Shanghai Meilin (600073) In-Depth Report: Focusing on the Main Business and Strengthening Meat Breeding

Shanghai Meilin (600073) In-Depth Report: Focusing on the Main Business and Strengthening Meat Breeding

The key points of investment focus on the main meat industry and improve the upstream breeding layout.

(1) The company is a meat and meat professional platform of Guangming Group. In recent years, it has continuously focused on the main business layout of the pork and beef industry chain. In 2019, it is expected to produce about 1.2 million live pigs (approximately 670,000 equity), and the maximum downstream slaughter capacity is about 1.8 million.First, the annual 杭州夜网论坛 sales volume of chilled pork is about 21 tons.

(2) The sales scale of beef business is about 120 billion. At present, New Zealand silver fern is still in the brand promotion period. In the future, it will deepen the domestic high-end market and increase the brand premium.

(3) The company’s downsizing has gradually come to an end. In 2019, it will continue to clean up non-main business assets and rationalize its operating structure.

Marketing achieved results, and the profitability of old brands improved.

The canning business has actively expanded online, offline and overseas channels. In 2018, its revenue accelerated by nearly 10pct, and its gross profit margin increased by 3.

5 points; the effect of comprehensive food innovation and marketing is obvious, and the gross profit margin increases by 7.

0pct, Guanshengyuan net profit 1.

900 million, a year-on-year growth of about 20%.

The profitability of the canned food and integrated food segment has steadily improved, contributing to the company’s stable cash flow.

The pig cycle is reversed, breeding is expected to increase in volume, and the prospect of imported beef is promising.

The turning point in pig prices has passed. In the first half of the year, the number of pigs in the slaughtering system will decrease the historical record of the decline in the number of pigs that can be propagated.

The epidemic has forced the industry to slaughter on-site and develop cold chain transportation. The company’s slaughter layout is in the main sales area of the Yangtze River Delta and will benefit in the long run.

As for the domestic supply and demand gap for beef, the profitability of the company’s beef and mutton business will improve with brand promotion.

Investment suggestion: The company’s core business is meat, and it will continue to develop its upstream layout in the future. The breeding sector is expected to bring performance elasticity with the transformation of the pig cycle.

Many long-established brands of snack foods have significantly improved their profitability.

In addition, the company actively manages losses and transfers non-main business companies, which gradually reduces related performance drag.

We expect the company 2019-2021 EPS: 0.

46, 0.

68, 0.

75 yuan, based on the closing price on May 6, the corresponding PE is 22.

3, 15.

0, 13.

5 times, given a “prudent overweight” rating.

Risk reminders: Enterprise collaboration fails to meet expectations, food safety risks, fluctuations in pig prices, and epidemic risk.

Pan Micro Networks (603039) 2019 Interim Report Review: Steady Growth in Performance and Wide Prospects for Electronicization

Pan Micro Networks (603039) 2019 Interim Report Review: Steady Growth in Performance and Wide Prospects for Electronicization

The company is a domestic leader in the OA field. It is recommended to pay attention to the development of the company’s three major product lines, electronics, electronic office and team development, and the promotion of electronic signature business.

We maintain our 2019-21 net profit forecast. After the share capital increase, it will correspond to EPS 0.



64 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Performance has steadily increased, and R & D remains high.

The company achieved revenue in the first half of 20195.

05 ten percent, +25.

96%, achieved net profit attributable to mother 0.

49 trillion, +35 ten years ago.

70%, net profit after deduction is 0.

36 trillion, ten years +16.


Net cash flow from operating activities was 30.45 million yuan, -28 for the whole year.


The company further continued to optimize products and solutions and launch new products; strengthened the strengthening of brand promotion and the construction of marketing service system to ensure the rapid growth of revenue.

In terms of expenses, the company’s sales expenses in the first half of the year were +27.

11%, mainly from the increase in project implementation costs; R & D costs +22 every two years.

31%, the company still maintains high investment in technology research and development.

Create a complete product system to meet the needs of customers at different levels.

