Mona Lisa (002918): Performance in line with expectations Expected outbreak at the B-end

Mona Lisa (002918): Performance in line with expectations Expected outbreak at the B-end
Event: On February 21st, the company released the 2019 performance report, and realized operating income of 38 in 2019.04 trillion, an increase of 18 over the same period last year.57%; operating profit 5.1 ppm, an increase of 21 over the same period last year.97%; total profit 5.1 billion yuan, an increase of 21 over the same period last year.25%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the company is 4.3.6 billion yuan, an increase of 20 over the same period last year.30%; basic income 1.08 yuan, an increase of 20% over the same period last year. Opinion: The three major reasons for the growth in performance are expected to continue to exert force.1.The sales-end business of the map increased brand construction expenditure, continued to expand the channel sinking strategy, and increased the layout of the county-level market across the country; 2. The real estate strategic business benefited from the trend of refined real estate decoration, with rapid income growth and scale effects; 3. Product structureFurther optimization, large-scale product and new product market development has been fruitful. Seven lines in the Fujin County base will be put into production in 2020. The B-end trend will break out. The total number of lines in the Fujin base is 11. It is expected that four lines will be put into production in the first half of 2020.In the second half of the year, 3 lines will continue to be put into operation, and the remaining 4 lines will be put into operation in 2021. By then, the company’s capacity scale is expected to reach 1.5-1.600 million square meters, the production capacity directly enters the previous three, capacity expansion and expansion, B-end is expected to usher in explosive development.So far, the company has cooperated with 73 top 100 real estate companies. In the future, it will continue to expand the depth and breadth of cooperation, and continue to expand more B-side customers. Good cash flow and abundant cash have laid a good foundation for the forthcoming B-end explosive growth. The company’s operating cash flow reached 8 in the first three quarters of 2019.5.7 billion US dollars, cash and equivalents reached nearly 2 南京桑拿网 billion US dollars, B-end customers basically need 3-6 months to confirm revenue, accounting period up to about 1 year, so good cash will effectively protect B-end customersexpand. The epidemic will intensify the reshuffle of the real estate industry, which will be conducive to the continuous outbreak of the company’s B-end business. The epidemic will trigger the reshuffle of the real estate industry. A large number of small and medium-sized real estate developers may be merged or reorganized, leaving large real estate developers with greater strength.The company’s cooperation is basically with large real estate developers. The company’s rich product structure, high-quality product quality and high cost will definitely be favored by more and more developers, which will help the company’s B-side business continue to explode. Maintain the company’s profit forecast basically unchanged, continue to give the company a “buy” rating, 6-month target price of 28 yuan, the company’s 2019/2020/2021 return to net profit is expected to be 4 respectively.3.6 billion 15.5.7 billion yuan 7.07 billion, EPS is 1 respectively.08 yuan / 1.38 yuan / 1.76 yuan. Risk Warning: The performance is not up to the expected risk, the outbreak lasts longer than expected, and the systemic risk.

Peacebird (603877): slightly lower performance, expected significant improvement

Peacebird (603877): slightly lower performance, expected significant improvement

The company released its 2018 annual report and initially achieved operating income of 77.

120,000 yuan (+7.

78%), and realized non-net profit attributable to mothers / deductors5.


9.5 billion, an increase of 27.

51% / 12.


Of which 18Q4 single quarter revenue of 28.

2.4 billion (-0.

38%), realizing attribution / deduction of non-net profit2.


79 trillion, increased by 2 respectively.

60% / 2.

twenty four%.

18Q4 revenue also declined, mainly due to weak terminal sales and 17Q4 (+18.

37%) high base effect.

At the same time, a profit distribution plan was announced, and a dividend of 10 yuan was planned for every 10 shares of cash, which accounted for the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company.


Sub-brands: Women’s income was basically flat, men’s & children’s clothing continued to grow, and Rakucho improved significantly.

①Women’s revenue reached 26.

7.5 billion (-0.

37%), a higher net increase of 25 stores to 1551.

Affected by seasonal goods processing, gross profit margin also decreased by 1.

