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[How tall is a cup of milkshake?

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Milkshakes are the hot products of major tea shops today and have been loved by more and more people.

Most people should think that the main ingredient of a “milkshake” is milk.

But usually, “milkshakes” are not dairy products.

In fact, dairy products include fresh milk, milk powder, condensed milk and yogurt.

Their nutritional value and flavor have a great relationship with processing methods.

So, how exactly is a milkshake made? How high is the conversion of a milkshake?

A glass of milkshake is amazing.

Some experts have pointed out that a cup of milkshake replaces 2000 calories per thousand tons, which is equivalent to the displacement replaced by 25 slices of bacon.

Health experts generally believe that, for the average person, the casual intake of 20g every day is in line with health norms, but a glass of milkshake sold in a fast food restaurant is 3 times the daily injection amount.

Most milkshakes are skimmed milk powder. Since various flavored milk teas have been exposed without “milk”, but after being blended with “creamer”, many people have begun to wonder whether milkshakes are also blended with “creamer”?

According to relevant sources, milkshakes are very “white” at this point.

Although the milk in the milkshake is not fresh milk, at least it comes from natural products such as skimmed milk powder, whey powder and cream, not a “creamer”.

This is still welcome.

The taste of a milkshake comes from “flavors”. However, some experts point out that although the “milk” of a milkshake is a natural food such as skim milk powder, flavors are often used in order to bring out the taste of milkshakes.

For example, the flavor of strawberries depends on the composition of flavors. To express the flavor, the delicate cooperation of 40 compounds is required.

The milk comes from skimmed milk powder, whey powder and cream.

In order to match the cool sweetness, not sugar but fructose syrup.

In order to be as red and seductive as strawberries, you must also participate in the composition of red pigment.

[Black sesame is good to eat raw or fried to eat]_ black sesame _ how to eat _ how to make it delicious

榛戣姖楹诲彲浠ョ敓鍚冧篃鍙互鐐掔啛浜嗗悆锛屼袱绉嶅悆娉曢兘鍙互锛屾瘡涓€绉嶅悆娉曢兘鏈夊叾浼樼己鐐癸紝姣斿鐢熷悆鐨勮瘽钀ュ吇浼氭洿濂斤紝浣嗘槸鎶婅姖楹荤倰鐔熶簡鍚冨懗閬撲細鏇村ソ锛屾墍浠ュぇ瀹跺彲浠ヨ嚜宸遍€夋嫨鏈€鍠滄鐨勫悆娉曘€?涓€銆佸缓璁倰鐔熼鐢ㄣ€傞粦鑺濋夯鐨勫姛鏁堬細婊嬪吇鑲濊偩锛屾鼎鐕ユ粦鑲犮€傞粦鑺濋夯涓€鑸兘鈄  咰 熡 悗 悗 湗 旗 (钖 Power 殑.鎰忚寤鸿锛氶粦鑺濋夯澶氱敤浜庤偩闃翠簭鎹熷拰琛€铏氭触浜忥紝鑲犵嚗渚跨銆備笌浣曢涔屽悓鐢紝鍏锋湁婊嬭ˉ涔屽彂鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?浜屻€佺敓鍚冦€佺啛鍚冮兘鍙互銆傞粦鑺濋夯淇濆仴鍏婚鍦ㄦ垜鍥斤紝杩勪粖涓烘锛屾牴鎹綋浠e尰鑽Silk Banner┒ 綴 怴 灉 晉 て 槑 : It’s hard to beat the chain, and it’s very difficult to keep up with it. The father and the mother are all in trouble.板瘜锛屽彲寤剁紦琛拌€併€傛湁娑︿簲鑴忥紝寮虹瓔楠ㄣ€佺泭姘斿姏绛変綔鐢ㄣ€傚彲寮哄.In the meantime, there is a lot of trouble, and there is a lot of people in the world. It ‘s insane, it ‘s insane, it ‘s insane, it ‘s in the monkeys, it ‘s in the monkeys, it ‘s in Hongkong, it ‘s in Hongkong, it ‘s in the world, it ‘s in the world, it ‘s in the world櫄鎵€鑷寸殑渚跨锛屼骇鍚庨槾琛€涓嶈冻鎵€鑷寸殑涔冲皯銆傛嵁钀ュ吇瀛﹀绉戝鍒嗘瀽锛氭瘡鐧惧厠鑺濋夯涓惈铔嬬櫧璐?1.9 鍏 嬶 麴 雴 傑 偑 61.7 What’s wrong?64姣厠锛岀7368姣厠锛岄搧50姣厠锛岃繕鍚湁鑺濋夯绱犮€佽姳鐢熼吀銆佽姖楹婚厷銆佹补閰搞€佹姒堥吀銆佺‖鑴傞吀銆佺斁閱囥€佸嵉纾疯剛銆佺淮鐢熺礌A銆丅銆丏銆丒绛夎惀鍏荤墿璐ㄣ€傛鍥犱负鑺濋夯鍚湁濡傛涓板瘜鐨勮惀鍏伙紝鍥犺€屽湪寤剁紦浜虹殑琛拌€佸強缇庡鏂归潰锛屾墠璧蜂簡鏋佸ぇ鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傛姢鑲ょ編鑲わ細甯稿悆鑺濋夯锛屽彲浣跨毊鑲や繚鎸佹煍瀚┿€佺粏鑷村拰鍏夋粦銆傛湁涔犳儻鎬т究绉樼殑浜猴紝鑲犲唴瀛樼暀鐨勬瘨绱犱細浼ゅ浜虹殑鑲濊剰锛屼篃浼氶€犳垚鐨偆鐨勭矖绯欍€傝姖楹昏兘婊戣偁娌荤枟渚跨锛屽苟鍏锋湁婊嬫鼎鐨偆鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傚埄鐢ㄨ妭椋熸潵鍑忚偉鐨勪汉锛岀敱浜庡叾钀ュ吇鐨勬憚鍙栭噺涓嶅锛岀毊鑲や細鍙樺緱骞茬嚗銆佺矖绯欍€傝€岃姖楹讳腑鍚湁闃叉浜轰綋鍙戣儢鐨勭墿璐ㄨ泲榛勭礌銆佽儐纰便€佽倢绯栵紝鍥犳鑺濋夯鍚冨浜嗕篃涓嶄細鍙戣儢銆傚湪鑺傞鍑忚偉鐨勫悓鏃讹紝鑻ラ厤鍚堣姖楹荤殑椋熺敤锛岀矖绯欑殑鐨偆鍙幏寰楁敼鍠勩€?涓夈€侀粦鑺濋夯涓€鑸兘鏄倰鐔熷悗鐮旂(鍚冪殑銆傛寚瀵兼剰瑙侊細瀹冧富瑕佽繕鏄敤浜庝箤鍙戠敓鍙戯紝浣嗘槸鏁堟灉鏄緢缂撴參鐨勶紝涓€鑸渶瑕佸湪涓変釜鏈堟垨鑰呮槸鍗婂勾鎵嶄細鏈夋晥鏋滅殑銆備弗閲嶈劚鍙戠殑锛屼竴骞存墠鑳介暱鍑烘柊鐨勫ご鍙戯紝寤鸿浣犲彲浠ラ厤鍚堟牳妗冧粊鍚冿紝鏁堟灉浼氬ソ涓€鐐广€?