The company’s three major product lines are well-positioned to meet the differentiated needs of different customer groups through product functions, comprehensively covering and responding to different levels of collaborative management needs.

e-cology is developed with a component design method, which realizes both advance and equipment at the same time, can 成都桑拿网 cover the needs of large and medium-sized users, and is a core product company with a competitive advantage.

Based on the mature experience of e-cology products, the company continues to develop highly productive electronic offices, which can be used for small and medium-sized customer groups for large-scale product sales by using its fast-reproducible features.

The company combines mobile internet technology, cloud technology and social application technology to continuously develop a product team for the SaaS application model to meet the collaborative cloud office management needs of enterprise customers.

The product ecology of the main large and medium-sized enterprises is the main driving force for the company’s growth. As the main product of the cloud model, the medium-term development space is expected.

Fully integrate the upstream and downstream alliances in the industrial chain, expand the application scenarios of electronic signatures, and realize the entire process of electronicization.

The company launched an integrated service platform for electronic signing and physical seal management. With contract lock, Shanghai CA has carried out in-depth work on management structure and business integration, allowing the organization’s internal sales contracts, purchase contracts, quotations, bid documents, logistics documents, official documents, Orders, etc. are fully realized on the basis of legal efficiency.

The company cooperated with Shanghai CA, Contract Lock and thousands of enterprise managers, information managers, and seal managers to jointly understand and experience the entire electronic office scene through the “Electronic Signing-Enabling Business Electronicization” experience conference to promote electronicThe signatures are deeply applied to different business scenarios in various industries, which comprehensively accelerates the organization’s entire electronic office process.

In the long run, it will promote the growth of company performance.

Risk factors: The market promotion of OA products of large enterprises is less than expected, and the market promotion of cloud products is slow.

Investment advice: We maintain the company’s 2019-21 net profit forecast1.



480,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 0 after considering the capital increase.



64 yuan.

The company is a leader in the domestic OA field, and it is recommended to continue to pay attention to the development of the company’s three major product solutions, e-cology & e-weaver, e-office and eteams, as well as the electronic progress of the whole process represented by electronic signatures.Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Rongtai Health (603579): ODM and service are waiting for the launch of new products in the early stage

Rongtai Health (603579): ODM and service are waiting for the launch of new products in the early stage
Key points of the report: The annual report and the first quarter report exceeded expectations. The company recently released the 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report. The report states that the company achieved operating income of 2.3 billion in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.51.9 billion US dollars, respectively increased over the same period last year.70%, 15 over ten years.22%, net profit attributable to non-recurring gains and losses attributable to shareholders of listed companies2.600 million, 0.5.8 billion, an increase of 20 over the same period last year.18%, with a ten-year average of 12.72%. Annual report profit distribution plan, 3 yuan for every 10 shares.The results of the company’s annual report and first quarter report were lower than expected, mainly due to the slight impact of ODM business orders in the second half of the year and the rising cost of shared massage. Strategic adjustments in 2019, waiting for new products, and online force-sharing massage models have experienced ebbs in capital, decreased freshness, and increased venue costs in 2018, which have affected many factors such as income growth and decreased profitability.The company has actively reduced the launch progress of shared massage chairs. It is expected that the gradual trend of shared massage services will continue in 2019, and the profit margin will also continue. However, the online sales of shared massage brand “Momoda” massage chairs have begun to increase force.The focus of work is to resume the shared massage service and shift to the sales and operation of online massage chairs. On the ODM side, the orders with BODYFRIEDND have returned to normal 杭州夜网 levels after the adjustment in the third and fourth quarter of last year, and the future growth rate will maintain a relatively stable value-added rate of about 10%;The company is expected to launch three new products in 2019, and it is unprecedented in its efforts to fully upgrade the movement from the movement to the guide rails. We are optimistic about some future development trends of domestic sales of massage chairs and wait for the company’s domestic sales of three products in 2019. The profitability has been structurally reduced, and the cost control has achieved initial results. The company’s gross margin reduction in 2018 was 4.15pct, temporary reduction in expenses during the sale3.63pct, net profit margin is 0 per degree.92pct, the gross profit margin in the first quarter of 2019 continued to increase below 30%, the expense ratio during the sales period also dropped to a historical low of 20%, and the net profit margin increased by 0.31pct, we expect that due to the impact of export sales and shared services, the company’s gross profit margin in 2019 may still have relatively large fluctuations, but the effect of the company’s cost control has begun to bear fruit, and the net profit margin in the first quarter reached flat. Reduced profit forecast and investment recommendations Based on the company’s annual report and research exchanges, we have generally revised down the company’s ODM, experience services, and domestic market forecasts for 2019. Based on our latest expectations, we expect the company to be in 2019/2020/2021.Realize basic benefits 2.08/2.43/2.97 yuan, the company’s estimate is reasonable. Due to the uncertainty of the company’s new product sales, we downgraded the investment rating to “overweight”. Risks prompt further expansion of ODM orders, shared massage services shrink more than expected, new product sales fall short of expectations

