Kitakami Capital Shopping Cart: Position 1.

2 trillion doubles before 11

Kitakami Capital Shopping Cart: Position 1.

2 trillion doubles before 11

Securities Times Original Title: Kitakami Capital Shopping Cart: Position 1.

Before the 2 trillion double eleventh consecutively, the Securities Times reporter Zhang Juanjuan went to the “double eleven” for another year, and the A-share “net red” known as the “smart fund” went north to make fun.

Kitakami Capital seems to be at least foresighted, with a net purchase of 386 for 12 consecutive days since October 24.

5.2 billion yuan.

  Compared with previous years, this year’s double eleventh northbound fund sweeping is more crazy.

Securities Times · DataBao statistics show that in 2015, the net state of capital replacement in the north of the 12 trading days before the 2016 Double Eleven (excluding the data on November 11).

In the first 12 trading days of Double Eleven in 2018, the net purchase amount also exceeded 30 billion, but it was still lower than the previous period.

  Position market value 1.

The 27 trillion yuan of capital from the north has become increasingly interested in the allocation of A shares, and the market value of positions has increased year by year.

Securities Times · DataBao statistics show that the latest market value of Kitakami funds is as high as 1.

270 billion.

From the industry perspective, there are 5 industries with a market value of over 100 billion positions.

  The market value of food and beverage positions exceeds 240 billion, and the market value of the home appliance industry exceeds 140 billion.

The market value of positions in pharmaceutical bio, banking and non-bank financial industries are all over 100 billion.

It is not difficult to find that the above 5 industries are all big finance and big consumer industries.

In fact, the market value of financial consumer stocks with capital allocation in the north is close to 60%.

  From the perspective of individual stocks, among the more than 1,200 mainland-listed constituent stocks, there are 19 stocks with a market value of more than 10 billion yuan.

The market value of Maotai’s positions in Guizhou exceeds 120 billion, ranking first; Ping An, which is far below second place, has a total of 68.9 billion in positions.

Midea Group, Gree Electric, Hengrui Medicine and Wuliangye have market value of more than 40 billion yuan.

  The market value of some individual stock positions may not be high, but they have been taken over 10% by Beijing Capital.

Such as Huatest testing, Angel Yeast, Hongfa shares, Sofia, of which Huatest testing northbound funds holding a stock market value of 231.

7.2 billion yuan, but the stock market value accounted for as much as 21% of the total market value, Angel Yeast market value accounted for more than 15%.

  The main focus of the operation is “high selling and low absorption.” Since November, the Shanghai Index has risen slightly by 1.


During 成都桑拿网 the period, how did the capital move north?

From the perspective of active stocks, 26 of the 39 listed stocks were net bought, and these 26 stocks grew by an average of 4%.

23%, only 3 shares fell slightly; according to this, 13 net sold shares increased only slightly.


  For example, the net purchase of 2.4 billion Gree Electric has been increasing since November 8.

36%, net buy 12.

The $ 4.3 billion Haier Zhijia has been growing the most since this month, reaching 16%.

  In fact, among the 39 active stocks listed above, the top five stocks that have continued to fall, only Wen’s shares have been net bought a small amount, and the remaining 4 shares have been net sold, including Yanghe shares, Longji shares, and MakiharaWait.

It is worth mentioning that the latest closing prices of these three stocks are 合肥夜网 lower than the average transaction price during the period.

  Through active stocks, it can be basically judged that the operation of the northward capital is in line with the strategy of “high selling and low absorption”, that is, it continues to expand after increasing its holdings and continues to decline after reducing its holdings.

This can also be reflected in the changes in the shareholding of all the constituent stocks of the China Stock Connect.

The data shows that the latest closing price of the 753 stocks that have been increased since November has fallen slightly by 0 compared to the average transaction price.17%, and the latest closing price of the 443 shares that were reduced is 0 lower than the average transaction price.


  Big Masukura 45 shares During the shopping festival, Kitakami funds mainly favor these stocks?

Judging from the changes in shareholding ratio, since November, Kitakami Capital has increased its position by more than 0.

There are 45 single stocks. The number of stocks in the electronics, home appliances, pharmaceutical, biological, agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industries is in series. There are 5 stocks that have increased their shareholding ratio by more than 1 unit, followed by Jiuyang shares and Industrial Fulian.Haier Zhijia, La Chapelle and the Tang god.

  Data Bao statistics show that of the above 45 stocks, 38 have continued to grow since November, accounting for over 80%.

For more accurate calculations, comparing the average transaction price of the period from November to November 8 with the latest closing price, 27 of the 45 premium stocks mentioned above.