[Garlic Flammulina velutipes (microwave oven)]_ Homemade practice of Garlic Flammulina velutipes (microwave oven) _Garlic Flavored Flammulina velutipes (microwave oven)

This article is about patents, patents, and patents. It ‘s not a good idea to read it, read it, read it, read it, and read it at the same time.Do you want to go to the paper world? Try to eat it at the same level? Do you want to go to the paper? Do you want to see the paper at the world?
The pot is hydrogen and the wind is tricky as it is, and the arrests are the same as the arresting of the drama: 姼 絾 綾 佾 佽 pot hydrogen 絴 涜 Ning Ge 彍 幯 乾 繉 多 鳳 進 繹 多 骹Ambiguity chains and chains are inconvenient and inconvenient, and they are made up by the forgesmiths, assembling and arranging forging, and arranging and arranging them, as well as the nickel effect of hydrogenation, as well as the nickel effect.岃挏棣欓噾閽堣弴锛堝井娉㈢倝锛夌殑鍋氭硶绠€鍗曪紝钀ュ吇浠峰€奸珮锛岄潪甯稿€煎緱鎺ㄨ崘銆?銆侀噾閽堣弴鍒囨帀鏍归儴锛屾礂鍑€娌ュ共锛屽皬钁便€佽荆妞掋€佽挏澶存礂鍑€澶囩敤2銆侀噾閽堣弴骞虫What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What is the difference between the real world and the real world?銆佽荆妞掑垏娈碉紝钂滃ご鍒囩鏀惧叆纰椾腑锛屽姞鍏ヤ竴鍕虹敓鎶姐€侀唻鍜岃殱娌硅皟鎴愰叡姹侊紱灏忚懕鍒囩澶囩敤4銆佺鍑猴紝鍘绘帀淇濋矞鑶滐紝鎾掍笂钁辫姳5銆佺洊涓婁繚椴滆啘鏀惧叆寰尝鐐夊唴鍔犵儹2 闒 嗛 挓 6 銆 但 幌 咨 倨 倨 吳 鐑?Moguiyujuan Buzan OilPainting?The paper is very hard to eat, and the paper is very good. You can taste the paper. You can taste the paper in this paper.槸寰堢畝鍗曠殑锛岃€屼笖钀ュ吇涔熸槸涓嶉敊鐨勩€?

Haitong Securities (600837): The performance of the chain is stable, the investment business is the main growth contribution

Haitong Securities (600837): The performance of the chain is stable, the investment business is the main growth contribution

The 3Q19 results were in line with our expectations. Haitong Securities’ revenue for the 1st and 3rd quarters was +55.

5% to 251.

500 million, net profit attributable to mother for ten years + 1杭州夜网论坛 06% to 73.

9 trillion, corresponding to +3 on ROAE during the reporting period.

1ppt to 6.

1%, basically in line with expectations.

Net profit attributable to mothers in the third quarter of 19 years was + 234% / mom + 6% to 18.

6 trillion, corresponding to a single season ROAE +1.

0ppt / ring ratio + 0.

1ppt to 1.


In addition, the adjusted management fee rate (excluding other business income from total revenue) was -16.

9ppt / ring ratio +3.

1ppt to 47.

6%, or affected by changes in investment income in a single quarter; end-of-period leverage ratio +0.

1x to 4.

4x, leasing and Hong Kong securities brokerage subsidiaries drive the company’s overall leverage higher than its peers.

Development trend Investment business contributed a major increase from the previous quarter.

Investment income in the third quarter was + 848% YoY / + 114% to 24.

