kg of burdock, 240 grams of malt, 1 kg of sugar, 4 plums, and white sesame instead.

  Practice: 1.

Cut the burdock into 3 cm long sections, add water (salted to burdock) and cook until cooked. Add the plums and top up. Turn down the sugar to taste, and then simmer over low heat until the sugar melts.Scorch one side and let the water dry.


Stir in a little white sesame before use to add flavor.

Note: The water will easily evaporate without the lid.

  Opinion: Burdock is really good for the body. There are many benefits to eating it.

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, lipid-lowering, clear away the viscera, and prevent the growth of carbohydrates.

The whole honey burdock contains only 200 calories. MM who wants to lose weight remember to eat more.

Medicinal diet tonic kidney Guben Peiyuan looks good

Medicinal diet tonic kidney Guben Peiyuan looks good

Kidney possession is the essence of inheritance, but now many people have entered the ranks of kidney deficiency, and they are younger.

Chinese medicine points out that kidney deficiency is divided into kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency, which should be diagnosed and treated according to different symptoms.

Kidney deficiency is mostly caused by long-term accumulation. Do not replenish it because of eagerness for success, or use kidney and aphrodisiac drugs of unknown composition, or you should slowly adjust it.

Medicinal diet can differentiate kidney.

Here we will introduce in detail: Cistanche sheep kidney soup material: Cistanche 30 grams, 2 sheep kidneys Method: Cut and wash sheep kidney, remove white fascia, add boiled soup with cistanche, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: kidney, Yijing, impotence.

  Sea cucumber and ginseng soup ingredients: 150 grams of sea cucumber, 12 grams of codonopsis and wolfberry. Method: After cooking together for about 60 minutes, add MSG, oil, salt and other condiments to eat ginseng and soup.

  Efficacy: Buqi Yishen, Shengjing Yangxue.

Applicable to qi deficiency, fatigue, paleness, dizziness, softness of waist and feet, impotence, nocturnal emission, frequent urination and other symptoms.

  Morinda officinalis wine material: Morinda officinalis, Cuscuta chinensis, and Raspberry 15 grams each, rice wine 250 g. Method: Soak Morinda officinalis, Cuscuta chinensis, and Raspberry in rice wine, soak it after 7 days.

  Efficacy: Applicable to abnormalities of semen, slippery, frequent urination, cold pain in waist and knee caused by kidney deficiency.

  Ingredients for sea cucumber and duck soup: 200 grams sea cucumber, one duck method: dehaired and washed the duck, add water and slowly simmer with the sea cucumber. After the duck is cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate, spring onion, ginger and so on.

  Effect: nourishing yin and kidney.

It is suitable for kidney yin deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, waist and knee weakness, impotence nocturnal emission, head and eye fainting, heart and foot heat, insomnia and more dreams.

  Stewed pork loin material: 2 pork loins, 30 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 30 grams of walnut meatEat a small amount of fine salt.

  Efficacy: Tonifying the kidney and helping the yang, strengthening the waist and nourishing qi.

Low back pain caused by insufficient kidney qi, fatigue, cold stomach, cold limbs, frequent urination, unclear vision, impotence, nocturnal emission, etc. can be supplemented with food.

  Ingredients of Huangjing wolfberry oxtail soup: 1 oxtail with skin (about 750 grams), 20 grams of huangjing, 50 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of raspberry, 10 grams of coriander fruit, 10 grams of longan meat, 7 fine salts.

5, 30 grams of ginger: wolfberry is divided into two, 25 grams of water to boil 25 grams of concentrated juice, and the other wash with water.

The oxtail is scraped and cleaned, chopped into sections, put in a boiling water pan and simmered, remove and wash, and slice ginger.

Put 25 g of oxtail, huangjing, raspberry, coriander, ginger, and wolfberry in a crock pot, add broth, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, refined salt, and boil over the fire, then add 25 grams of wolfberry concentrated juice, stew and rotRemove, pick ginger, shallots, and serve in a crockery.

  Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones.

Suitable for those with kidney deficiency, such as men’s impotence, premature ejaculation, women’s irregular menstruation, hyposexuality, waist and knee pain and so on.

I have collected eight good ways to resist radiation


I have collected eight good ways to resist radiation

As the computer has become an indispensable tool for modern life, office and entertainment, at the same time it brings great convenience, it also brings fatal radiation to the skin, making many MM skin facing the computer all day longer getting worse and worse.Is getting worse.