  The highest premium is Xingsen Technology. The latest closing price is 4 higher than the average transaction price.

93%, based on this calculation, it is estimated that the book float of the increase in holdings is expected to exceed 5 million. The stock also has popular concepts such as 5G, chips, and Huawei; followed by Haier Zhijia Premium 4.

At 06%, the floating profit of the increase in shareholdings was over 3 million; the willingness of wine industry and Lingrui Pharmaceutical all exceeded 3%, and the floating profit of the increase in shareholdings increased by more than 2 million yuan.

  Overall, most of the above 45 shares belong to the consumer industry.

From the perspective of technical forms, most of the stocks are in the rising channel, such as Gree Electric Appliances, Beijing New Building Materials and so on.

In terms of performance, the overall performance of these stocks is better. The net profit of more than half of the stocks increased by more than 10% in the first three quarters. For example, the net profit of Yisheng shares increased nearly 10 times, and the lower limit of annual net profit growth is expected to exceed 5 times.In the first three quarters, net profit increased by more than 50%.

  What needs to be added is that the above-mentioned 45-share institutions are forecasting better overall performance this year.

Among them, 15 stocks achieved net profit growth in the first three quarters, and the agency’s forecasted maximum net profit growth is expected to exceed 15% (forecast institutions exceed 5), including Tangrenshen, China Chemical, Inspur Information, etc.

Worry in the short term, long-term fearless orderly return of listed companies in the construction machinery industry