0 billion US dollars, accounting for 43% of adjusted revenue, corresponding to ten years of trading financial assets + 46% / chain + 13% to 229.2 billion US dollars, annualized investment return rate of +3 per second.

9ppt / ring ratio +2.

3ppt to 4.

6%, scale and yield continue to increase.

The quarter-on-quarter performance of the brokerage business converged with the market, and there was still significant pressure to surpass the commission rate.

3Q brokerage revenue quarter + 8% / QoQ -16% to 7.

9 trillion, accounting for only 14% of adjusted income, the sensitivity of the company’s brokerage business has been significantly reduced.

In addition, compared with the A-share market transaction volume of more than + 50%, -13% MoM, we expect the company’s commission rate to be even lower.

The investment bank’s performance is solid, and the science and technology board reserves are relatively abundant.

3Q investment bank income is + 146% per annum / -13% to 9 per cent.

200 million, accounting for 16% of adjusted revenue: the company’s stock underwriting market share is -8 per second.

5ppt / ring ratio -3ppt to 1.

8%, bond underwriting market share +1.

1ppt / ring ratio-0.

2ppt to 3.


At present, the company has completed the listing of 2 science and technology boards, 7 of which are in line (2 of which have already passed the meeting), accounting for 5% of the companies in the line of disclosure.

Asset management business declined.

In the third quarter of 19, the asset management revenue at the beginning of the year was -11% / QoQ from -35% to 4.80,000 yuan, accounting for 9% of adjusted income (relative to the industry’s asset management income is more than flat, 10% from the previous month).

In terms of credit business, total interest income was + 6% / qoq -3% to 48.

0 ppm: 1) How stable is the balance of 3Q funding?
52 billion (vs.

(+ 4% in the market quarter-on-quarter); 2) The balance of stock quality is adjusted with the market: 3Q repurchase financial assets under resale are -10% to 59.5 billion (vs.

Shares in the industry table -8.

5%; 3) Financial lease receivables at the end of the period were 3% to 54.6 billion US dollars.

Earnings forecasts and projections We have raised our 19/20 earnings by 4% each 南宁桑拿due to higher investment and investment bank income.

Haitong A / H was traded at 19e 1.

3x / 0.

7x P / B.

Maintain Haitong A neutral, raise target price by 6% to 16.

24 yuan (1.

4x 20e P / B and 15% upside); maintain Haitong H neutral, raise target price by 6% to 9.

07 Hong Kong dollars (0.

7x 20e P / B and 11% upside).

The amount of risky transactions dropped significantly, the stock / bond market fluctuated significantly, and progress in capital market reform was gradually expected.

Hisense Home Appliances (000921) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Central Air Business’s Steady Double-digit Growth and Review of Company Evaluation

Hisense Home Appliances (000921) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Central Air Business’s Steady Double-digit Growth and Review of Company Evaluation

Hisense’s third quarter report in 19: single quarter revenue of -4.

5%, profit ten years +9.


The company achieved operating income of 80 in 19Q3.

6 ‰, at least -4.

5%, net profit attributable to mother 3 in a single quarter.

9 trillion, +9 for ten years.


Q3 cumulative revenue was 270.

1 ‰, at least -6.

2%, gradually return to the mother’s net profit13.

5 trillion, +17 a year.

6%, corresponding to EPS combined 0.

99 yuan.

The single-quarter revenue was small, but the range was narrower. The profit remained unchanged, but the growth rate fell, and the single-quarter performance was basically in line with expectations.

19Q4 Hisense Hitachi was officially incorporated into the profit / cash flow statement.

The company officially consolidated the central air-conditioning business from September 30, 19, and disclosed the balance sheet on September 30, but the income statement and cash flow statement have been consolidated since October.Income items are included.

Main business: The size of air conditioners has further tightened and the pressure has increased; the number of refrigerators has maintained a moderate growth.

The company’s single quarter revenue is -4 per year.

5%, a slight decrease, breakdown: Air-conditioning business: According to Aoweihe Industry Online Statistics, 19Q3 air-conditioning industry demand and domestic sales replacement have become -4% /-3%, respectively, and have declined slightly, and the average retail price decline has expanded toMedium and high numerical levels.

Due to the tightening of the industry competition pattern in the single quarter of 19Q3, under the dual pressure of share and average price, the company’s domestic sales of air conditioners are estimated to exceed 20% per year, and exports have maintained a long-term positive growth.

Refrigerator business: In terms of domestic sales, the industry demand is not frightening, but due to the decline in raw material prices, the ASP of major brands has further narrowed to about 5%.

The company’s single-quarter and domestic sales revenue is estimated to maintain a moderate growth in several numbers.

On a sequential basis, the company’s single-quarter revenue growth rate has not changed much, refrigerators have maintained moderate growth, and poor domestic sales of air conditioners have been the main factors dragging down revenue.

Central air-conditioning business: industry demand fell, and the company’s overall performance was under pressure.

According to industry online statistics, 2019?
The central air-conditioning market size was six months in August.

5%, of which the unit is ten years -7.

2%, multi-line average +2.

8%, water machine +2 for ten years.


Which is dragged down by real estate and the economy, 7?
August’s growth rate has a certain timing compared with 19H1.

Retail channel business growth pressure resistance, engineering channel is relatively better.

Hisense Hitachi still maintained double-digit revenue / profit growth in a single quarter.

According to the company’s disclosure, Hisense Hitachi’s operating income for the first three quarters of 19 was +12 per year.