Fat man’s wet phlegm can cause infertility

Fat man’s wet phlegm can cause infertility

The ancient Chinese book “Differentiation of Records” once recorded: “Where a man has six diseases that cannot bear children, what are the six diseases?

One cold, two Qi stagnation, three sputum and more, four-phase fire Sheng, five fine sparse, six Qi Yu. ”

  In Chinese medicine, there is a lot of sputum, and double refers to a lot of sputum, including phlegm.

People with a lot of sputum mainly have a heavy diet and heavy taste; abuse of nutrients; imbalances in daily living and working habits may impair digestion and absorption, cause excess energy to not be metabolized, and stay in depression, forming the sputum evil in Chinese medicine, some kind ofBody constitution is also called phlegm constitution.

  In Chinese medicine, “fat and phlegm” refers to people who are relatively obese and generally belong to phlegm.

They all have a lot of sputum, and may also have a big belly, loose stools, bloating, chest tightness, greasy mouth, dry mouth, easy to get tired and hot.

  Obese men commit crimes by accident, so they often have a higher temperature than normal people.

Excessive temperature in the scrotum will directly affect the spermatogenic capacity of lactic acid pills, resulting in a decrease in the quantity or quality of sperm production.

Obesity can also cause diabetes or recessive diabetes, and the disease can also damage sperm, which can affect male growth.

  In addition, obesity can lead to decreased libido and increased likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “strange diseases are sputum-prone,” so many long-term cures are not cured. Complex sexual and reproductive problems may be caused by long stasis in the body, poor ventilation, and sputum caused by fluid retention.In particular, you should strengthen exercise and pay attention to diet.

Five medicines estimated spectrum improves skin roughness

Five medicines estimated spectrum improves skin roughness

Are you sad for the passing of time?

Are you worried about rough and wrinkled skin?

Let me help you out!

  Pale complexion-The reason for the pale complexion of honey and peanut jujube is lack of blood.

Honey jujube and peanut jujube are prepared as follows: 100 grams of red dates and 100 grams of peanut kernels. After soaking in warm water, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, cook on low heat until it is soft, add 200 grams of honey until the juice is thick and cease cooking.About 30 minutes, the honey is ready for the peanut kernels and the red dates are cooked into the pot.

Red dates invigorate qi, peanut clothing invigorate blood, peanut meat moisturize, honey invigorate qi.

  Face wrinkle type-The cause of wrinkled face in dried fruit yam is the deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

The method of making dried fruit yam puree is: 500 grams of fresh yam or potato cooked, peeled, pressed, and squeezed into a dough shape, topped with peach kernel, red date, hawthorn, green plum and other fruit materials, cooked in a steamer for about 10Minutes, then pour honey.

Chinese yam nourish the spleen and kidney, peach kernel nourish the lung, nourish the kidney, moisturize and dry the brain, red dates nourish qi and nourish blood, comprehensively enhance the skin wrinkles, smooth and moist.

  Dark Face-Chestnut stewed cabbage is dark due to insufficient kidney qi and poor yin.

The method for stewing cabbage with chestnuts is: 200 grams of raw chestnuts, shelled, cut in half, simmered with duck soup until cooked, add 200 grams of cabbage strips, salt, monosodium glutamate only, thicken the cabbage when cooked.

