[How to make braised lion heads]_ Common practice of braised lion heads _ How to make braised lion heads _ How to make braised lion heads

[How to make braised lion heads]_ Common practice of braised lion heads _ How to make braised lion heads _ How to make braised lion heads

It is now entering the early autumn season, so making some delicious dishes at this time, and supplementing the family with nutrition will have very good results.

Today I will introduce to you a gangster braised lion head suitable for autumn complement.


Prepare the materials: Peel and slice yam, immediately add in boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes, remove and drain, and chop the diced ginger; mince the ginger 2.

Add the minced meat, yam, ground ginger, egg white, some salt, cooking wine to the chef’s tank 3 in turn.

Whisk continuously for 5 minutes with k-shaped first 2 gears 4.

Add broth or water 5 to the feed port during the period.

Knead the whipping meat into large meatballs and squeeze tightly 6.

Put a large amount of cooking oil in the pan and heat it to a slight smoke, and then lower the meatballs 7.

Turn to medium and blow to golden surface (depending on the firepower for about 3-5 minutes at most) 8.

Leave a small amount of oil in the original pot, sauté the ginger on the lower part of the onion, carefully lower the meatballs, lower the star anise, lower the soy sauce, the old soy sauce, cooking wine, rock sugar, a small amount of broth (or water), and simmer for 20 minutes after boiling;In the middle, use a large spoon to pour the sauce on the surface of the meatballs several times to make the color even.

At the end of the fire, the juice is collected (the sauce needs to be kept a bit more), and it should be properly thickened; the meatballs should be cooked, and the vegetables should be cooked around the greens, and then poured into the sauce. Many parents are afraid that their children will not survive in the society.why?

Because they are afraid that children will not eat it by themselves?

This is a real problem, and you need to solve it yourself.

Today, you who know all the methods of this group of braised lion heads can really change yourself.

Go, walk into the kitchen, and completely subvert your own image in the hearts of parents.

[Mushroom minced meat tofu]_Mushroom minced meat tofu home-made practice_Mushroom minced meat tofu practice Daquan_Mushroom minced meat tofu how to do

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Youzu Network (002174) Quarterly Comment: Q3 Endogenous Significantly Improves the Next Dividend Proportion Increases the Underestimated Variety

Youzu Network (002174) Quarterly Comment: Q3 Endogenous Significantly Improves the Next Dividend Proportion Increases the Underestimated Variety

Event: The company released three quarterly reports on the evening of October 22: the company achieved revenue of 26 in the first three quarters of 19 years.

42 billion, an increase of 0.

73%; realized net profit attributable to mother 7.

0.5 billion (previous notice is 7?
800 million, falling close to the lower limit), the same increase of 3.

29%; Realize net profit deduction 6

1.7 billion, an increase of 10.


After the split, 19Q3 achieved revenue of 9.

1.2 billion, an increase of 9.

11%, the ring increased by 1.

70%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

9.8 billion, up 57.

11%, a ring increase of 27.

28%, net of non-attributed net profit3.

1.0 billion, an increase of 70.

08%, an increase of 107.


The main changes in performance are: 1) “Quanyou” went live on July 10th, although the current performance was slightly lower than the previous expectations, but it still led to the 19Q3 performance repair; 2) “Saint Seiya” was launched overseas, and overseas distribution revenue since SeptemberThere has been growth, and the ranking of overseas publishers has increased from the previous 20 to 16; 3) The scope of the consolidated financial statements of Youzu in 19Q3 has changed significantly, and Palm Amoy will no longer be consolidated, which will affect the income and profit of the third quarter;) 19Q3 investment net income was 189.

740,000, net income from changes in fair value was 4226.


Cost analysis: The increase in gross profit margin and net profit margin in 19Q3 was mainly due to the higher gross profit margin of Quanyou enjoyed direct breakdown.

19Q3 company gross profit margin 55.

49%, an increase of 5 per year.

64%; net interest rate 32.

68%, an increase of 10 per year.


Expense analysis: Expense rate exceeded and decreased month-on-year, four expenses in 19Q327.

20%, a decline of 5 per year.

78pcts, down 12 from the previous month.


After the convertible bonds were received, the quality of the balance sheet improved.

September 23, 2019 Youzu issued a face value summary11.

500 million, with a term of 6 years, initially converted to 17.