5%, net profit +19 per year.
2%, combined with 19H1 data, Hisense Hitachi’s 19Q3 single quarter revenue / net profit continued to grow in both directions.

The growth rate of revenue was basically the same as that of 19H1, but the growth rate of profits fell to some extent, mainly due to the company’s quarterly tax rate changes.

Profit analysis: The profitability of refrigerators continued to improve, and air conditioning dragged down the main business profit of 19Q3 and the gross profit margin was 20.
5% each time +0.

5pct, a slight increase. It is estimated that the gross profit margin of the refrigerator business has steadily increased, but the gross profit of the domestic sales of air conditioners has a certain amount.

The sales / management / R & D expense ratio is +0 each year.

8 / + 0.

1 / -0.

1pc, there is a certain upward flow of sales expenses. It is estimated that the sales expense rate should be increased according to the increase and deviation of the internal sales revenue of the air conditioner, and it is related to a certain degree of marketing support.

The single-quarter 北京夜网 investment income increased by + 23% and expanded to the contribution of joint ventures such as Hisense Hitachi. As a result, investment income such as swap wealth management products has been confirmed in the current period, which has brought certain single-quarter fluctuations.

After excluding investment income, the main business profit is ten years-8.

8%, a larger income, mainly due to the increase in air-conditioning business.

Short-term business prospects: The refrigerator business supports the main business profits, and the growth of Yang Kong Air is a definitive alternative.

Under the suppression of the demand cycle and further tightening in the original main business of the air-conditioning business, it is expected that revenue and profit performance will still be under pressure.

However, since 2017H2, the marginal improvement trend of operating conditions has gradually emerged.

It is expected to have some support for performance.

Hisense Hitachi’s contribution contributed more than half of the profits. Against the background of the industry’s mediocre growth, the revenue / profit side has maintained steady growth with high certainty.

The multi-connected market has plenty of space, Hisense Hitachi leads the industry, and the underrated central air-conditioned multi-connected central air conditioner still has plenty of room for growth.

Although the growth rate of the multi-connected industry has been increasing to some extent due to factors such as the decline in real estate since 18-19, in the medium and long term, taking into account the advancement of urbanization, the increase in the proportion of well-furnished houses, and the increase in residents’ income and consumption levelsThe industry space is still huge.

Comparing the multi-line holding data of major domestic air-conditioning demand regions, it is not difficult to find that there is a huge gap of several times in the penetration rate of less developed regions and developed regions. At present, the major consumer markets of the industry are also mainly concentrated in the first and second tier cities in more developed regions such as East China.The industry has huge growth potential.

Hisense Hitachi is a leader in the multi-connection field, with continuous improvement in sharing and leading growth in the industry.

Hisense Hitachi is a leader in the multi-connection field of central air-conditioning, with a market share of 19 in 2018.

5%, second only to Daikin (23.

0%), which is significantly ahead of other domestic brands such as Greemei.

The core advantage of Hisense Hitachi is that compared with domestic brands, it has the technical and R & D support of Hitachi, leading product power and brand power. Compared with foreign brands, it has the advantages of Hisense channel management and market operation. Therefore, in the “product” + “marketWith the two-wheel drive, there has been a steady improvement, and the gap with Daikin has continued to narrow.

In 18 years, Hisense Hitachi’s compound growth rate of revenue and profit was 31% / 26%, far exceeding the compound growth rate of the central air conditioning / multi-connection industry in the corresponding cycle (respectively 5% / 11%).

Review the company value by business, and underestimate the scarcity of multiple online targets.

With the company’s central air-conditioning business officially from the off-balance sheet to the on-balance sheet: (1) the company’s asset quality, income scale and growth stability, cash flow conditions are expected to increase correspondingly; (2) the company from the original second-tier white power brandThe company integrates pure multi-line industry targets, and is committed to improving the market’s awareness of the company’s rapid and stable growth in central air-conditioning business value.

After performing a simple static calculation and considering sufficient safety margins, we give the company’s original white electricity main business 0.

The 6x PB estimate (based on the 19-year mid-term return to the parent’s net assets), the remaining market value (still closing on October 28, 19) corresponds to a 19-year PE multiple of Hisense’s net profit vested on the listed company’s platform.

5 times.

Considering the industry’s growing space, Hisense Hitachi’s leading advantage in the multi-connection field is expected to continue to maintain stable and rapid growth in future revenue and profits.

Under the current market value, the company’s high-quality, scarce central air assets are significantly undervalued.

Investment suggestion: Although the pressure on air-conditioning demand and the tight layout have some pressure on the profit growth of the company’s air-conditioning business, the improvement of the company’s refrigerator business operation has formed a certain support for the performance. More importantly, in the multi-line business, only sufficient and steady progressAs well as structural upgrades and cost dividends to support profit performance, the profit growth of multi-line business is expected to reach about 20%.

Maintain prediction company 2019?
The 21-year EPS is 1.



50 yuan, corresponding to PE is 9/8/8 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.
Risk warning: demand growth rate, original cost growth, exchange rate fluctuation range.

What are your father’s parenting tips?

What are your father’s parenting tips?

Dad also has childcare tips, using coups to easily raise the baby.

  Timetable-Game Time Limit Nana Dad: Letting a 3-year-old daughter stop the toy at hand to do another thing is no different than a battle that requires a lot of effort.

Once, I pointed to the watch on my wrist and told her: “Now we have 5 minutes to slide, and after 5 minutes it will ring, indicating that the game is over.