Duck nourishing yin and invigorating deficiency, chestnut spleen and kidney, cabbage tonifying yin and moisturizing, comprehensively make the complexion fair and bright.

  Rough-faced-The reason why the burnt sea cucumber has a rough face is due to insufficient blood, which is seen in the dry-type constitution.

The preparation method of bamboo shoot sea cucumber is: 200g sliced sea cucumber, cut into strips with fresh bamboo shoots or 100g slices of bamboo shoots, cooked together with lean meat, added salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, wine, thickened and eaten.
Sea cucumber nourishes yin and nourishes, bamboo shoots clear the internal heat, and the comprehensive effect makes the skin delicate and smooth.

  Facial Puffiness Type-The cause of puffiness caused by fried rice in rapeseed is the deficiency of yang, insufficient kidney yang, and wetness on the head and face.

The preparation method of fried rice rapeseed is: 200 grams of rapeseed, washed and cut into long sections, and fried with oil.

Then add 50 grams of warm sea water that has been soaked in warm water, add an appropriate amount of chicken broth and stir-fry, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and thicken to serve.

Rape diuretic and dehumidification, sea rice tonifying the kidney and yang, chicken soup tonic and qi, comprehensively make facial puffiness fade.

Parents respect my disobedience

Parents respect my “disobedience”

“Be obedient” covers many expectations of parents for babies.
However, when the child is two or three years old, one of the most obvious changes is that he is “skinned”, “stunned”, and has his own small idea.
Therefore, “disobedience” has become a lingering “pain” in the hearts of parents.
However, have you ever thought about it, why is your baby “disobedient”?
Is there some “hidden feeling” behind it?
  Try what’s inside the socket. Playback of the camera. The 2-year-old Tao Tao looked at the electric socket with interest and suddenly looked at him. Suddenly, he stuck his little finger in.
His hand was hit, and he flinched back, crying in pain.
The mother heard the sound running from the kitchen and slaps his little butt in annoyance: Didn’t I tell you that it is dangerous and that children can’t touch it?
Why can’t you remember?
  孩子的心里话  这个东西真有意思,妈妈把电饭锅的插头插进去,不一会儿,好吃的饭就做好了;还有我床头的台灯,插上它才能亮……我想看See what’s in these “holes”!
However, my mother would not let me touch it, she always said it was dangerous, but my parents could touch it, so could I!
  Interpretation baby Tao Taotao is doing this out of curiosity.
Children around the age of two do not yet know the consequences of their actions, nor do they understand what “disobedience” is.
As far as the baby’s cognitive level is concerned, they can only understand the surface meaning of the language ignorantly, and they do not understand the full meaning of the words of their
  Your approach: Dangerous activities such as touching the electric door and playing with fire must be stopped, but it is best to let your child see what is happening.
For example, find some related storybooks and TV shows for your child and tell him: If you get an electric shock, you will be seriously injured and very hurt; you will still be in danger of life, and you will never see your parents again.
It is easy to leave a deep impression on children and consciously accept instructions from parents.
  You said you ‘re doing my lens playback “There are so many dishes in the bowl, why do n’t babies eat by themselves?
Mother said, a spoonful of “shrimp, carrot, peas and diced” had been sent into pure mouth.
Chunchun beat the plates and bowls with her small spoon with interest, and did not chew the vegetables in her mouth for a long time.
Mother took her spoon and said seriously, “Dine well!
”纯纯却又抓起筷子继续敲,对妈妈送到嘴边的菜,就是不张口……  孩子的心里话  每次吃饭,妈妈都让我多吃菜,可我不喜欢吃、不喜欢嚼I don’t want to sit and eat honestly, just play and eat.
Listen, how good the sound I knock out with a small spoon, I just want to eat and play!
  The baby ‘s self-awareness is gradually strengthened, and the two-year-olds are beginning to have their own ideas and try to do it. They ask “no” to their parents ‘requirements and arrangements, or they simply do it.
This shows that the child has entered the “first resistance period”.
  Your approach: An effective way to avoid your child saying “No” is to give your parents some choices and let the child make their own decisions.
For example, for Junchun, the mother can ask: “Are you willing to eat first, and then the mother knocks with you, or is you willing to eat grindly and take a nap immediately after eating?
“Because of the mother’s” big playmate “, most children will choose the former.
  不想当乖宝宝  镜头回放  星期天,琳琳妈的同学带着女儿珍珍来做客,两个孩子玩儿得可高兴了:她们给芭比娃娃穿衣服,换了一套又一套;过了一会儿,Linlin pulled out a small block of cars and said, “Let’s build the blocks.
“Zhenzhen put her dolls and clothes into a toy box.
Linlin’s mother couldn’t help but boast a few words: “Zhenzhen is so good, she can pack her own toys!
Linlin, look at you. It’s like a girl who puts a bunch here and a stall there.
“Linlin was upset when she said this. She immediately pushed the toy box down and sprinkled it all over the place . The child’s heart With the children, my mother loved to say that I was inferior to others.
Why are they always better than me?
Mom likes them so much, just treat them as moms, why do you want me?
The more I want to get angry, the more chaotic I can make my home, the better, anyway!
  Interpreting Babe With the development of baby’s self-awareness, self-esteem is getting stronger and stronger, and they do not like parents to compare themselves with others.After having a bad temper, a quick temper, and being more unwilling to live with a more thoughtful child, once they were “uncovered” by the public, they felt that their face was unsustainable and their emotional performance was fierce.But soon afterwards you will forget.