15PCT to 53.


② Men’s / children’s wear continued to grow for a long time, with revenues of 28 respectively.


6.4 billion (+12.

29% / + 21.


Among them, the channel maintained a rapid expansion of stores, with a net increase of 96 stores (total 1322) / 106 stores (total 867), and gross profit margins increased slightly by 0.


37 to 57.

37% / 52.


③Under the background of both brand positioning and product quality improvement, Rakucho’s revenue also increased6.

35% to 10.

08 million yuan, a net increase of 29 channels to 616; gross profit margin also increased by 6.18PCT to 49.


Sub-channel: The structure has been continuously optimized, and the proportion of e-commerce and shopping malls has increased.

From the overall data, the company’s online / offline revenue increased by 11 respectively.

55% / 6.

78% to 19.


00 ppm, accounting for 26 of total revenue.

29% / 73.


Specifically: ① The proportion of online income increases every year 2.

72 PCTs, thanks to the company’s active expansion of new social e-commerce channels, and cooperation with companies such as Ali and Tencent to explore new retail and establish and consolidate the foundation of the entire network of retail.

The e-commerce platform’s high-level retail sales also increased by 10%, with a GMV of $ 3.6 billion, of which the Double Eleven GMV was 8.

1.8 billion.

② From the perspective of offline channels, the company’s store structure continued to optimize, and the proportion of shopping mall stores increased.

As of the end of 2018, the retail sales of department stores / shopping malls / street stores / ollai stores reached 34 respectively.




20,000 yuan, accounting for 30.

94% / 30.

11% / 15.

19% / 2.


Among them, there was a net increase of 343 shopping mall stores, and retail sales increased by 20%, accounting for an increase of 2%.


In addition, Olay stores are also showing 杭州夜生活网 a rapid growth trend, with the retail scale exceeding 3% (+ 70%) and the same increase, the proportion increased by 2.


The proportion of department store and street store channel optimization and adjustment decreased by 3 respectively.



Overall profitability has improved slightly.

The company’s initial gross profit margin was 53.

43%, an increase of 0 a year.

48PCTs is mainly due to the increase in the proportion of direct-operated stores with higher gross profit margins (gradual net increase of 245 stores, revenue ratio +3.


But at the same time, the expansion of direct sales channels and the scale of e-commerce platforms (commission increase) or the sales expense ratio rose by 0.


In addition, the asset impairment loss for the period increased by 18 million yuan, mainly due 四川耍耍网 to the increase in bad debt losses and the increase in long-term equity investment impairment.
However, the total asset disposal income increased by 30.68 million, and other income increased by 80.61 million (mainly government subsidies). Taken together, the company’s net interest rate increased by 0.
93PCT to 7.


The TOC reform effect is remarkable, and the overall operating efficiency is improved.

With the implementation of the company’s TOC, the inventory scale has been effectively controlled. With the increase in revenue, the original value of inventory goods has fallen in the initial stage1.

1 billion (-4.

81%), the inventory turnover days decreased by 1 day to 184 days compared with the previous year.

At the same time, the company’s merchandise sales rate increased. In the summer of 2018, the merchandise sales rate increased by 6%, and the retail discount increased by 2%.

In terms of cash flow, long-term net operating cash.

53 trillion, considering currency funds and wealth management products, the total is about 21 trillion, and the overall cash flow is sufficient and stable.

Profit forecast and investment advice.

Affected by weak terminal consumption, the company’s store expansion speed increased, dragging down overall revenue growth.

Considering the company’s comprehensive multi-brand and multi-category layout, stable development of men’s and women’s clothing, and high-speed growth of children’s clothing, the business adjustment of Rakucho achieved initial results.

At the same time, the promotion of TOC has also continuously improved the efficiency of the overall supply chain and the overall operating capacity.

It is estimated that the net profit for 2019/20/21 will be 7 respectively.



35 trillion, an increase of 23 respectively.

34% / 15.

46% / 14.

9%, corresponding EPS is 1.



95 yuan, the current price corresponding to PE is 14/12/10 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: weak consumption, sales expectations exceed expectations; store expansion is not as fast as expected.