“It makes me very cautious that when the timing of the sound is over, my daughter starts to pay attention to my watch.

It’s been like this all day, she always cares about the sound of my watch.

Of course, all day she obediently followed my original plan.

In the future, every time she went out to play, she asked my watch to make such a reminder sound, which made her understand the time concept.

  Storytelling-Parting Smoother Dad: My son went to kindergarten last fall.

He would be frustrated when I separated from him at the school gate.

In order to get my son through this special time as soon as possible, I tell him a new story every day.

The story was told halfway on the way to the kindergarten. If he didn’t cry when he separated, then he would tell the other half when he picked him up at night. In this way, the son had a difficult time without much time.

However, during this period, the challenge for me was also quite big. The stories told every day must be of high quality, novel, and have to stop abruptly in the most exciting places, so as to attract him to look forward to the second half of the story.

So, I have to spend time reading fairy tale books every day and designing the course of the story.

My son likes me to be with him now.

  Answer the phone-quickly change the diaper. Babe Dad: When I change the diaper for a 1-year-old daughter, he always keeps moving, often making me unable to do so and failing.

According to observations, one of my daughter’s favorite things is to grab my or her mother’s phone, so I did my best and invented a way to keep her still.

To change the diaper, I pretended to pick up the phone and listen to it, and said to my daughter, “Babe, your phone.

“As she yelled into the phone, I quickly changed my diaper.

  Playing “Treasure Hunt”-Actively Going to Sleep Pippi Dad: Previously, it was difficult for Pippi, who was 4 years old, to go to bed every night. It always took a lot of trouble.

Because of this, his mother was also very upset.

One night, I hid my son’s pajamas under the quilt and asked him to look for them.

Unexpectedly, he liked this “treasure hunt” game, which almost became a routine before going to bed every day.

I often hide the books he likes and read before bedtime in the bed, or other places beside the bedside table, and then give him three clues to find.

Now that he has fallen in love with bedtime, he sometimes asks to go to bed earlier.

I think it’s hard to make sense to children, and if everything is considered a game, the child will be very happy if he can achieve his purpose.

Practicing yoga asana

Practicing yoga asana

One-legged swan balance function: improve the ability of mental concentration and strengthen the leg balance.

  Posture: Posture, hands folded behind back, right leg slowly raised back, trying to lift up.

Keep breathing for 6-8 times.

Repeat for the other side.

  Twist magic chair effect: strengthen and balance the function of the legs and spine.

  Posture: contraction, inhale, hands folded above the top; exhale, bend, bend, twist your body to the right, touch your left finger on the ground, tilt your right arm upward

Hold the posture and take a deep breath 6-8 times, repeat the change.

  Tip splits forward bending action: strengthen the body’s sense of balance.

  Posture: Correct, bend forward, touch your hands on the ground, lift your right leg up and compress as much as possible, and head close to your left leg.

If possible, hold your left leg with your left hand.

Keep breathing for 6-8 times.

Repeat for the other side.
  Dance-like effect: Strengthen the joints and balance of the body.

  Posture: Correct. Grasp your right foot with your right hand, lift your right leg backwards, try to tilt upwards, and then grab your right foot with your hands upwards with both hands. Keep your posture to breathe deeply 6-8 times, repeating with the side change.

  Cat contraction effect: Strengthen joints and increase body balance.

  Posture: Kneeling, with limbs on the ground, lift your left leg backwards, hold your left foot with your right hand, and keep breathing deeply 6-8 times.

Repeat for the other side.
  Side plate type function: strengthen the function of the front end, the wrist, and enhance the balance of the body.

  Posture: Kneeling, four limbs on the ground, then straighten your legs, slowly raise your right arm up, and keep your body on the same plane.

Keep breathing for 6-8 times.
Swap and repeat.

Track regret techniques

Track regret techniques

Translation: Baseball field pitcher, catcher, baseman, outfielder, see which task your friend can do?

  Analysis of the baseman’s catcher and the fielder’s pitcher: Your friend who is placed in the baseman’s position: He is not too particular about the type of the bar. As long as he is upright and regretful, he can immediately release the suspicion and return to the good.

The most feared is the lingering from start to finish.

There is also an affectionate “sorry” or an affectionate hug between friends, and the distance is drawn short.

  Your friend who is placed as a catcher: This type of friend needs the other party to listen to his own type of speech first, so you need to sort out your thoughts well.

However, the same reasons and the use of intrigue will make the other party unwilling to listen to you!

You may be helpless to meet such a friend. If you can bear his language attack, your relationship will be saved!

  Your friend who is placed in the outfield position: The other party is a very leisurely type, so a direct apology is not as effective as a phone call, email, or letter.

However, even so, it may be that the other party has already started to “revenge” you before you return to God. It seems that you have stolen your eraser, so you have to borrow it from him, embarrassed.The situation was broken.

  The friend you put in the pitcher position: He has strong self-esteem and always has the upper hand.

Based on his stubborn character, arguing with him is unfortunate, and you admit it, and apologize to him first, and the apology will be unexpectedly reconciled!

But if you do n’t bow your head, the Cold War may not be deadlocked!

Might as well coax him first, and then calculate the ledger after the fall.

Tips for night-time skin care

Tips for night-time skin care

For the skin, day care is very important, but the golden maintenance period at night cannot be ignored.

If you can properly and effectively perform the night skin care and skin care work, you can ensure that your skin care is more effective and effective, and some small details cannot be ignored.