Don’t worry about it, now the intimate editor has collected eight good ways for you to resist radiation, and have a look.

  The first trick: to ensure that the fluorescent screen is clean. Before you turn on the machine every day, wipe the fluorescent screen with a clean flannel to reduce the dust on it.

  The second trick: Isolation is the most important thing. Learn to use a barrier cream. A thin layer can isolate the skin from dust.

For example, use whitening moisturizing cream and protective milk.

In addition, using a foundation with breathable function can also build a barrier between the skin and external dust, but do not use oily foundation.

  The third trick: regular cleaning “static vacuum” will make your face dirty.

After working for half a day, be sure to wash your face, wash your hands, and replace different series of facial cleansers according to your skin type to relax the skin; take a bath in time after work.

  Fourth trick: Frequently hydrating computer radiation can cause skin dryness.

Put a bottle of water products around you, such as nourishing fluid, softening (tonal) toner, essence, etc., to replenish your face.

Add some moisturizing skin creams and anti-wrinkle creams to your skin care products.

  Fifth trick: Homemade anti-radiation toner uses 1: 5 ratio of glycerin and white vinegar to coat the skin, making the skin smooth and tender, and saving money.

  Drinking more water can not only replenish skin moisture loss, but also promote metabolism.

  Sixth trick: Make a deep cleansing mask and a moisturizing mask once a week to deep clean and moisturize the skin.

This helps to shrink pores that are becoming larger and larger.

It is best to use personal professional care products according to the skin type, and pay attention to normal diet and diet.

However, if you want to shrink the enlarged pores and improve the skin texture, it is not a matter of overnight. Any method must be used continuously for a long time to produce a significant effect.

  Seventh trick: often drink green tea. Tea polyphenols in green tea have a strong antioxidant effect.

However, it should be noted that when the monthly physiological period comes, you should not drink strong green tea after meals and during pregnancy.

  Eighth trick: Drink fresh fruit juices and lettuce juice often. Fresh and fruit juices that are not boiled are the “cleanser” of the human body, which can release toxins and wastes accumulated in the body.

With less toxins in the body, the skin will be much smoother.

Early morning weight loss yoga thin waist thin legs thin arms

Early morning weight loss yoga thin waist thin legs thin arms

Eyes still open after getting up in the morning?

Is the body still tired?

Yoga can help you solve this problem.

It takes only 5-10 minutes after getting up to do a few yoga moves, you can be 100 times more energetic, you can also thin arms, beautiful legs, and reduce your waist!

Now teach you two simple weight loss yoga exercises.

  The first set of actions is step 1 lying on the ground with your knees bent and your legs apart shoulder-width apart; inhale, fist (or hold the water bottle), arms straight up, 90 degrees to your neck, and your eyes look towards the ceiling.

  Step 2 Exhale, open the scapula, open the elbows on both sides of the arms and place them on the ground; inhale, raise your feet and forward with your waist and abdomen, so that your thighs, tibia, and body are on the same straight line, with your eyes looking at the ceiling.

  Slimming part: Arms, waist and abdomen movements Step 1 Open your feet forward, stand firmly, straighten up, lift your arms, put your fists (or water bottle) on your chest, bend your left knee, and lift your left toe.

  Step 2 Inhale, bend your right knee so that your right thigh is perpendicular to your calf, with the most retreat pressure, with your arms straight and your body straight, and your eyes looking straight ahead.

Repeat after changing sides.

  Slimming parts: arms, thigh movements, three step 1 with feet apart from shoulder width, natural posture, fists in both hands (or water bottle); inhale, bend knees, hang down until thighs are parallel to the ground, keep straight, exhale, armsStretch down and shrink as far as possible.

  Step 2 Inhale, slowly return to stand straight, stretch your arms straight forward, turn your body to the left, and look at the middle of the coaxial.

Repeat after changing sides.
  Slimming part: arms, thigh movements, step 1 with feet apart from shoulder width, natural posture, fists in both hands (or water bottle); inhale, bend knees, lie on your back until thighs are parallel to the ground, keep straight, exhale, armsStretch down and shrink as far as possible.

  Step 2 Inhale, slowly return to stand straight, stretch your arms straight forward, turn your body to the left, lift your left foot, your thighs and calves at 90 degrees, and look straight ahead.