China Power (600482): Steady growth in 18 years of performance, optimistic about the long-term development of ship power leaders

China Power (600482): Steady growth in 18 years of performance, optimistic about the long-term development of ship power leaders

Event: The company announced the 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 296 in 2018.

6.2 billion, an annual increase of 7.

81%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 13.

48 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

33%, corresponding income (diluted) 0.

79 yuan, the company plans not to carry out the above-mentioned balance of profit distribution in 2018, the balance will be rolled over to the next year for uniform distribution.

Opinion: The operating income increases slightly every year, and the net profit attributable to the mother realizes a steady increase.

(1) Reported operating income of major companies was 296.

6.2 billion, a slight increase of 7 previously.

81%, mainly because the income of chemical power products increased by 34 each year.

Due to 32%, the offshore platform and marine machinery, diesel power, gas engine power, all electric power, marine nuclear power, gas steam power and other businesses increased (positive) and decreased (negative): -18.

93%, -0.

26%, -0.

43%, -6.

18%, -27.

84%, 5.


(2) The company’s return to net profit realized stable growth.

33%, faster than operating income growth, mainly driven by the following factors: ① Report, the company’s financial expenses index income increased significantly by about 1.

48 ppm. At the same time, due to exchange rate factors, exchange loss gains in this period are gains, while exchange losses in the previous period increased by about 0.

9.7 billion; ② The asset impairment loss accrued in this period was significantly reduced by approximately 3 compared with the previous period.

○ 3 In the current period of disposal of long-term equity investment, it was found that the investment income from the sale of financial assets increased by about 1 compared with the previous period.

1.2 billion.

(3) The non-recurring profit or loss of net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company decreased by 10 compared with the previous period.

45% is primarily the net profit margin of the companies under the same control in the current period, Shaanxi Heavy Industry and Hechai Heavy Industry, from the beginning of the merger to the merger date.

(4) The net cash flow from operating activities decreased by 196 from the previous period.

59% of the initial increase in income in the current period, but sales lagging behind, at the same time the purchase of raw materials paid for business expansion in this period, the cash paid for labor services increased significantly compared with the previous period.

The installation of naval vessels is accelerating, and various types of power are used to promote the steady growth of military products.

The company is mainly responsible for the development and production of naval ship power systems.

According to the White Paper of China’s Military Strategy, the Navy’s naval strategy will gradually shift to a combination of offshore defense and maritime defense,返回码: 500 网站打不开?重查 and it will raise higher requirements for the development of military ships both in number and technology.

The growth rate of the annual defense budget in 2019 is 7.

5%, reaching 1.189 trillion yuan, and the growth rate is expected to continue to grow steadily in the future.

If the naval military expenditure accounts for 1/3 of the total defense expenditure and the equipment cost accounts for 1/3 of the military expenditure, assuming that the shipbuilding cost accounts for 50%, and the ship’s power system as the core part accounts for about 20% of the cost of the ship, the current military onlyThe total size of the ship power market is expected to reach 40 billion yuan.

The structural tilt of military expenditures to sea and air equipment will indirectly drive the steady growth of the ship power market, and the company’s 杭州桑拿 military products business is expected to fully benefit.

The integration of the low-speed diesel engine power and chemical power industry sectors was further promoted, with initial results.

(1) In terms of low-speed diesel engine power, through internal resource integration, China Shipbuilding has built a management framework for the “one headquarters and three bases” of low-speed diesel engine business. It unifies the main management, and has a uniform production cost, production scale, and service system.A scale effect is formed, and market influence and competitiveness are effectively improved.

(2) In terms of chemical power, the company takes Fengfan as the lead unit to integrate the chemical power business of Changhai Electric Power and Torch Energy, relying on its brand and marketing network advantages, to achieve professional and large-scale operations.
(3) In terms of medium and high speed diesel engine power, the company is actively planning the consolidation of medium and high speed diesel engine power business of subsidiaries such as Qi Yao Heavy Industry, Hechai Heavy Industry, Shaanxi Heavy Industry.
Can effectively solve the company’s high-speed diesel engine business homogeneous competition, the integrity is not strong and other issues.