For the skin, day care is very important, but the golden maintenance period at night cannot be ignored.
If you can properly and effectively perform the night skin care and skin care work, you can ensure that your skin care is more effective and effective, and some small details cannot be ignored.

  1 Skin hydration Because the cells at night are more active than during the day, the external barrier function will be reduced. In this way, although the rate of skin epidermal moisture loss will increase, the penetration of the stratum corneum will increase.Water can pass through the faster transmission between cells, so that the deeper cells can regain water supply.

  Tip one: If you feel a bit dry before going to bed, spray water containing lavender essential oil on the skin and complications, it can moisturize dry skin, and it can also help you sleep.

But be careful not to drink too much water before going to bed, otherwise your face will be swollen after getting up.

If you are really thirsty, just drink a small glass of boiling water.

  Secret 2: Apply lotion and cotton pads to your face.

If busy women do n’t have time, they can directly use cotton pads with lotion before going to bed, and apply directly on the face where they need to be moisturized, such as the corners of their mouths and feet.

  Tip three: According to scientific verification, 9 to 11 pm is the best offer for skin care.

So be sure to sleep before 11 o’clock.

Because the water beauties all fell asleep.

  2 Prevention of Neck Lines In a woman’s life-long and complicated maintenance project, there are always places that are particularly easy to break the bank, which is what we usually call the V-line area: law lines and neck lines.

Although these two lines are less frequently cited than crow’s feet, they are more destructive to youth than small wrinkles.

So as a woman must prevent neck wrinkles in time.

  Secret # 1: Hard work can even have an impact on the spine, and it will bring tiny fine lines to sell your age.

In order to prevent the appearance of neck wrinkles, you can usually use a moisturizing lotion or cream on it and massage it gently to reconstitute the skin to absorb enough nutrients and maintain moisturizing elasticity, so that no annoying wrinkles will appear.

  Tip two: The easiest way to prevent wrinkles is to do a rehabilitation massage yourself.

Apply the neck cream evenly on the prevention, and pull your hands from the bottom up to reset the muscles.

This exercise is good for preventing the fine lines of complications, soothing the fatigue of the day and the health of the cervical spine.

  Tip three: Remember to use a neck cream every day.

Neck cream or specific day cream, night cream and other firming products contain ingredients that make skin firm, moisturizing and anti-aging, which can accelerate metabolism and shape contours.

  3 Care for lips Lips are also the focus of night care.

After speaking for a day, it is inevitable that there will be slight wear on the lips.

Therefore, you must first remove the dead skin of the lips during the treatment. You can use white sugar to gently rub on the lips and massage it, or use a toothbrush to gently wipe the lips when brushing your teeth. These can effectively remove the dead skin.The lip balm can go to sleep.

  Tip # 1: The best lip care is before bedtime-apply a thick layer of lip balm or vaseline to your lips.

  Tip 2: Cover the lips with plastic wrap-according to the needs of the lips, cut the appropriate size plastic wrap and apply it on the lips, so that you can lock the moisture into your lips.

  Tip # 3: Cover with hot towel again-if the lips are drier, you can cover the lips with plastic wrap, then cover with a hot towel and leave for about 10-20 minutes.

  Tip 4: Gently massage from the center of the lip outwards-Use your fingers to gently massage the lips that have just been hot-finished, and tap the direction from the center of the lip outwards like a piano.

  4 Hand moisturizing The hand moisturizing work is not sufficient only in winter. The skin of the hand that often touches various things is easily contaminated and dry, except for the usual hand care solution.In addition, doing hand care before going to bed can moisturize the skin of the hands overnight and get double the effect.

  Tip one: Mix the hands with active oxygen water hand cream, active water and wrinkle essence every night before it is completely absorbed, put on gloves, so that the hands can completely absorb nutrients.

  Tip # 2: Do your hand care at least once a week.

Hand scrub + hand mask + hand cream5 Eye care is also an important prop for daily life work, especially manual computer-related work. After using the computer excessively and receiving too much radiation, the eyes tend to become dry and itchy.

Therefore, MMs who do this kind of work should pay attention to it. It is best to let the eyes take a rest every hour of work and drip eye drops to nourish the eyes.

In addition, you can put two used tea bags in the refrigerator to refrigerate them, apply them to the eyelids after taking them out, and rest for a few minutes with your eyes closed, so that your eyes can be soothed.

  Secret 1: Every night with “Soothe Massage 4 Steps” to make skin care products easier to be absorbed by our eye skin: Method 1: Use a ring finger to take mung bean size eye cream and apply it to the middle of the upper and lower eyelids.Wipe evenly; Technique 2: Start from the eye, use the ring of the ring finger on the upper and lower eyelids to circle the end of the eye; Technique 3: Start from the eye, use the ring of the ring finger to squeeze the eye to the end of the eye;4: Starting from the eye, use the ring finger to slide from the eye to the end of the eye and stop at the end of the eye.

  Tip two: To make your eye skin more comfortable during sleep, you can use eye care products that have a comfortable effect.Depending on your skin type, choosing eye cream, eye gel or eye nourishing gel can improve the comfort of skin cells in the eyes. Generally speaking, oily skin is suitable for eye cream, dry skin is suitable for eye nourishing gel, andFor combination skin, eye gel is suitable.

If you want to make the skin cells of the eye particularly comfortable, you can also choose special care products such as eye masks and essences.

They can effectively play the role of eye cream, help reduce wrinkles, dark circles and other problems, and replace it with sufficient nutrition and moisture to improve the comfort of eye skin.