The 06 yuan convertible bond is mainly used for online game development and operation construction projects, online game operation platform upgrade construction projects and supplementary liquidity. The third quarterly report shows the company: 1) Monetary funds increased by 8.

56 ppm; 2) Repayment of short-term borrowings 2.

2.2 billion; 3) 佛山桑拿网 Increase in prepayments by 1.
US $ 6.9 billion is estimated to be due to the advertising of products ready to go online and new royalties (such as agency products).

The company actively grasps the trend of the cloud game industry.
In addition to the Cloud Game Industry Alliance (CGIA) discussing cutting-edge technologies, Securities Times reported on November 7 that Youzu Network and Huawei signed a cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will work together to develop cloud game cooperation and jointly develop the cloud game industry market.

Subsequent parties will jointly promote cloud gaming solutions and release cloud gaming products, including ARM Android cloud games and PC cloud games.

Investment point of view: The company’s three quarterly report is approaching the lower limit of the previous notice, but it has improved in the single quarter. Follow-up “Shanhai Mirror Flower” (expected to be launched at the end of November), “Three Kingdoms of the Youth 2” (waiting for version number), “Wild Wild Fighting” (endOr on-line early next year) and other head product performance can be expected.

Combined with the three quarterly reports, we lowered the company’s 19-year profit forecast. It is estimated that the net profit for 2019-2021 will be 1.1 / 14 / 1.7 billion yuan, corresponding to the estimated 12x / 9x / 8x. Then we will continue to observe the game launch and investment income.The annual profit is about 900 million, with an annual increase of over 20%.

In addition, director Zheng Jiayao reduced the dividend payout ratio from 10% to no less than 30%. Next year’s annual report dividend ratio is expected to increase, and the situation of capital of major shareholders continues to improve. The pledge rate is expected to continue to decline. The company is also reviewing and adjusting.

Once again, we are optimistic about the long-term development space of the game industry after 5G commercial implementation, and it is recommended to pay attention to underestimation and repair.

Risk Warning: The game version cannot be released in time due to the release of the version number in a timely manner. The performance of the online game is gradually expected, the number of page games is shrinking, overseas promotion is blocked, and industry supervision is tightened.

PetroChina (601857): Q3 results decrease compared with the breakdown of oil prices resulting in a decrease in profit in the exploration and production sector

PetroChina (601857): Q3 results decrease compared with the breakdown of oil prices resulting in a decrease in profit in the exploration and production sector

The event company released the third quarter of 2019 report. The company achieved revenue of 18,144 trillion in the first three quarters of 2019, with a long-term growth of 5.

08%; net profit attributable to mother was 372.

820,000 yuan, a year of 23 reduction.

38%; Net profit after deduction is 406.

58 trillion, a decrease of 30 a year.


A brief comment on the company’s net profit attributable to mother 372 in the first three quarters of 2019.

820,000 yuan, a year of 23 reduction.

38%; of which Q3 achieved net profit attributable to mother in the single quarter of 88.

62 trillion, a decrease of 58 a year.

24%, a significant decrease of 51 from the previous month.

twenty two%.

The average prices of Brent crude oil futures in Q1, Q2 and Q3 in 2019 were 63.

$ 95, 68.

$ 52, 62.

At USD 04, the price of Q3 crude oil fell further compared to Q2.

Intensified exploration and production promotion, oil and gas production increased significantly.

Continue to expand the absorption capacity of the upstream exploration and production plate, and have achieved significant results in the exploration of unconventional oil and gas fields. Major exploration has been made in the Chang 7 oil reservoir in the Ordos Basin, and significant progress has been made in shale gas exploration in the Sichuan Basin.

The company produced 682 crude oil in the first three quarters of 2019.

7 million barrels, previously +2.

9%, of which Q3 produced 230 in a single quarter.

8 million barrels, +1 chain.

01%; production of marketable natural gas 2892.

8 billion cubic feet, ten years +8.

7%, of which Q3 produced 928 in a single season.

5 billion cubic feet, -3.

72%; achieved oil and gas equivalent production of 1165.

0 million barrels, up from +7.

0%, of which the Q3 single quarter oil and gas equivalent output was 385.

6 million barrels, -0 chain.


Reported total, the company’s oil and gas unit operating costs11.

28 US dollars / barrel, a decrease of 1 over the same period last year.

7%; realized operating profit of 769.

35 trillion, +32 a year.