Repeat after changing sides.
  Slimming part: arms, thighs movements, step 1 with your feet apart forward, lift your left toes, straighten your feet, and keep your back straight; inhale, make a fist (or water bottle) with both hands, and lift it up 45 degrees.

  Step 2 Exhale, recover, inhale, lift your left foot so that your thighs and legs are at 90 degrees, turn your body to the left, put your hands next to your left hips, and look into your hands with your eyes.

  Slimming part: arms, thigh movements, six steps 1 lying on the ground supine, knees bent; inhale, arms straight up, grab your left elbow with your right hand, grab your right elbow with your left hand, eyes look towards the ceiling.

  Step 2 Strain your waist and abdomen with your body up, your back off the ground, and keep parallel.

  Slimming part: waist and abdomen

How workplace stress can help reduce stress

How workplace stress can help reduce stress

How can we reduce the pressure to invisible?

Yesterday, experts put forward the concept of “occupational stress management” in response to this phenomenon. If this stress cannot be completely eliminated, then it will not prevent the remedy and use various known methods to face the problem correctly.


Seeing a psychiatrist, in the presence of a psychiatrist, not all white-collar workers are willing to fully reveal their minds, and many white-collar workers always have reservations.

“Relevant experts believe that,” In fact, unwillingness to speak out is also a serious mental illness.

Originally autistic in psychology.

“Like a cold, go to a psychiatrist!”

“Doctors believe that the biggest problem of white-collar mental illness is that it is not enough to face up and realize its own mental state.

  As a result, many white-collar workers have long-term insomnia and physical weakness, but they are considered normal physical fatigue and ignored. In fact, these may be symptoms of depression, worry, and other psychological illnesses, which lead to excessive sleep or sleepDeclining quality, loss of libido or loss, weight loss, internal visceral function, especially the function of the digestive system and cardiovascular system, are all likely to be somatization manifestations of depression.

In addition, many people have to avoid medical treatment, which delays the timing of treatment and adjustment.


Talk to someone in a timely manner.

White-collar workers are more susceptible to interpersonal problems, emotional problems, emotional problems, and psychological stress problems, and these problems can not be solved by taking medicine.

Therefore, the psychiatrist believes that the best solution is to vent.

When you are troubled by emotions such as sadness, anger, irritability, annoyance, resentment, sorrow, fear, etc., you can shout or cry out loud. At the same time, you have the courage to talk to your relatives and friends. Alas, under their comfort and guidance, badEmotions will slowly disappear.


Slowing down your work speed If you are overwhelmed by stressful work, it’s best to put your work down immediately and take a break. You may do better.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of work and rest time, strictly implement the work and rest system established by ourselves, so that life, study, and work can be carried out regularly.

“Relieve the stress in a timely manner after the pressure is reduced, take a good rest, and then pick it up again, so that you can take longer,” the doctor said.


Sports research has suggested that sports can overcome depression.

Exercise can reactivate your atrophied cells due to stress, and help you find yourself in a different mood.

During exercise, stress, worry, maybe, worry, swept away unconsciously.


Getting enough sleep can also reduce stress. For your health, it is best to go to bed before 11pm.

Many white-collar workers are used to working at night until one or two in the evening, or even later.

Lack of sleep can easily cause psychological problems.


Maintain a normal-minded female manager: To maintain a normal-mindedness forever, don’t feel uncomfortable with yourself, set goals unattainable, do everything within your power, and adjusting goals at any time may not be the behavior of the weak.

Professional women should pay attention to self-regulation in time, because excessively heavy psychological pressure will jeopardize health, and appear dizziness, migraine, insomnia, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other symptoms.


We must first look squarely at our own strength, do not force things in everything, try to make a comprehensive arrangement of everything, and set priorities.

At the same time, we must evaluate ourselves correctly and objectively, and we should not expect too much of ourselves.

Pay attention to methods and seek support.

When you learn to arrange your life and work reasonably, you must believe in your family, friends, and colleagues. Do not try to do everything yourself, but instead mobilize everyone to do things together.


Good interpersonal relationships and the success of the business are mutually reinforcing. Their relationship is interactive and must be good to others.

“Big things are clear, small things are smeared,” Zheng Banqiao has chanted a “rare graffiti” to this day, because of the truth of life.
Regardless of life, no matter how busy work is, it is also important to maintain a regular life, be relaxed and try to avoid doing too much.

It is important to spend as much time as possible with your family, pay attention to rich personal amateur life, develop personal hobbies, completely relax yourself and enjoy your time.