Repair tricks men have a trick

Repair tricks men have a trick

The bad man ‘s bad, once he crosses his neck like a knife, do you listen to the fate of being a resentful woman, or do silver teeth bite in secret and be a virtuous woman?

  Men are cheap, the more women complain about him, the worse.

Only when a woman can’t stop pouring it, poison it, look at it, they’re honest right away!

Most unfortunately, we spilled “poison”, and after spitting out bad breath, it’s time to sigh: Where is the endless grass!

  Drive the “soft rice man” out of the protagonist: Sandy’s 26-year-old market has been with her boyfriend for half a year.

  This boyfriend was met by Sandy in the community forum. At the beginning, both people called. He was humorous and considerate. He turned into Sandy’s alarm clock every morning. He could even prepare to wait early downstairs and take a car together.Go to Work.

Such a careful, gentle and funny man, of course, Sandy quickly accepted him.

  But then?

He stayed at Sandy’s house first, then stayed overnight, and then gradually moved all the clothes and debris. Sandy asked him that he should always go back and clean the room to ventilate. He was indifferent, and then finally said, Anyway, youI bought a house, I rented it, and you have all the air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, and washing machines here, why waste it so much?

I have returned my house.

Sandy was out of breath for a long time.

  In fact, Sandy was not ready for cohabitation at all, nor thought that she would marry him. Her personal space was suddenly broken, and she felt very unaccustomed.

Sandy worked overtime that day and returned home to find him lying on the sofa and watching TV, cold kitchen stove, asked, he said that he had eaten instant noodles.

Sandy didn’t get angry. The fire broke out for many days. She pointed at his nose and scolded him for soft rice. He didn’t take the responsibility. Unlike a man, he immediately went into the house and packed his things casually.roll!

He said that he hadn’t stayed so late. Sandy shouted as he threw his things outside the door. There were so many hotel guest houses from five-star to two-star outside. You can live where you love!

  When the door was closed, Sandy called to the property again and asked to change the lock immediately.

  Since then, it’s strange that the man has evaporated, and has never appeared in front of Sandy ever again.

  The protagonist of Huaxinlang: Xiaoxiao, a 24-year-old nurse, who knows Xiaoxiao, knows that Xiaoxiao is the most gentle girl, especially good for patients, attentive and patient. There was an old lady who wanted to introduce her sonTo Xiaoxiao, knowing that Xiaoxiao’s famous flower owner has a sigh.

  Xiaoxiao is very traditional. He had a three-year love relationship with Liu Yuan, and his housework never let him worry.

Liu Yuan studied painting. Although he was designing in an advertising company, he still wanted to be an artist. Xiao Xiao also supported him. He never clamored for a luxury home with a famous brand.

However, Liu Yuan has been reluctant to talk to Xiaoxiao about marriage, either because he cares about it or simply turns away.

Recently, Liu Yuan didn’t even show up. He always said he was busy and had to work overtime.

Later he said that he would go back to his parents’ home because he was close to the company.

Xiaoxiao was very distressed, and later understood him, she was used to everything going with him.

But Xiaoxiao didn’t understand more and more. It wouldn’t be possible to meet for almost a month without being busy, right?

  Until that day, Xiaoxiao accidentally saw him and a girl shopping intimately.

  The next day, Xiaoxiao with swollen eyes suddenly appeared in Liuyuan Company, and she rushed forward and gave him a slap without any effort.

Without waiting for him and other colleagues to react, the second slap slapped again.

Then Xiaoxiao left without even looking at him.

  When he got home, Xiaoxiao found his hands hurt.

But it’s really deflated!

Xiaoxiao started to pack his stuff again. All the good clothes and shoes were bought by Xiaoxiao. He fiddled with a pair of scissors and cut them into thin pieces. The razor was also broken into several large pieces and packed into a cardboard box.Xiaoxiao called the courier company and asked them to send it to his company at any time.

  After that, Xiaoxiao called her girlfriend, had dinner together, and went to the bar to look for joy.

Xiaoxiao felt that this day was her happiest day in three years.

  You are worse than my poisoned protagonist: Li Wan, a 28-year-old insurance broker, until recently, Li Wan finally discovered that Cheng Hao had a wife.

Previously, he had always disguised himself as an older youth, saying that it was Li Liwan who was terribly loved, but he always refused to take her to see his friends. He disappeared as soon as the holidays, and then he was compensated by clothes and roses.

  What scene has Li Wan never seen?

First, he tried to test him calmly, Cheng Hao still vowed to insist that he was a single person, and then said to Li Wan, let’s get married next year!It seems that this man treats women as fools. Li Wan just smiled, but said nothing, but secretly recorded with his mobile phone.

  Later, Wanwan went to Cheng Hao’s house and visited Cheng Tai as an insurance broker.

Cheng Tai is a gentle and well-behaved happy little woman. Of course Li Wan will not be unbearable because of this. She took out the photos of her and Cheng Hao, put a recording of her marriage, and said that she would go to Cheng Hao’s.boss.

At this time, Li Wan’s cell phone rang, and Cheng Hao came to dinner with her.

Then Cheng’s phone rang, and Cheng Hao called back to say that there was entertainment at night.

  Li Wan grabbed the phone and said, “I’m at a friend’s house now. Come and pick me up.”

Cheng Hao hurriedly rushed away, Li Wan downplayed that I helped colleagues to visit customers, but I didn’t expect it to be your home.