Worry in the short term, long-term fearless orderly return of listed companies in the construction machinery industry
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  On the afternoon of February 20, He Qinghua, Chairman of Sun River Intelligent, made his live broadcast debut.In the special period, the older generation of construction machinery used new tricks.  In the live broadcast, He Qinghua walked all the way from the office to the factory area, and showed everyone the “Shanhe Intelligent Industrial City” after the resumption of work.  Not only the chairman’s live broadcast debut.In the past, sales peaks were expected after the Spring Festival (Jin Qilin analyst). Construction machinery companies often arranged a large number of promotion and scheduling activities. This year, due to epidemic prevention and control restrictions, offline promotion activities could not be organized. Construction machinery companies have been selling liveCargo sales service.  According to the investigation and interview of the reporter from Shanghai Securities News, the outbreak has greatly affected the construction machinery industry and enterprises in the short term.In the end, some upstream supply chains were blocked, and it was difficult for construction machinery companies to resume production and resume 100%; extensions, delays in engineering, and increased short-term operating pressure on downstream customers, while some new orders were on the sidelines.  However, the usual construction machinery companies generally remain optimistic about expectations.Recently, a large number of major projects in Shandong, Hebei, Fujian, Hunan and other places have resumed construction. In addition to industrial projects such as anti-epidemic materials, major new projects have started to focus on transportation, water conservancy and other infrastructure-related infrastructure areas.  According to the China Merchants Securities Research Report, if the construction industry basically resumes work in March, the construction machinery industry will be affected only a little.  He Qinghua, a construction machinery faucet who has resumed work in succession, introduced Shanhe Intelligent’s modern mini-digging and assembly workshop, rotary excavation assembly workshop and rotary excavation commissioning site during the live broadcast.According to reports, Shanhe Intelligent officially started construction on February 6 and resumed production safely and orderly.  It is impossible without stress.”In 2020, everyone will have a special New Year. All industries are under pressure. We hope that all parties will work together and Sun River Intelligent will also strive to achieve ‘three years of growth’.”He Qinghua’s novel.  Just a few days ago on February 13, 19 transport vehicles loaded with all types of intelligent equipment from Shanhe drove out of the plant and sent to Guangdong, Shaanxi and other provinces, as well as Israel, 武汉夜网论坛 India, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and other places.This is Shanhe Smart recently.Part of 500 million orders.  Under the circumstances of ensuring the safety of employees’ lives and personal health, leading engineering machinery companies have focused on epidemic prevention and control in one hand, and production and operation in one hand, and have gradually resumed work.  Zoomlion resumed work and resumed production on February 5.During the special period, Zoomlion placed this year’s opening celebrations on corporate WeChat antiques.To this end, Zoomlion has formulated an outbreak prevention and control plan and adopted strict measures.On February 11th, the “State Council Working Group for the Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia of Hunan Province Working Group” went to Zoomlion to check the epidemic prevention work and confirmed Zoomlion ‘s preventive measures.  As of February 21, Zoomlion’s concrete, construction cranes, earthmoving, aerial work machinery, firefighting machinery, pile workers, industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery and other separate divisions, the subsidiaries have stepped, precision resumption, and the rate of staff reinstatement is nearly 75.%, The company’s production capacity is restored to 60% to 80%.In addition, the Zoomlion Smart Industrial City project, which Zoomlion is focusing on, has also resumed construction.  Relevant person in charge of Sany Heavy Industry reported to the Shanghai Securities Journal on the 21st that at present, Sany Heavy Industry and Sany Group have ushered in a full resumption of work. 17 domestic production parks have resumed work, and many intelligent “lighthouse factories” have been put into trial operation with more than 16,000 employees.Employees returned to work and the overall return rate was over 70%.  ”The pumping business unit resumed work early and production capacity recovered quickly.As of February 20, more than 5,800 workers have returned to the factory, with a return rate of 83%.At the same time, more than 2,500 people in Hunan Ningxiang Industrial Park have also arrived, with a return rate of over 60%.”The relevant person in charge of Sany Heavy Industry said.”On February 21, Liugong’s relevant person told the Shanghai Securities Journal that Liugong had resumed work and production.  Parts will be gradually eliminated. Generally speaking, the construction machinery industry will officially start production before the tenth day of the first month, and some key positions will enter the working state in advance according to actual needs.Affected by the epidemic this year, the resumption of work was delayed, and the company’s production capacity could not meet expectations in the short term.  ”The reason why 100% resumption of production has not yet been achieved is more important because some upstream companies and supporting enterprises have resumed production and resumed production late, coupled with factors such as difficult logistics and transportation, which have led to the full recovery of construction machinery enterprises,One problem is being solved gradually.”The relevant person in charge of an engineering machinery company said.”Affected by the epidemic, some of the accessory companies cannot start or start full-scale construction, especially in Hubei.”Facing the current situation, the company first expressed its understanding of the accessory companies, and at the same time opened up other channels to gradually minimize the impact.”” Said the above person.  According to its introduction, after the epidemic, both enterprises and upstream suppliers will pay more attention to the anti-risk capabilities and sustainable development of their own supply chains, and think more carefully about the nature of localization support, so as to make the future industrial layout more concentrated.The logistics distance is shorter.  He Qinghua was also asked “how does the epidemic affect the construction machinery industry” during the live broadcast. He Qinghua said that first of all, unplanned costs increase and “there is the issue of the supply of upstream accessories. It is expected that the industry may appear by MarchShortage of upstream accessories.”The guarantee of spare parts is the top priority of current production.On February 15, Sany ZTE, which belongs to Sany Heavy Industry, had 515 employees on duty, and all production lines resumed in a single shift.At present, it produces nearly 4,000 oil cylinders in storage, of which more than 1,400 are guaranteed for main engine shipment to ensure the smooth production chain of Sany Heavy Industry and Sany Group.  In Sany’s Changsha Park, nearly 100 intelligent robots started to operate in the intelligent “lighthouse factory” upgraded from No. 18 factory building, and the overall efficiency of the factory increased by over 30%.At the end of this month, the “Lighthouse Factory” will start producing major spare parts.The relevant person in charge of Sany Heavy Industry said that the “Lighthouse Factory” broke through some of the original technological breakthroughs and greatly improved the level of automation. By then, many core and important spare parts could be produced in-house.  Both days, Sany Heavy Industry also received the first three-car parts products from Wuhan.”The availability of goods indicates that the logistics of the whole country has basically been smooth, and the production of upstream enterprises is being resumed.”” SANY Heavy Industry said that it is currently actively communicating with suppliers to further smooth the supply chain.  In response to the upstream supply problem, Liu Gong said that its supply chain center has grasped the resumption of labor and logistics policies in various places and cooperated with suppliers to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, the supply chain center communicated with more than a thousand suppliers and provided necessary protective supplies and necessary production materials.  The epidemic has little impact on the highest. The more important question is: How will this wave of epidemic affect the construction machinery industry in the new year?  He Qinghua said that the current growth rate of operating rate has a certain impact on the industry.”Through the control of the epidemic and the guidance of relevant government policies, various industries are accelerating their resumption of work. It is estimated that the operating rate after April will be higher than in previous years.”With regard to the question of how quickly the after-sales service is generally concerned about customers, He Qinghua admits that there are indeed difficulties for the time being.” No matter how good the equipment is, no service is impossible.”In the live broadcast, some people paid attention to how Sunhe Intelligent’s backlog of international orders was handled. He Qinghua said,” At present, there are already products ready for delivery, but different levels of traffic stoppages in various regions have disrupted logistics.It is believed that logistics can be resumed soon to guarantee overseas customers.”Someone from the construction machinery industry reported to the Shanghai Securities Journal that the epidemic has a certain impact on the construction machinery industry in the short term, mainly involving orders, production and transportation, and downstream customers.  In terms of orders, during the epidemic period, some construction machinery companies increased orders slightly from the same period last year, and some customers are still waiting and waiting; even various construction machinery giants are located in overseas bases and local employees, but affected by the epidemic, it may be added overseasOpportunities decrease in a short time.  In terms of production and transportation, the resumption and resumption times of upstream suppliers are uneven, and due to factors such as traffic control and logistics obstruction, some production materials cannot be in place in time, some orders in hand cannot be carried out as planned, and some orders have been shortened.There are cases where customers are not in a hurry to pick up the car and propose continuous delivery; due to the impact of logistics, the driver of the logistics company is insufficient and due to the impact of some regional traffic controls, there are a few products that cannot be delivered to customers on time.  On the downstream side, affected by the epidemic, the time limit for resumption of construction work in various places, the operating pressure of downstream customers of construction machinery has increased, and they face the operating dilemma of having no income but wages, social security, and repayment, and individual customers have the risk of overpayment.  However, people in the construction machinery industry believe that due to the impact of the Spring Festival holiday around February, it is the traditional off-season of the construction machinery industry, and the sales are gradually lower.No impact on expected sales.  Some analysts believe that the overall business scale and profit of domestic construction machinery companies in 2019 will reach the best level in years. All enterprises have made adequate preparations for 2020, including production and stock planning, and domestic / foreign supplier supply.Plans, sales promotion plans, etc., sudden outbreaks interrupted business activities that should have been carried out normally after the year, but from the point of view, the peak sales season may be late, but it will not be absent.  The relevant person in charge of Sany Heavy Industry said that through the introduction of government measures to ensure growth and the urgent need for “make-up lessons” for various types of construction progress, I believe that the downstream machinery construction industry will usher in an explosive rebound.