Linlin belongs to this category of children.

  Your approach compares heart to heart, understands and respects children.

Parents can encourage their children to do things with their children, rather than bluntly criticize them. Somehow, the mother said to Lin Lin, “Baby, help your sister to collect the baby. Mom knows that you are most willing to be a little helper, right?

“Ming Jing said so, I believe Lin Lin will do it obediently.

Of course, in the absence of outsiders, mothers can also urge the children to do what they can with a negotiated tone.

Because of respect, children are mostly able to cooperate.

Summer heat and dampness medicine-Liuyisan

Summer heat and dampness medicine-Liuyisan

“Liuyi San” is the easiest variety among a variety of proprietary Chinese medicines.

One is its simple prescription, which is composed of six talc and one licorice; the other is that the preparation method is also simple, just mix the two flavor medicine powders.

  According to legend, Liuyi San was created by Liu Wansu (alias Liu Hejian), one of the four members of the Jin and Yuan dynasties.

In the mid-summer of 1147 AD (the first year of the Golden Emperor’s reign), Jin Xizong Jin Shangshu’s right-hand prime minister, Han Qi, was the king of the emperor first, giving a feast for three days.

Who knows, within three days, we got a strange disease: fever, thirst, irritability, poor urination, and diarrhea.

The family sought medical treatment everywhere, and Xi Zong also sent a doctor to the hospital for treatment. However, with almost a hundred doses of medicine going down, the illness continued to increase, and he sought medical treatment at the city gate.

  At the time, Liu Wansu, 20, was buying medicines in Beijing.

One is a newcomer, I do n’t know the depth; the second thinks that the disease is quite certain; the three heard the Han Botong scriptures and can establish a new emperor ‘s law by emulating the Song law.Entering the king’s palace is the first treatment for Korean companies.

  After examining the color by pulse, he asked, “Is there heat, upset, thirst, dizziness, low gas, hyperhidrosis?

Han closed his eyes and nodded slightly.

  ”When there is nausea and diarrhea, my chest is dull, and I am tired.


Han Qi opened his eyes and looked at Liu Wansu’s appearance.

  ”This is also a cure for summer dampness.


The Taiyi couldn’t help but say, “Why don’t we know the reason for the dampness?”

“Liu Wansu said:” You treat summer heat and dampness, diarrhea and nourish yin, especially if you urinate unfavorably, and diarrhea, you must not dare to use cold medicine, so the treatment is invalid.

Han Qi first stood up, opened his eyes and asked, “Where are you?

“Liu Wansu thinks about a prescription with a stroke pen: talc, licorice, research together.

Aside, Mrs. Han asked: “Where is this?

Liu pointed at Fang Zhong’s “talc six or two, licorice one or two” and blurted out: “Six one scattered.