In fact, Li Wan only threatened Cheng Tai to go to Cheng Hao’s boss. Unexpectedly, the good show was staged in advance: Cheng Hao suddenly knelt on Cheng Tai’s face and begged his wife for forgiveness.

Li Wan couldn’t stand it anymore, but picked up her mobile phone and shot this shocking scene like lightning. Then she threw away the wrong couple and walked away.

  Qianli “chasing” the lead character: Kelly’s 30-year-old foreign company employee This time, Kelly is very confident about her intuition.

The fiance, who has been married for half a month, has to go to Beijing for a business trip. As before, she packs his luggage and asks to come back a few days later.

This time she kept her heart to see her fiance’s expression, and he said indifferently “three or five days.”

The fiance was on a flight at 2:30 in the afternoon. Kelly went directly to the airport and bought a flight at 4.45, also going to Beijing.

  As soon as I got off the plane, Kelly called my fiance and asked him if he had stayed in the hotel, room number one.

Then he said he would call his room later.

Hanging up the phone, Kelly’s mood is very complicated. She hopes that her intuition is wrong and is more afraid to see the scene she least wants to see.

  When Kelly knocked on the door of her fiance’s room and saw his disheveled face sloppy, Kylie understood everything.

She rushed into the bathroom and pulled out the girl with the same disheveled hair. She looked at her coldly, and asked, do you know if he has a wife?

The girl whispered, I know.

Did he tell you to marry you?

The girl said, no, we are not there yet.

  Kelly threw the girl’s clothes and handbag with her, locked the door, and she calmly faced her fiance.

The fiance was both shocked and regretful, and he couldn’t care about being ashamed into a rage and asking why he had come.

Kelly asked, would you like to stay with me again?

If you don’t want to, I’ll make room for you right away. If you want to, what are your plans?

It was a miracle that she felt that she had not cried at this time.

  Instead, the fiance gave a tearful cry and promised, and Kelly asked him to write down a written promise.

Then Kelly started crying.

This night, they recalled the beauty of love together, each experienced a bad place, and changed their future together to make a new plan.

Kelly thought, I’ve done it all. If he doesn’t change his habits, I can’t ask this man any more.

  What makes women “dead fish eyes”?

  Is it really like Jia Baoyu said that the good-looking daughter will approach the man immediately and change from clear water to “dead fish eyes”?

Baoyu just pointed out the essence and results, but found no real culprit.


Housework is unevenly distributed.

It is difficult for women to be at peace when they are busy with housework after a busy day of work, while men seem to think that women do their housework naturally.

Asking a nanny or part-time worker may be a good way to solve the problem, but if the nanny is taking an occasional leave and sees that he still has the oil bottle down, he will not help, and all women who want to come can’t help but “splash” it.


Poor men and women are sad.

It seems that everything needs money, clothes, beauty, travel, maintenance, charging . and of course houses, decoration, cars.The men and women who live in the prevention data all the time are super sensitive and dissatisfied. If they are not satisfied, they will make a loud noise.

Spilling with resentment, poisoning from resentment, can’t be more natural.


Men’s bad habits are difficult to change.

He still doesn’t like to clean up, or throw litter socks, or play games on the Internet all day long. Women can’t get used to it.

Who can lose his temper, just look at who has a bad temper!

Beware of the day when his computer is infected with a virus, then you will know what the mother is doing!


Men steal fish, and even change their hearts.

The most unfortunate end of constipation, women give all their love and sincerity, but men still can’t change their poop.

Maybe a woman will wash her face with tears at first, who can be willing to wash to a certain degree?

It was kind to not cut him.


Losing self.

  It is extremely easy for a woman to fall in love or get married, everything is centered on the man, and she is at home with the exception of her work.

But men can’t get used to the beauty girl who used to be a yellow-faced woman, and the woman’s psychology is imbalanced, and she can’t help but be born to the gallbladder.

  Remember bad men is a classic saying in Gu Long’s novels spoiled by the “wife”: whoever tempts first loses everything.

In the face of the problem that women have to be “fierce women”, the same truth is true: whoever is fierce first will never be defeated.

  Of course, it is undoubtedly your tenderness and understanding.

Once so, it becomes necessary.

But the taboo is crying like a heroine of a Cantonese fragment, weak, begging, and ashamed. In this age, “war” has long distrusted tears-even if it is to flow, you must choose the most suitable and effective time.Otherwise, the flow is also a white flow, and you have to watch out for puffy eyes, crying out of your eyes, and losing the price of beauty, it is too much to lose.

  When it is splashed with grace, poison is more poisonous. No matter what time, a woman should not easily lose her elegant figure.

The big man doesn’t need it anymore. This is our bottom line. Besides, what else is terrible?

-He does n’t do housework, you can do the same; he is addicted to “Warcraft”, you go to a netizen for dating; he thinks you are a yellow-faced woman, you just use his credit card to go for beauty; he even raises himselfNo, you must remember not to live with him; if he still likes to stalk flowers outside, then okay, if you are in the first day and I am fifteen, who can hang on the tree of whom?

  The reason why men are bad, and why they are becoming less and less beautiful, is really the favor of women.

Women spoiled men, and finally had to reap the consequences.

Don’t try to save them after spoiling them, and force yourself to become a “shrew” or “poisonous woman”.

Want to get rid of men before they go bad, let them have no room to drill, no hotbed for deterioration, and then?

That’s what it says: You’re not as lazy as I am!

You are worse than me poisoned!