CIMC Group (000039): Growth in 3Q19 Results, Container Business Slows Profits

CIMC Group (000039): Growth in 3Q19 Results, Container Business Slows Profits

3Q19 results are in line with the performance forecast. CIMC Group announced the first three quarters of 2019 results: operating income of 616.

60 ppm, a decrease of 7 per year.

8%; net profit attributable to parent company 6.

36 trillion, down 72 a year.

5%, corresponding to a relative profit of 0.

18 yuan, in line with the company’s air force performance forecast.

In the third quarter of 19, the company’s operating income and net 深圳桑拿网 profit attributable to its parent were 189.

43 / -0.

44 trillion, down 18 a year.

9% / 103.


Revenue from the container and heavy truck business decreased while the rest of the business continued to grow.

Affected by reduced demand and increased competition, the company’s container business achieved revenue of 157 in the first three quarters.

07 billion, down 36 every year.

2%; sales of dry containers and reefer containers decreased by 40% year-on-year.

6% / 25.


In addition, the company’s heavy truck revenue has fallen by 25 per year.

4%; revenue from energy chemical equipment, offshore engineering, airport, logistics, and city production increased by 8.

3% / 82.

6% / 40.

4% / 3.

5% / 198.


Net interest rate turned negative and operating cash flow improved.

The company’s gross profit margin in the third quarter of 19 was 14.

1%, more than doubled 2.

9ppt, the decrease in container business weighed on overall profit.

In the third quarter of 19, the company’s sales / administration expense ratios decreased by 0.


0ppt, R & D / financial expense ratios exceed 0, respectively.



The company’s 3Q19 asset disposal income was zero.

470,000 yuan, down 13.

650,000 yuan, mainly due to the subsidiary in the same period last year received compensation for demolition.

In the third quarter of 19, the company’s net interest rate was -0.
2%, down 6 from the same period last year.

Net cash inflow from operating activities in the third quarter15.

82 trillion, a net decrease of 15 from the previous quarter.

The significant improvement of 30,000 yuan was mainly due to the strengthening of the company’s working capital management and the decrease in accounts receivable / inventory.

Development Trend The volume of container business is under pressure, leading to a decline in profit margins.

Historically, the most important variable of CIMC Group’s profit fluctuations came from the container business.

Since 2018, intensified competition in the container industry has led to lower overall container prices; at the same time, the industry’s demand is poor, and the volume of containers has continued to grow negatively.

On the whole, the container business may be replaced this year.

Looking forward to Qianhai Land Development and Offshore Asset Reorganization.

Looking forward, Qianhai Land Development will bring higher one-time land value-added income and subsequent land development income to the company. At the same time, we also look forward to the restructuring of the company’s offshore engineering business, which will increase the company’s profitability.

Earnings forecasts and estimates do not take into account the potential benefits of land development in Qianhai. Due to the decline in the company’s gross profit margin, we lower the company’s EPS forecast for 2019/2059.