He explained: “Talc can relieve muscle heat, slippery water and dampness, and govern the top and bottom of the surface.

Add licorice and fire, and you can clear the heat and dampness.

“How to serve the law?”

“” Every three dollars spent, and Bai Mi have some, cold water or Dengxin Tang service, three days to see results.

Han Qi, seeing that he was right, took three sticks according to Fang’s prescription, and it turned out that his urination and diarrhea stopped.

Han Qin first approached Liu Wansu and asked him to give up his doctor for politics, but Liu only asked for a few medical books.

After that, he still studied hard and finally became a generation of famous doctors.

  Li Shizhen, a great medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, also praised Liuyi for the first time.

Therefore, Liuyi San is known as “the mortal elixir”.

  The use of Liuyisan is generally 9 grams (three dollars) per serving, and the best effect is to use cold water to adjust the serving.

The key to deciding to use Liuyi San should be the symptoms of redness, shortness and shortness of urine. If the urine is clear and long (colorless and easy to discharge), it should not be used.

  In addition, the addition and subtraction of Liuyi San is also very flexible; if you are upset and older, you can add cinnabar to replace the serving, called “Yi Yuan San”; if you have both red sore throat and sore tongue, you can addQingdai has something called “Biyu San”; if it has mild external sensations (fever, headache, etc.), it can be seasoned with fresh mint decoction or pounding sauce, called “Ji Su San”.

These prescriptions are good recipes for treating summer diseases in summer.

There is another way for folks to use Liuyi powder to apply to children after bath, which can prevent poisonous poison and eczema.

It can be said to be cheap and effective.

Unraveling the Mystery of Renzhuzhuhuang

Unraveling the Mystery of “Renzhuzhuhuang”

We must all have heard of a noun, what exactly does this idiom mean?
How does Chinese medicine view this phenomenon?
Today I will study with you.
  Modern Chinese Dictionary: One getting old as the pearl becoming yellow refers to the fact that people are aging without being valued, just like beads that have become yellow over time.
Especially metaphor for women.
It also refers to people who are old and not useful.
  Source: Ming?
Lan Ling Xiaoxiaosheng’s “Jin Ping Mei Ci Hua” second round: “The lady is young and has a lot of days to turn around. It’s not like the old man is worthless.
  Why the eyes are the windows of the soul? This is the original meaning of “ren Lao Zhu Huang” in the modern Chinese dictionary.
In fact, from the perspective of health care, when people are old, they must be pearl yellow.
The “bead” here does not mean the pearl in the original meaning, but the eyeball.
  Why do my eyes turn yellow when I get old?
We all know that the eyes are the windows of the soul.
From a person’s eyes, it can be seen that the overall condition of the person’s internal organs has changed.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, a person’s pupil represents the kidney; a circle of black eyeballs on the outside represents the liver; white eyeballs on behalf of the lung; inner and outer eye sockets represent the heart; eyelids represent the spleen.
OK, with one eye, you can see all the internal organs of the human body. Do you say that the eyes are the windows of the soul?
  Modern medicine holds that there is a thin layer of transparent film on the surface of the human eyeball, called the conjunctiva.
After being contaminated by ultraviolet rays and dust for a long time, an adverse reaction of pigmentation occurs.
Pigments accumulate in the conjunctival layer into massive yellow spots. From the surface, white eyeballs appear slightly convex and dark yellow substances, and black eyeballs become more turbid.
Human beings are accumulatively accumulative by the external environment, and the elderly are more likely to have conjunctival pigmentation. Therefore, there is also a saying of “human old pearl yellow”.
  A human eyeball is like a camera.
The retina in the eyeball is like a negative film of a camera, and the cornea and lens of the eyeball have the same focusing function as the lens of the camera.
A normal crystalline lens has a diameter of about one centimeter, like a small peanut meter, except that it is flat and transparent.
Once the age increases, the transparency of the crystalline lens decreases, it gradually becomes cloudy and appears milky white, and more severely, it becomes yellow due to the aging of the nucleus in the middle of the crystalline lens, which is also known as “human old pearl yellow”.
  When it comes to eyes, let’s take a closer look at the people around you, first look at the children.
You will find that children’s eyes are mostly clear and transparent. Why?
Because children are mostly born with enough kidney energy and there is not so much garbage in their bodies, they will look so cute, so innocent, and even make you want to go up and kiss twice.
  Let’s take a look at the old people next to me. Why are they old?
In fact, when people are old, there will be more garbage in their bodies. Just like the old house we live in, there will be more garbage than in the new house.
Although these rubbish are stored in the blood, in the end, without exception, they must be reflected in the eyes, because the capillaries of the eyes are the most abundant, and the skin around the eyes is the thinnest. Therefore, the trash in the blood can pass through the eyes to the outside.Communicating, it can best represent the health change at the end of the human body.
Therefore, when people are old, those pearly yellow things are garbage in the blood.
  Many women like to make up and do some cosmetic surgery, but that only improves the appearance of the skin or face. It cannot improve the eyes themselves, which is the eyeballs.
Therefore, no matter how you make up, I can see your energy from your eyes.
  Speaking of Jingqi, let me say a few more words here.
Everyone loves to say that this person is very spiritual.
How do you understand this?
Spirit must be seen in his eyes.
If his eyes shine, then this person must be very spiritual.  Many young people now use computers for a long time and do not sleep at night. If he talks to you, you will feel that his eyes are very blurred, that is, he is not god.