(4) In terms of power system integration, Heavy Gear Company has become the company’s controlling subsidiary. After the integration of medium and high-speed diesel engines is completed, the company will restart the integration of power and transmission and continue to promote the coordinated development of marine power and transmission systems.

Profit forecast and rating: Considering the market segmentation of the company’s ship power business, and vigorously expanding the research and development of new and new power systems.

Existing products grow steadily and are optimistic about the market prospects of new research products. Our 2019/20/21 EPS forecasts are 1 respectively.



30 yuan, corresponding to a PE of 27/24/21 in 2019/20/21, giving the company a “Recommended” rating.

Risk reminder: Naval equipment construction falls short of expectations; the development of civilian products market falls short of expectations

Skin crisis under pore alert


Skin crisis under pore alert

Enlarged pores are a skin problem that has received less attention.

Compared to acne, spots, etc., many people don’t take the growing pores in their hearts, it seems that it is a small situation that can be solved by a layer of foundation.

However, the pore problem does not have the expected details, the nitpicking of the perfect person.

Behind the large pores reflects the emotions of the skin.

If it is always overlooked, the collagen near the pores in the skin, the elastic tissue will gradually shrink, making you unknowingly become “senile muscle”.

  See how many levels your pore alert pulls!


  (1) Oil-shine alarm level: Level 3 Description: The pores are U-shaped and the skin is yellowing and dull.

The skin always produces excess oil, especially the T-shaped part.

  Cause of formation: Eating too much oil or because the climate is too hot can cause it, which coincides with adolescence.

  Rescue method: go for a two-pronged approach to oil and water.

Cleansing + hydrating, skin water and oil balance, so that oil secretion is adjusted, pore condition will be improved at the same time.

Don’t dare to apply the cream because your skin is oily. Just choose an oil-free cream with a balanced effect to make your skin fresher.

  (2) Horny alert level: Level 5 Description: Black or off-white round hole-shaped acne, sometimes with acne protrusions, blackheads, etc.

  Reasons for formation: As the stratum corneum is inserted into the pores, the old keratin of the skin surface is poorly metabolized, which makes the pore openings separate, and even the old keratin around the pores falls into the pores, and mixes with the sebum accumulated in the pores, forming a solid horn, Slowly accumulate and become larger, and finally enlarge the pores.

When the corner plug develops on the skin surface and comes into contact with the air, it will oxidize and blacken, and the black particles that cause people’s attention will appear, which is called blackheads.

  How to save: Thoroughly clean and strengthen exfoliation.

Massage your skin often.

Pay attention to massage and exfoliation so as not to burden the skin.

After exfoliating, the skin is completely unguarded, so be sure to repair it with a lotion in time.

Try products containing fruit acids, salicylic acid, enzymes, etc., or exfoliating microcrystalline particles.

  (3) Dehydration alarm level: Level 4 Description: Oval pores are enlarged and muscle lines are more obvious.

The skin is dehydrated, prone to dryness and wrinkles, and the pores on the nose are enlarged for two years.

  Reason for formation: Stay up late and often face the environment of the drying cabin.

Dry skin has not been effectively hydrated and moisturized, and the cuticles at the openings of the pores will become thinner, making the pores more visible.

  Salvation method: strengthen moisturizing.

Choose hyaluronic acid with good moisturizing effect, natural moisturizing factor NMF, moisturizing amino acid ingredients.

In addition to using a lotion, lotion and serum with high water retention capacity, apply a moisturizing mask.

Be careful not to stay up late and drink alcohol.

  (IV) Aging type alarm level: Level 6 Feature description: Pores are narrow and long, straight or water drop type.

  Reasons for formation: With the increase of age, the aging caused by ultraviolet rays, the loss of collagen, the effect of geocentric force, the shrinkage of the elastic tissue of the skin, the pores are gradually extended upwards, forming “raindrop shaped” pores.

  Salvation: Strengthen skin firmness.