2% / 40.

3% to 0.


52 yuan.

The company A / H contradiction corresponds to 19/12 times P / E in 2020, and temporarily maintains the outperform industry rating.

Considering the downward revision of profit forecast and the conversion of 杭州夜网论坛 estimates to 2020, we lower the company’s A / H target price by 8.

8% / 21.

9% to 10.

RMB 49/7.

66 Hong Kong dollars, corresponding to 20/15 times P / E in 2020, compared with 8.


0% upside.

Risks The total demand for global container transportation has intensified industry competition.

Baby’s chest bumps cannot be ignored

Baby’s chest bumps cannot be ignored

[Guide]The chest is mainly the heart, liver and lungs, so the growth of the chest circumference has a great relationship with physical development.

Experts point out that parents should not ignore the bust when paying attention to the baby’s head circumference.

  Then, when a child is born, the bust is 1 cm to 2 cm smaller than the head circumference. The head circumference corresponds to the bust when 12 months to 21 months old. After 21 months, the bust exceeds the head circumference.

Bust is the length of a round with a soft ruler flat nipple.

It is 32 cm for newborns, 44 cm for 6 months, 46 cm for 1 year old, and 49 cm for 2 years old.

  Malnourished children have poorer development of the tibia muscles and a few, and the bust exceeds the head circumference later. This is not only due to nutritional factors, but also related to unconscious crawling and chest exercise.

If you notice any dents or distortions in your child, check them early.

Some diseases can cause fatal deformities, such as rickets can form chicken breast or funnel shape, and some severe congenital heart disease may be inserted into the breast bone bulge.

Look at the color of the tongue coating to know the health of the five internal organs

Look at the color of the tongue coating to know the health of the five internal organs

Friends who have seen TCM have all done the action of “sticking tongue”.

The reason why doctors look at the tongue is because the tongue is connected to the visceral meridians such as the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. If the internal organs are twisted, they can be reflected on the tongue.

Therefore, to a certain extent, tongue changes are a barometer of human health.

  The normal tongue image can be summarized into 6 words: light red, thin tongue, white fur.

The best is that the tongue is reddish, the tongue is moist, the tongue is medium in size, soft and flexible, the tongue is even, thin and white.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the tongue is divided into the tip of the tongue, the middle of the tongue, the base of the tongue, and the side of the tongue.

The tip of the tongue is cardiopulmonary, the spleen and stomach are in the tongue, the root of the tongue is Shenshu and the large intestine, and the tip of the tongue is liver and gallbladder.

  Healthy people’s tongue is pink and moisturizing, which indicates that the body’s qi and blood are reconciled.

The pale white tongue, that is, the tongue color is red, less white, and more common in Yang deficiency syndrome, Qi and blood deficiency syndrome, such as anemia women.

If the tongue is bright red, it is more common in heat syndrome.

People with red tongue, if accompanied by irritability, dry throat, cold drinks, oral ulcers, and more hyperthermia, can drink Kudingcha, or use Ophiopogon, chrysanthemum, fat sea tea, sore throatAdd honeysuckle.

If the tongue is blue, it usually means that the coldness is more abundant, or there is blood congestion, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, certain congenital hypertension patients or drugs, food poisoning will appear.

If the tongue is stiff and trembling, it suggests liver movement in the wind, wind and phlegm obstruction, more common in patients with hypertension, or the risk of stroke.

  If the tongue is fat and there are tooth marks on the tongue, it means that the function of spleen and stomach is relatively insufficient. It is more common in spleen deficiency and wetness, and some foods with spleen and dampness can be appropriately added, such as yam, atractylodes, white lentils, etc.

Some people have moss on their tongues and no moss on their tongues. In traditional Chinese medicine, they are called “map tongues”. If there is no discomfort, it is a physiological phenomenon and does not require treatment.

If there are chronic stomach problems or other chronic diseases, they are mostly yin deficiency.

  Tongue coating is produced by stomach qi. Observation of tongue coating mainly depends on color, moisturization and thickness.

The thickening of the tongue coating is caused by the dampness of the stomach qi, or there is phlegm, wetness, water, drinking, and accumulation of food in the body, suggesting that the patient may have digestive or respiratory diseases.

The tongue fur turns from thick to thin, and a new thin white fur grows on the tongue, indicating that the condition is getting better; the tongue fur turns from thin to thick, suggesting that evil spirits are gradually getting stronger, or that the evil is getting into the disease, and the condition is getting worse.

Tongue fur appears yellow, suggesting that there are lining and heat evidence in the body. The yellower the fur, the heavier the heat and evil.