Bad habits-the culprit of hair loss

Bad habits-the culprit of hair loss

A bad lifestyle is the “catalyst” of hair loss, so develop a good lifestyle and eating habits.

  First of all, shorten the sleep time by 7 hours a day, and it is best to fall asleep before 11 pm, otherwise it will affect the neuroendocrine system of the body and cause or aggravate hair loss.

  You should master the frequency of dyeing and perming, don’t exceed 2-3 times a year, there should be time intervals.

This is because the perm agent and the hair dye will cause a certain degree of damage to the outer skin of the hair, leading to the denudation of the scales, defects, loss of the hair’s endoplasm, and loss of luster and dryness of the hair.

In addition, the hot air from the hair dryer will destroy the protein in the hair shaft, cause voids in the hair, and cause the hair to break easily. It should also be avoided.

  Shampoo itself does not cause or aggravate hair loss.

The frequency of shampooing should be different from person to person. The living and working environment is very clean. People with little oil on their scalp can wash it every 2-5 days. People with dirty environment or oil on their scalp can wash every 1-2.Wash once a day, or even 1-2 times a day.

Note that the water temperature should not be too high when washing your hair.

  Excessive combing will not promote hair growth. On the contrary, some incorrect combing methods will hurt the hair.

Some people comb their hair upside down in order to make the hair fluffy, causing damage to the hair scales and causing hair breakage.

The use of nylon combs and head brushes should be avoided because static electricity can cause bad irritation to the hair and scalp. A wooden comb is ideal.

In addition, try not to comb your hair when the hair is wet, because at this time the length of the hair is large, the fur is relatively rough, and the hair is easily tangled with each other. If you comb it forcibly, it will cause hair breakage and damage the hair.

  At present, young and middle-aged men suffer from masculine hair loss, which has long been associated with genetic factors. However, normal work pressure and irregular life are important factors that cause hair loss to appear earlier and increase in severity.

Therefore, preventing hair loss should actually start by changing your own lifestyle.

Six things you must do before going to bed

Six things you must do before going to bed

The years are quietly passing, and unwittingly, wrinkles crept up to your face, which is disturbing.

Even though the years are ruthless, please think carefully if you have any bad habits in order to give these wrinkles a chance.

  First, brush your teeth, wash your face, and brush your body before bedtime. Brushing your teeth is more important than bedtime. It can even remove oral deposits and help protect your teeth. It also helps to sleep peacefully.Clean and make sleep comfortable and easy.

  Second, combing the hair, ancient medical scientists have identified the complications of the acupuncture points on the head. By combing, massage, stimulation can be performed, and the liver can be calmed, the wind can be quenched, the pain can be relieved, and the pain can be relieved.

Sooner or later, use two fingers to comb the scalp to redness and fever, which can unblock the blood flow in the head, improve the brain’s thinking and memory ability, promote hair root nutrition, protect hair, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, and fall asleep early.

  Third, take a walk for 10-20 minutes calmly, this will make the blood circulate to the body surface, the skin can be “live” maintenance after falling asleep.

When you lie down, you don’t read books and newspapers, you don’t think about problems, you reduce your brain activity, and you go to sleep faster.

  Fourth, drink a cup of milk with honey According to research by foreign medical experts, milk contains l-tryptophan to promote sleep.

Drinking a glass of honeyed milk 1 hour before bed can help sleep.

Honey helps keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the night, which prevents you from waking up early.

  Fifth, open the window to ventilate to keep the indoor air fresh in the bedroom. When the wind is strong or the weather is cold, you can open it for a while and close it before going to bed to help you sleep better.

But be careful not to cover your head while sleeping.

  Sixth, washing (kneading) feet Chinese medicine believes that more than 60 acupoints on the feet are closely related to the five internal organs.

If you can develop washing your feet with warm water (40-50 ℃), massaging your feet and toes every day before going to bed, you can gradually promote the operation of qi and blood, relax your muscles, and restore the balance of yin and yang.