Perfect anti-aging firming product = 40% humidity + 30% antioxidant + 20% promote collagen proliferation + 10% accelerate cell regeneration.

The interaction of the above multiple effects can lay a solid foundation for the skin.

Keep it in a stable state all the time, it will not be so easy to relax with the increase of age, collagen loss, and the effect of geocentric force.

Vitamin A (A alcohol), L-C, pentapeptide, yeast, soy are all good anti-aging ingredients.

  FREEDAY SKIN Moisturizing Cleansing Cleansing Mud RMB60 / 100ml Deeply cleans the skin, giving the skin a cleansing effect; Adjusts the skin’s dehydration caused by dry weather, pollution, sun, etc., and quickly restores the skin’s hydration; Effectively soothe skin, provide skin with a variety of plant nutrients, nourish delicate skin, and make skin appear clean and translucent from the inside out.

  Netizen experience: I have dry skin, and my nose will have oil. The most feared thing is that my skin will feel tight after washing my face.This cleansing mud is very gentle, it will not take away excess sebum while cleaning the skin, so there will be no tension after washing the face, the skin looks clean and radiates a natural shine.

  Laneige Pore Refining Repair Serum RMB285 / 35ml for rough and dull skin and other skin problems.

The unique deep moisturizing system makes the skin lastingly moisturized.

Makes skin shine and moisturize while extinct the shine.

  Netizen experience: Watery white emulsion with heavy water feeling.

Push away smoothly and absorb in general.

It feels like an oily essence, which is very moisturizing, suitable for dry skin, ideal for evening use.

  The face shop pore management expert pore fine emulsion RMB110 / 130g is aimed at the annoying skin with large pores, rich oil, dark and aging and inelasticity.

The main ingredients are Buster Collagen Essence with Pore, Eastern European Mushroom and Acacia.

Collagen prevents skin aging. Eastern European millet and acacia can effectively shrink large pores and keep your skin young forever.

  Netizen experience: Light and thin, easy to push away, very refreshing, no sticky feeling.

The skin becomes matte, the pores are completely covered, and the skin becomes fine.

  For the first time, L’Oreal Paris Newcomer Source Pore Refining Emulsion RMB190 / 50ml perfectly combines active hyaluronic acid with hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid and Pro-XylaneTM Bose.

Restores skin to fullness and plumpness, and helps the skin’s epidermis to maintain a fresh and refreshing frequency, so that the surface cells of the skin are tightly arranged, pores are reduced and the skin is smoothed.

  Netizen experience: I feel that the water lock effect is not bad, and it can last almost all day.

After use, I feel that the skin oiliness is much better, even in the T area, it is rarely oily.

This shows that the water supplement has reached the state of water-oil balance.

Experts teach you how to practice ecstasy legs

Experts teach you how to practice ecstasy legs

Many women want someone with beautiful legs. If a woman has some slender legs, it is indeed enough to attract men.

Today, Xiaobian introduced four exercises to exercise ecstasy legs for everyone, hoping to help everyone realize the dream of beauty.

  Ecstasy two-legged practice with one-leg swing 1, lying on the right side, flexing the right foot, and leaning the left foot forward at an angle of 45 degrees.

  2. Then raise the left foot by 90 degrees, point the toes to the sky, return to the initial position after stopping for a few seconds, and complete an exercise.

Repeat the action 20 times.

  Four steps to shape a woman’s ecstasy, beautiful legs, ecstasy, two-legged exercise, lift one leg, lean on the right side and bend your feet.

  2. Raise your left foot to be parallel to the ground, bend your knees, and stop moving for a few seconds.

Return to the initial pose to complete an exercise.

Repeat the action 20 times.
  Ecstasy two-legged exercise with one-leg flexion 1, lying on your back, flexing your left foot, resting your right foot on the ground and inserting it in front of your left knee, and straighten your toes.

  2. Then stretch your right foot straight to parallel with it, then relax your feet.

Return to the initial pose to complete an exercise.

Repeat the action 20 times.
  Ecstasy legs practice supine kick 1, supine on the ground, with the left foot extended upwards and knees bent.