Black moss or gray moss is more common in people who are chronically ill or seriously ill.

  You can also observe the thickness and color of the blood vessels and meridians at the base of the tongue. Normally, the thickness of the veins is moderate, and the color is blue.

If the veins become thick and the color is stagnant purple, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease may get worse.

  It should be reminded that although the tongue can reflect the changes of the human organs, meridians and meridians, the tongue can not be the only one to diagnose the disease, but the four consultations must be combined.

Therefore, when you are unwell, you should go to the doctor in time.

Use your mobile phone before bed to destroy your sex blessing

Use your mobile phone before bed to destroy your “sex blessing”

Would you use your mobile phone to chat with your boyfriend intimately before going to bed and then fall asleep sweetly?
Would you be used to chatting with friends about gossip news before going to bed?
Either way, you are used to chatting on your mobile phone before bedtime, please stop this dangerous move.
  About half of the respondents felt that they were “sensitive to radio waves” after using their mobile phones and had symptoms such as headaches and cognitive dysfunction.
A recent study showed that using a mobile phone before bedtime not only affected sleep quality, but also caused headaches, confusion, and depression.
  The study was sponsored by a forum of mobile phone manufacturers representing a number of mobile phone production companies, and was carried out by scientists from the Caroline Research Institute in the UK, Uppsala University in Sweden, and State University of Wayne in the United States.
  The British “Sunday Independent” research results said that the use of mobile phones before going to bed can lead to longer time for people to enter deep sleep, shorten the time for deep sleep, and also affect the body’s ability to recover at night.
  Scientists conducted experiments in 35 men and 36 women between the ages of 18 and 45, exposing some to simulated cellphone radiation, while others were not exposed to the radiation.
The experimental results show that the former takes longer to fall asleep and sleep less.
  About half of the respondents felt that they were “sensitive to radio waves” after using their mobile phones and had symptoms such as headaches and cognitive dysfunction.
But these people couldn’t say whether they received simulated cellphone radiation in the experiment.
The findings embarrassed the handset maker forum, whose officials said the findings were “non-deterministic.”

Do you enter a fitness misunderstanding

Do you enter a fitness misunderstanding

Misunderstanding: Focus on exercise all weekend. Pay attention to the fact that some people cannot eat and eat hungry, so is exercise.

For example, some people like to take advantage of the insufficiency of regular exercise on weekends.

Fitness experts point out that too lazy exercise can hurt the body, and concentrated exercise can also hurt the body, which is tantamount to overeating.

  Imagine sitting in the office 5 days before the week, almost no movement, the body has actually adapted to this state.

Suddenly picking up a lot of time on the weekend to concentrate on exercise will actually break the established physiological and physical balance, and the consequences will be worse than not exercising.

Therefore, a scientific and effective approach is to exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

I usually have a lot of time to work and have no time to exercise. At least I should move my body after the tea. I still pay attention to the flow of water.

  Myth 2: Exercise + Dieting = Good Body Many women already know that they use scientific and healthy methods to control weight, but there are still some misunderstandings about weight loss.

For example, while exercising, nutrition supplements are ignored, and the diet is controlled blindly.

  Experts point out that diet control is necessary, but if you only care about exercise and do not pay attention to nutritional supplements, it will cause physical harm.

The human body needs a certain amount of transition and nutrition to maintain its operation every day, and women also need compensation for menstrual losses, so at least transformation and nutrition must be guaranteed.

Otherwise, if the human body performs high-intensity exercise in a state of lack of supplement for a long time, it will cause a decrease in immunity and disease will also enter.

  Misunderstanding three jump exercises is a woman’s business In the gym, there are usually two “well water does not violate river water” areas: the equipment training area are all men, and aerobics has become a women’s patent.

Many men always believe that “jumping aerobics is a woman’s business, a bit of sissy, and training equipment is a man’s business.

“actually not.

Fitness coaches believe that men prefer equipment training mainly because they feel that this can increase strength and improve body shape, but equipment training cannot achieve the effects of improving cardiopulmonary function, and enhance the softness and coordination of the body. Therefore, it is recommended that men should use equipment training and haveAerobic exercises are combined to enhance complementary effects.

  Misunderstanding four muscles must be practiced every day, some young people are very passionate about bodybuilding.

In order to build a beautiful muscle, they practice in the gym all day.

In fact, the key to long muscles should be “relaxed.”

  Muscle exercise consumes a lot of nutrients. After the exercise, after proper rest, the nutrients in the muscle will be replenished, and the amount of replenishment will be more than consumed. This phenomenon is physiologically called “super””Volume recovery”.

“Excessive recovery” allows muscles to get more nutrients, the more developed and more developed.