Why is there no God?

  God is just something that we feel externally. The material basis of its existence is essence. This essence is derived from our innate kidney qi and acquired spleen and stomach qi.

Spiritual spirit, God can manifest itself only when he is good enough.

If this person has congenital kidney qi deficiency, and later has poor spleen and stomach function, and stays up late, you will see that his eyes must be eyeless but not godly.

And those qigong masters, those who exercise regularly, have good blood circulation, adequate nutrition, and adequate sleep, then their eyes must be godlike.

  From the picture above, we can also see that the eyes are mainly reflected on the black eyes.

If your liver and kidney function is good, the black eyes will be very dark; if you go to bed early and get up late, stay up late, exercise more, and eat more plant-based diets, your white eyeballs will be very clean, without so much bloodshot.

Black and white is clear, do you say your eyes can look at no god?

  Let’s talk about eyelids.

Many people who are a little older have bags under their eyes.

In fact, in Chinese medicine, the upper and lower eyelids all represent the spleen, the main muscle of the spleen, the spleen is deficient, and the movement is not good, the meat is polymer-elastic, and the eyelids naturally pull.

Of course, there are some people who have bags under their eyes, which is another matter.

  To sum up: Because human eyes represent the functioning of the human internal organs, as people grow older, the amount of garbage in the blood increases, and our ability to transport is degraded, and the garbage cannot be metabolized in time.It will turn yellow, and the yellow here is garbage in the blood.

When a person is old, it is difficult for a person to look energetic.

If we want people to grow old, we must start from a young age and learn how to keep in good health.

TCM physical examination

TCM physical examination

Many Cantonese people like to say that they are “cold” or “hot”. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine distinguishes physical constitutions, including cold, hot, deficient, and solid, and is specifically divided into peaceful constitution, Qi deficiency constitution, Yang deficiency constitution, Yin deficiency constitution, and sputumWet constitution, hot and humid constitution, stasis constitution, Qi depression constitution, special constitution, etc.

Professor Qin Jian, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, reminded the public that if they can’t distinguish, they can invite experienced TCM doctors to give themselves a “fashionable” TCM medical examination.

  Different from the Western medical examination, the traditional Chinese medical examination does not explain the problem through quantified standards, but according to the traditional Chinese medical diagnostic theory, by observing, smelling, asking, cutting, and observing the examinee’s appearance, color, and form, plusExamination of tongues such as tongue quality, tongue coating, etc. and check the pulse, and ask the general situation of the subject to make a comprehensive judgment on the physical condition of the subject.

Then according to the results of physical typing, the subjects’ daily, diet, mood, and daily living should be properly instructed.

“Traditional Chinese medical examination is particularly suitable for people with sub-health status,” said Professor Qin Jian. “If you always feel uncomfortable here or there, but you have no abnormalities after undergoing the examination of Western medicine, or there are abnormalities but the repeated treatment is not effective.Such patients can actually seek help from traditional Chinese medicine.