Relax your feet and turn your knees, keeping your right foot relaxed.

  2. Straighten your left foot and step on the ceiling to complete an exercise.

Repeat the action 20 times.
  Women do fitness exercises, to be more elegant, that is for physical health, to beautify their bodies, to beautify the appearance of the city, and to be vulgar, to satisfy their selfishness, attract more attention, and show their multiple charms.On the one hand, the above-mentioned beautiful leg movements can help everyone realize their beautiful leg dreams at an early date.

Advice for a happy couple

Advice for a happy couple

Be Your Ideal Object If someone asks you exactly what you want from your partner, you may be rushing to list a long list of descriptions.

But in the eyes of the Leeds, a wonderful marriage relationship should start with changing themselves.

“To make the other person satisfied, you must first change yourself and strive to be the ‘perfect image’ in your heart.

Lilo said, “I’m always thinking, what’s the difference between my behavior and the best lover in my mind.

Once you can convince yourself to keep improving, it’s easy to see the differences between the two.

“After the quarrel, Lili Luo said before talking, that whenever she was angry, she would say to her husband:” Don’t talk to me first, let me count to 100.

“Counting can stop people’s anger from growing, which also avoids further quarrels.

  Speak up bravely. If something makes you unhappy, the best solution is to speak up.

Of course, the same words are different and the emotions expressed are very different.

“We never go out to eat” and “I want to go out to eat” have different effects. The former implicitly complains, while the other expresses their wishes.

Gerry believes that when expressing requirements, you should use a positive tone, and try to start with “I hope” and “may or may not”.

If you could add “dear”, the positive effect would definitely be doubled.

Get rid of dampness and health porridge in summer, come and collect!

Get rid of dampness and health porridge in summer, come and collect!

In summer, the humidity is heavy and the weather is sultry. At this time, we must guard against the invasion of dampness.

Many people use diet to achieve the effect of dehumidification.

The following editors recommend a few congee products for summer dampness and health, let’s take a look together!

Click to buy 1, red bean porridge, rice porridge, 30 grams, 15 grams of red beans, the right amount of rock sugar.

Soak the rice and red beans with clear water all night, then put them into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water and cook until the red beans and barley are soft and rotten, and add the rock sugar to melt.

  Role: Red beans and barley are good products for removing dampness and strengthening the spleen, which can effectively remove the moisture in the body, and you can also replace red beans with red beans, and the effect will be better.

  2, red dates, lentils, rice porridge, red dates, 30 grams of lentils, 20 grams of barley kernels.

Wash the red dates to remove the kernels, soak the lentils and barley in water, and then boil the ingredients together in a pot. Continue cooking on low heat for 2 hours, preferably with a little rock sugar.

  Function: nourishing blood and stomach, nourishing qi and regenerating jin, strengthening spleen and dampness, clearing away heat and removing heat, and has good effects on conditioning qi and blood, and dampness

  3, corn pumpkin porridge moderate amount of pumpkin, corn flour, glutinous rice flour, rock sugar.

The pumpkin is washed and peeled, steamed until cooked and mashed, then pressed into a paste, and then the corn flour and glutinous rice flour are added and mixed evenly. Add an appropriate amount of water, boil over low heat, and put rock sugar to the point.Stir and avoid the pan.

  Function: corn appetizer, turbid diuretic, pumpkin moderate spleen, glutinous rice spleen and stomach, nourishing and strengthening, is a good recipe for summer dampness.

  4, millet mung bean porridge amount of millet, mung beans.

Soak the mung beans in clean water for one night, then put them into the pot with the washed millet, add enough water, boil over high heat, and cook over low heat until the ingredients are thoroughly cooked.

  Role: mung bean clears heat and detoxifies, relieves heat and quenches thirst, etc. Xiaomi strengthens the spleen and stomach, soothe the nerves, helps sleep, nourishes Yin and nourishes blood.

This porridge can eliminate dampness and heat, detoxify and swell, reduce blood fat, and prevent heat stroke.