Some studies believe that the rest time is calculated based on the muscles having the ability to exercise last time again. It usually takes 2 to 3 days.

  Misunderstanding 5: Large amount of exercise is more effective. Appropriate exercise and fitness training can help strengthen the body’s immunity, but excessive exercise can be counterproductive.

  Medical experts point out that both low-intensity and intermittent exercise can have a good effect on health.

Therefore, low-intensity exercise every day is not only good for health, but also reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Excessive exercise will only have an adverse effect on the body, leading to muscle contraction, stiffness, strain, severe fractures, even sports anemia, and even sudden death.

Therefore, exercisers can consult a fitness instructor to choose the right amount of exercise.

Let emotions release

Let emotions release

When I sorted out the old things, I stumbled upon the long-awaited primary school commemorative album, and turned over with interest. A classmate gave me a message: “I can’t forget your hearty laugh, I can’t forget the way you cried and earth-shattering, but when you meet,You are still such a you!

“I was very surprised. When I was in elementary school, I actually “cry up and shake earth”?

After more than a decade, there have been grievances, troubles, and pains, but I have never cried in front of others.

  My daughter has been in the garden for more than five months. Whenever I am asleep, I am so happy that I open my mouth and giggling. Once I am hungry, I will be frowning and crying. I will make a funny face and make her laugh.

Looking at her vivid facial expressions, I can’t help but wonder how direct the natural emotions of life are.

As we grow up, we gradually learn the cultural standards of how to correctly express emotions in a specific environment or for a specific person.

It’s not very appropriate to cry at the school in front of the teacher and classmates. In a sense, I don’t seem to have a good grasp of the rules of exuding emotions in elementary school.

  When we are eager to develop in the direction of human experience, we are less and less revealing our inner feelings.

It is clear that the guy who is self-interested and self-interested is angry, but he still tries to calm down the disgust and pretend to be calm. He clearly succumbs to his own reward for his outstanding performance, or tries to suppress the excitement and pretend to be humble.

When I was in elementary school, I was crying and shaking, and now I am optimistic, cheerful, independent and strong, and I don’t easily reveal a bit of timidity.

  Sometimes, are we too obedient to the etiquette rules, and approximate the true self-expression?

Words belong to high-level thinking processing, and it is the heart that is not insincere. Emotions are more instinctual physiological reactions, and it takes a lot of effort to disguise.

Forbearance and forbearance, restrained and restrained, more and more anger, dissatisfaction, boredom can not be released rationally, breeds worries, depression and other modern diseases.

If you want to cry, just cry. If you want to laugh, just laugh, let the emotions of stagnation in the heart get a catharsis expression, which is conducive to the psychological balance of health.

  Darwin once said in the book “Emotional Expressions of Animals and Humans” that specific emotional states are associated with specific body and facial expressions. Body and facial expressions are animal emotional signals and indicate the behavior to be made, which constitutes communication.Some form that allows other animals to know what is going to happen.

If we all wear masks to cover up our emotions, we will not be able to identify each other’s inner feelings, nor can we adjust our behavior accordingly. Is it an effective way to lose communication?

  The joys, sorrows and sorrows are life flavors and are colorful faces in life.

A person who dares to love and hate to cry and laugh is a person who has a lively and full-bodied personality.

May wish to release your emotions, crying and hurting, laughing and happy, living honestly and honestly, living happily!

10 tips for building good relationships in the workplace

10 tips for building good relationships in the workplace

The core tip: to survive in the workplace, one of the big problems that you have to face is how to deal with interpersonal relationships. Good interpersonal relationships help us to carry out our work and also help our professional development.

Now, let ‘s take a look at the top ten tips for building good relationships.

  One table talent: The so-called “one table talent” means that the first impression you make when you meet a stranger for the first time, we all know that the first impression is important, to make a good impression on the other party, especially to makeThe other party remembers you in the shortest time.

Then our own manners and behaviors are very important; we must pay attention to our connotation, cultivation, and so on, and these cannot be developed overnight, and require us to develop good habits in ordinary life.

  Two sets of clothing: The so-called “two sets of clothing” means what kind of clothes to wear on a certain occasion, and your dress must suit the environment at that time.

The “two outfits” also told us to be easy-going, to be flexible in how things are done, and not to die hard.

  Three glasses of wine: The so-called “three glasses of wine” means that if a person does not drink alcohol, interpersonal relationships are not easy to handle.

A person should drink alcohol, but not drink too much; an appropriate amount can close the relationship between people, but too much will lead to “drink disorder”; drinking an appropriate amount is good for both the body and interpersonal relationships.