“It’s important to note that people’s physical types change their environment and their habits.

For example, Cantonese people love to drink herbal tea, and often stay in air-conditioned rooms. They take antibiotics no matter what illness they have. Many people have already changed into Yang deficiency constitution; long-term exhaustion will also change the peaceful constitution into Qi deficiency constitution.

Therefore, like the western medical examination, the traditional Chinese medical examination does not end in a single inspection. Regular inspections are needed. The armor is well-targeted in health care and symptomatic supplements.

  Expert Tips: Professor Qin Jian pointed out that in general, people with a moderate constitution should use tonic ingredients such as fish gelatin, Huaishan, Yuzhu, and Huangjing in autumn.

People with yin deficiency (including blood deficiency) are prone to develop various thermal diseases in summer. Therefore, pay attention to nourishing yin in autumn and winter. At this time, proper tonic yin is nourished, it is easy to absorb and use, and the effect is better. This is often said”Summer disease in winter”.

  Citizens can learn a few types of common constitutions: self-discrimination: peace and well-being, ruddy complexion, full production, good appetite, normal bowel movements, strong adaptability, and less illness.

  Phlegm wetness: Obese body, or once thin and now fat, pale yellow and dull, increased blood lipids, sticky sputum, chest tightness, heavy limbs, thick tongue coating.

  Qi deficiency: shortness of breath, low voice, tired speech, dizziness, heartbeat, sweating, loss of appetite, pale tongue, thin white fur, etc.

  Blood deficiency: pale or pale, pale lips, palpitations and sleeplessness, night sweats, night sweats, skin dryness, women’s menstrual scarring or amenorrhea, tongue redness and no moss.

  Yin deficiency: inflammation of virtual fire, flushing of the crotch surface, hot flashes in the afternoon, hot hands and feet, dry mouth and throat, night sweats, dreaming of spermatorrhea, little and red urine, constipation, and no tongue coating.

  Yang deficiency: cold chills, cold legs, dizziness, sweating, cold hands, feet, sore waist, cough, asthma, swelling at dawn, diarrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation, long urine, and white tongue coating.

Best for cupping

Best for some people who cupping

Tired at work, we will think of cupping; blowing air-conditioning to shoulder pain and back pain, we will think of cupping; trying a variety of methods to lose weight can not work, we will think of cupping . Cupping is an ancient, long historyTraditional Chinese medicine law is still widely used in the prevention and care of human diseases in modern times.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the disease is caused by the prevalence of yin and yang in the body caused by pathogenic factors;

The vacuum negative pressure generated by cupping has an alternative suction force. Its suction force acts on the meridian points, which can lower the pores and suck and replace the skin congestion, so that the meridian qi and blood can be dredged and the viscera function can be adjusted.The purpose of cardiovascular disease.

  Cupping is most suitable for people with these diseases: colds, chronic bronchitis, bronchospasm, diaphragmatic spasm, neurovomiting, chronic gastritis, neurasthenia, sexual neurasthenia, migraine, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, impotence, cervical spondylosis,Frozen shoulder, acute waist injury, sciatica, occiput, tennis elbow, gynecological disease, menopausal syndrome, acute tonsillitis, toothache, neurodermatitis, child indigestion, diarrhea in children, enuresis, etc.

  Some people are not suitable for cupping. They are contraindicated in cupping. People with high blood pressure, blood diseases, skin diseases, skin damage, mental illness or neuroticism, tuberculosis and various infectious diseases, various fractures, extreme weakness, pregnant women, women’s menstrual periods,Too full, too thirsty, too thirsty, drunk, etc. should be supplemented or used with caution.

People who are too thin should not use hot pots.

  Although cupping can cure many diseases, it is best to consult your doctor first to see if your condition is suitable for cupping at home.

In the outpatient department of the hospital, there are not a few patients who have been burned because of improper cupping by themselves, and even people mistakenly think of burns as “pulling out moisture”.

The occurrence of blisters cannot be considered normal and should be treated immediately at the hospital.