11 Tips To See Through Men’s Psychological Secrets

11 Tips To See Through Men’s Psychological Secrets

Introduction: Men’s shortcomings are simple in terms of shortcomings, but in fact, people in love always present their perfect side to each other. Although there are many advantages of good men, their shortcomings are not likeThe “buy one get one free” item in the mall is tied together as brightly.

Now teach you 11 secrets to help you pick out the “fox tail” behind his perfection and see if he is the man you really want.

  The first view of men’s love today, a man who feels “too simple” to do any work and handle anything does not mean that he is talented. This behind him often hides his talents and impatience, expecting such people to become handsThe appreciation of the “futures” seems unrealistic.

  Second, a man with considerable social fame is basically a man who takes fame more important than his wife.

If he had to make a choice between social fame and his wife, they would not choose a wife, but this did not prevent them from needing a woman as a wife.

  Third, a man full of professionalism is basically a man who has no leisure to accompany a woman shopping.

At that time, Chen Jingrun was a person with a career as a happy person, but according to the moral standards at that time, no time to accompany his wife, or even no wife, belonged to the advantages of men.

Now, the more ordinary women are, the more impatient they are to fall in love with a man who does not go home.

  Fourth, a man who is only good to you and someone who is a little “offended” by you and will violently jump with the other person is basically a selfish and ruthless person.

What he protects is actually only his own interests. When the love for you is not so strong, you will also suffer as “others”.

  Fifth, a man who saves money at home is basically a man who is very shy in society.

Such men have no hobbies.

  Sixth, a man who “sucks mud and stays alive” among fox friends and dog friends is definitely a hypocritical man who is good at covering up.

If you see a person, go and see his friends. There is absolutely no mistake in this sentence. If the friends around him are bad, but he advertises his innocence and continues to mix with them, then he must be worse than those friends.People.
  The seventh, a charming and sexy man, is basically a man who is charming and sexy for all women.

It is not necessary to naively imagine a planet sprouting in a small pot.

A man who does not have any contact with any beautiful and lovely woman is basically a man who is dismissed by any beautiful and lovely woman.

  Number eight, a man who stays with you every night at home, basically a man without friends.

At this time, men will not get women’s choices, not women’s choices.

Men’s leisure is only precious when they have no leisure.

  Ninth, a man who can’t live without you, even to die for you, must be a man who can let you die.

Don’t be moved by such vows and actions, he is just too possessive and immature.

  Number 10, a man who lives frugally is basically a man who doesn’t trim his face on any occasion.

If you do n’t trim your edges, you can find a reason for you.

  The eleventh, a man who is not an artist but has a fever every day in art is basically a man who is not down-to-earth and has no professional career.

Taking photos, listening to music, watching movies, reading literary works, drinking coffee, singing, dancing, painting, and playing the piano is really romantic, but once it happens every day in the family, it is not the beginning of a woman’s happiness.

Dental care to prevent heart injuries and sports injuries

Dental care to prevent heart injuries and sports injuries

When it comes to oral problems, most people don’t take it as an important issue.

In fact, many body diseases may be related to oral problems.

There are dozens of bacteria hidden in the mouth, some of which may be closely related to heart disease and so on.

Therefore, it is considered that oral problems are very symptomatic to health.

Here are 10 common dental care tips you must know in life.


Brushing time can not withstand 2 minutes.

Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, at least twice a day, and change your toothbrush every three months.


Oral cancer is one of the most deadly cancers.

People often ignore oral lumps or blistering, which is possible3.

Before going to the doctor, wipe off lipstick or lipstick.

Lipstick and lipstick will completely rub on the doctor’s gloves, and then cover up the lip color, and even the teeth, tooth bed, affecting the doctor’s color diagnosis.


Exercise can also cause dental problems.

Acute exercise may cause dehydration, eliminating the function of saliva to prevent oral diseases.

In this way, the risk of bacterial buildup will increase as the teeth are broken.

And many sports drinks contain unexpected sugars and acids that can damage your enamel.


The mouth indicates a general health.

The mouth affects every other part of the body.