  Four-ring Mahjong: The so-called “four-ring Mahjong” means that a person has a wide range of hobbies, tells certain things to certain people, and does certain things. He also plays what he likes, and you like what he likes.You have to understand, but you don’t need to be proficient.

For example, people talk to you about recent sports news, but you just do n’t like sports and you do n’t know about it. When people talk about it, you can only be “Zhang Er Monk”.

This is also called “Long-line fishing for big fish”.

  Five-Party Dating: The so-called “Five-Party Dating” means “Five-Party Friendship in the Southeast, Northwest, and Middle East”. You can’t admit to making friends. You never know what kind of friends you need to associate with some people to a certain extent.Have a normal standard in mind, but you can’t stop making friends with him.

  Qi Liu Qi Shan: We all know that “Li Qi Qi Qi Shan” refers to Zhuge Liang Liu Qi Qi Shan cutting Wei, knowing that it cannot be done.

The so-called “liuqiqishan” means that we alone promised others and promised others. Although you can’t do it, you must do your best to do it; ask us to ask only if it should not, and if it is not possible, we must knowThere is nothing impossible in the world.

  Seven strokes: “Spells” are spells, different methods.

“Horse” is farting.

“Seven strokes” means that people must praise your boss’s decision before, but behind his back, he must tell him what is not desirable.

In other words, 70% of the ass taste, 30% of sincere advice.

  Eight mouth bragging: The so-called “eight mouth bragging” means that one person does not “brave bragging”, then people do not know what you have done; one person bragging too much, all people can have no sense of trust; so you exaggerate yourselfThe contribution is OK, but the ability to over-inflate yourself is not good.

When a person suffers from others, it is an exaggeration to exaggerate others properly; two people go out to do things and come back to report to their superiors, bragging when I say, bragging when I say, then both of us are magnified, so people should “boast”.
When someone has a relationship with someone who has been in the past, they have to win people’s favor.

  Nine points of effort: The so-called “nine points of effort” means that we must endure hardships, work hard, work hard, study hard, and improve our ability.

  Very patient: The so-called “very patient” means that one needs to have patience and endurance.

If a person does not have patience, then the first nine are equal to zero no matter how well they are done.

  Editor’s Note: After learning the above ten tricks, you can freely move through the complicated network of workplace relationships.

Painkillers in life can also relieve pain by counting money

“Painkillers” in life can also relieve pain by counting money

When it comes to pain, the first thing that everyone thinks of is to take painkillers, but the medicine is three points poisonous. In addition to medicine, what other methods can be used to relieve pain?
  Kissing: there is analgesic effect a substance in saliva has analgesic effect.
This naturally occurring substance in the human body works similarly to narcotic analgesics such as morphine, and its analgesic effect is 6 times that of morphine.
Researchers have discovered that the substance can help the body’s own defense system fight pain.
Kissing can relieve pain. One intense kiss can produce hormones equivalent to a piece of painkillers, and kissing can also produce antibiotics. When kissing, natural antibiotics are secreted in human saliva, and they also have anesthetic effects.
  Counting Money: It can relieve pain, “Money, sweet, hot, poisonous.
Partial can stay in the face, Cai Zeliu Run, good treatment of hunger, relief of distress.
As early as a thousand years ago, in the Tang Dynasty, Zhang Ming, a famous minister in the dynasty, wrote a unique and wonderful article, “Qian Bencao”, which vividly described the use of money as a medicine.
  Psychologists have studied the relationship between money stimulation and pain, and once again discussed the pharmacological effect of money to the world. Having the analgesic effect of money is not only a feeling but also a real existence.
  Three methods were used in the test: ■ Counting money: a group of 80 hundred yuan, and another group of 80 papers of the same size.
  ■ Syntax: Reorder the sentences in a disordered order. One group of the testees’ sentences contained monetary terms, while the other group did not.
  ■ Accounting method: One group of subjects wrote down their recent expenses, and the other group wrote down only the most recent weather conditions.
  The subjects were asked to put their hands in warm water at 43 ° C and hot water at 50 ° C. After a certain period of time, they reported their pain through a questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire was to quantify the subjective feeling of pain.
  In the pain report, the pain of the counting group was obviously lighter than that of the counting group; after being rejected by the virtual person, the accounting group felt more pain than the weather group.
The results of these tests show that money can reduce pain, and possession or exposure to money can increase resistance to pain.
  逛超市:释放压力减轻疼痛  逛超市,你可以随心所欲地取来,也可以转瞬之间再放回去,你可以将自己的购物筐填满,也可以两手空空在货架间悠闲地溜达,没人在意你What you choose, no one forces you to choose, in the middle of which a lot of pain and stress are released.