Nine workplace fashion vent plans

Nine workplace “fashion” vent plans

Nine fashion venting methods for men and women in the workplace at a glance: venting methods-cartoons, toys fashion critics say that a person’s most lovely place is his childlike innocence, so one of the current fashions is to be young.
Watching adult cartoons and visiting adult toy halls have also become fashionable.
In Beijing and Shanghai, there are also adult toy halls that sell and try various toys on the spot. Many people use their hands and brains to spend time happily.
  发泄方法之――赛车  喜爱车和喜爱赛车的绝大多数都是男人,不信就去看看车展里的男、女比例(当然美女模特除外);当然,也有一些勇敢的时尚女郎对赛车有着浓厚Interest, so they always desperate to speed up.
The racing club can make car lovers feel the real thrill of driving, challenge speed and limits at any time, and at the same time have a safety guarantee to enjoy the various fashions of the 21st century.
  One of the methods of venting-Wu Shitian’s hegemony is to order Baihua to open for her.
Today, “counter-time” is not difficult for human beings. It is easy to eat watermelon in winter, and it is fashionable to show your skills on the real ice rink in summer.
This new type of indoor skating rink can be opened all year round and is not affected by the global warming. People in the south can also enjoy the summer on the real ice rink.
  The method of venting-the bulging pockets of foreign tourism and the longer and longer vacations have given many Chinese people the opportunity to go abroad to play, and newspapers have launched various foreign tourist hotlines.
Of course, the first cool thing is those young white-collar workers who are willing to take out a lot of money. After returning home, they take a lot of photos to share with friends. It is really fun.
  The way to vent-hot dance The prevalence of hot dance may be related to the popularity of European and American culture in China, but also to young people’s preference for innovative personality and hot life.
Most of the styles of dance halls that can make people dance wildly are derived from fashionable western culture.
Pushing in the door, a large chunk of bright colors came into view, the loud music sounded the ears and drums, a beating vitality suddenly emerged.
Here you can just like the “just do it” in the advertisement, mobilize the cell dance of the whole body, and make yourself High.
  Method of venting-Net Many urban men and women are hooked on the “Internet”, and you can see the world without leaving the house.
Although there are so many viruses on the Internet that make people worry about online shopping and do n’t dare to expect too much, online chat always makes people feel that the online world is very exciting. You can meet a lot of netizens in one or two visits, and also a fascinating online dating.
Of course, countless references have proven that it is best not to meet “her / he” on the Internet, maybe “she / he” is just a man / woman.
  The way of venting—cafés, tea houses, and fashion men and women will never give up the pursuit of high quality. Even if they don’t understand, they must use the taste created by others to raise their worth.
The cafes and teahouses sprouting up the streets like mushrooms just meet the vanity of such people.
Or three or five friends or one drink alone, talking leisurely, extra comfortable.
Cafes and tea houses or high-end or unique decoration not only allow people to taste high-quality coffee and tea culture, but also satisfy people’s vision, hearing, smell, and let people spend a modern and somewhat classical romantic atmosphere.A long time.
  The vent method-extreme sports For the adventurous GGMM, conquering fear is the biggest gain.
Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountaineering adventure . one after another extreme sports is another stage where they show themselves and show themselves to the fullest.
Whenever you reach the apex, the pleasure of surpassing yourself is an unforgettable pleasure, and the certificate of the brave obtained after the game is also a proof of yourself.
Extreme sports, like Wang Shuo’s novel “Heart Beats”, occupy a vast market in fashion entertainment.
  The way to vent-clubbing. One of the modern fashions for men and women is clubbing, and those features that are both novel and fun, and can be hands-on are particularly exciting.
At first there was a pottery bar, a cloth bar, and now there is a printing and dyeing bar, and a glass of personal blowing . Move the entire small brewery into the bar, and let the customers personally participate in and enjoy each beer brewing process.Every guest who enters here brings into a novel world.
  The method of venting—fencing and boxing are aggressive, as if it is a man’s nature: aggressive, as if it is a wild manifestation of a woman.
Not only do you want to be prestigious, but you ca n’t surpass the social order, the fencing bar and boxing hall just settled in the city has really provided a great space for the barbaric men and women in the city.
Through training, you can have the physique and skills like an action star, fulfill your childhood dreams, and vent your dissatisfaction like a warrior. Maybe this is the place where boxing gyms and fencing bars attract aggressive men and women.
  Expert advice-how to better decompress It is clear that work pressure has a great negative impact on us.
Can we eliminate the pressures of modern work and life?
No-because this is not an absolute bad thing, we cannot eliminate it.
We need some pressure in life.
Stress can spur us to take action, challenge our own abilities, and help us achieve goals we think we can’t.
The question is how do we deal with, arrange and alleviate stress at work so that we don’t collapse because of too much stress.