If there is a problem with the gums, the prevalence of heart disease is 4 times higher than the average person.

If the first molar is relatively short and painful, it indicates a digestive problem.


Stop painkillers before looking at the teeth.

Some people often take medications such as aspirin, but it can cause you to bleed a lot when you extract your teeth.


Gingival bleeding is severe.

Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation, and it’s likely you have an infection.


Not all abrasives contained in toothpaste are harmful.

Many people think that abrasives in toothpaste can damage teeth.

In fact, on the contrary, the soft abrasives such as anhydrous silicic acid and papain contained in toothpaste can polish and whiten teeth.


Eating sugar does not necessarily crush your teeth.

As long as the sweets are cleaned in time, there is no problem.

And a balanced diet is the key to health.

For example, not eating often can cause excessive acidity in the mouth, which can cause tooth and gum problems.
The tongue also has a health code.

Bright red tongue tip indicates possible thyroid or heart problems; yellow-green tongue may indicate liver or gallbladder problems; slightly grayish brown, usually with digestive disorders.

Three major mistakes in thin people’s fitness: ignoring vegetables and fruits

Three major mistakes in thin people’s fitness: ignoring vegetables and fruits

At the beginning of the summer, the gym ushered in the peak season of the year. Many people who love beauty walked into the gym to create a perfect body. Some of these people were fat people who want to lose weight, and some of them want to “get fat.”Thin people.

That’s right, it’s a fat person who wants a lot of fat people to envy and hate, and who wants fat to be fat.

  Thin people also want to exercise?

If it is a woman, the skinny point is naturally better. If it is a man, it will inevitably give a thin impression.

It is the pursuit of many thin men to be able to train a small muscle of bodybuilding and to create a healthy body.

However, thinner muscles and fat people lose weight is completely different, fat people lose weight focus on a lot of exercise, while lean people gain muscles should pay attention to nutritional supplements, because they can be transformed into transformed muscle resources, if you enter the nutrition misunderstanding,The result will only be no improvement.

  Wrong area 1: Eat more meat to grow meat. The growth of human muscles needs enough protein. Many newcomers who have just stepped into the ranks of fitness often have this wrong view – “eat more meat, how long muscles.”

In fact, although eating meat can increase the absorption of protein, it also causes a slight overdose supplement, so it is not difficult to make up the muscles, and it is easy to grow a fat.

Therefore, in the process of increasing muscle, it is necessary to take protein in multiple channels. Some low-grade meats such as lean beef, chicken, fish, etc. are preferred. Secondly, eggs are a good choice. Chicken protein is rich in protein and a small amount of trace. After fitness.Supplement 2?
3 eggs, a bag of milk, plus a daily diet, enough protein to eat.

Friends with good economic conditions can also take some professional protein powder nutrition under the guidance of the coach.

  Myth 2: A lot of protein supplementation Since protein is an important raw material for muscle growth, isn’t the more protein eaten, the faster muscle growth?

This method is very undesirable. The protein needed for lean muscle growth is indeed more than that of ordinary people, but as long as the daily needs are met, the excess protein can not be absorbed by the body, and may be converted into a slightSave it up.

In addition, the kidneys replenish protein while filtering out metabolites. Too much protein supplementation increases the burden on the kidneys. Long-term high-protein diets may also cause abnormal kidney function, which is not worth the loss.

  Wrong area 3: Ignore the absorption of vegetables and fruits. Some muscle-enhancing enthusiasts often noticed that they supplemented enough protein and energy. For vegetables, the supplement of fruits was neglected, and even these foods did not play a role in increasing muscle mass.

In fact, muscle-enhancing exercise consumes a lot of vitamins and minerals. If it is not replenished in time, it may cause substance metabolism disorder, and vegetables and fruits are the source of these substances.

In addition, some trace elements contained in vegetables and fruits can promote hormone secretion, and boots promote muscle growth, which is good for muscle growth.

  Of course, it is necessary to remind that before the lean muscle exercise, it is best to find out that it is a reduction in leanness. If it is due to endocrine system or other disease factors, it needs to be treated first and then exercised.