9%, the third quarter achieved quarterly operating profit of 233.

07 million yuan, at least -40.

7%; it is the main part of the company’s profit. In the refining and chemical sector, the industry is fiercely competitive, the price of chemical products has dropped, and the gross margin has narrowed.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company processed a total of 905 crude oil.

9 million barrels, previously +4.

3%, of which Q3 processed 308 in a single quarter.

5 million barrels, +0 from the previous month.

88%; production of gasoline, diesel and kerosene 8658.

3 Initially, at least +6.

2%, of which Q3 single quarter output was 2986.

7 brackets, +2 from the ring.


In the first three quarters, the company’s ethylene, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber raw materials and polymers, synthetic rubber, and urea production increased by 7%, +5.

5%, -4.

7%, + 6.

2%, +14.

6%; Q3 single quarter output was -8.

15%, -8.

16%, +2.

32%, -9.

82%, +0.

twenty two%.

The report initially realized operating profit 71.

33 trillion a year -81.


Sales sector, competitive incentives and lower prices.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company achieved 13,868 sales of gasoline, diesel and kerosene.

0,, + 0.


On the whole, the reported 西安耍耍网 industry is fiercely competitive, the prices of refined oil products have fallen, and the profitability of the segment has declined. The report led to operating profit in the sales segment4.

22 ppm, ten years -93.


In the natural gas and pipeline sector, natural gas sales increased and LNG imports reduced losses.

The natural gas and pipeline segment achieved operating profit of 125.

82 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.


Among them, the sales of imported natural gas and liquefied natural gas were the most. With the increase in sales volume, the net increase was RMB 32.

8.9 billion, a loss of 25 over the same period last year.

3.5 billion.

Investment suggestion We expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to mothers of 599, 663 trillion in 2019 and EPS 0 in 2020.

33, 0.

36 yuan, corresponding to PE 19, 17X, PB is only 0.9 times, give “Buy” rating.

Risks suggest fluctuations in crude oil prices.

Improper addition of complementary food will affect baby development

Improper addition of complementary food will affect baby development

As the saying goes, a baby with a strong mouth is also physically strong and has a head and foot.

The baby’s cleverness and health are directly linked to “eating”.

If the nutrition can’t keep up, he will soon give his mother some color to look at: physical strength can’t pay attention, not to sleep properly, not to mention, the normal development of the body will also produce extra branches.

As the baby grows up day by day, what he eats every day and how he eats really needs special care from his mother.

  According to authoritative survey data, infants in developing countries
The growth index of 4 months ago can reach the international standard, but after 4 months, it starts to lag behind the international standard. This is the fault of supplementary food.

  The “unreliable” breast milk blossomed prematurely. It was only 5 pounds and 2 pounds at birth. Fortunately, the mother’s milk was full and thick, and her face was swollen before the full moon, and her body and weight grew quickly.Every month, it is no less than a baby of the same age.

  However, the last time, it didn’t even grow one or two!

Investigation: According to anemia.

How could a mother who has always been meticulous make such a breakthrough?

  Expert diagnosis: Blossoming anemia is caused by iron deficiency in the body.

She developed faster than a child of the same age and needed more iron to synthesize hemoglobin; at this time, breast milk was not fully available.

Therefore, the baby’s hunger for iron can only be supplemented by something other than breast milk.

This can be avoided if the mother adds some iron supplementary foods such as egg yolk when she is 4 months old.

  When do you start to try to get your baby to eat something, what to eat, and how to eat it? It is something that every mother must solve. Adding it early or late will cause all kinds of discomfort to the baby ‘s weak body;Eat first, eat later, there are too many chapters.

  Supplementary foods have no absolute timetable for when to let your baby eat “fireworks on earth.” In fact, there is no uniform timetable, which needs to be determined based on your baby’s digestive function.

At present, experts generally agree that feeding the baby after 4 months, because the baby’s digestive system at this stage gradually matures, can accept liquid foods other than breast milk or formula milk, and is not prone to allergic reactions.

The beauty secrets of chief supermodel Jiang Peilin


The beauty secrets of chief supermodel Jiang Peilin

I think it’s best to recuperate both inside and outside. When I was sixteen or seventeen, my skin was not very good, and I had acne. Then I took Chinese medicine for conditioning.

Now I eat almost everything, including spicy ones. I think girls ‘body cleanliness is also important. I like to eat some less healthy snacks, so I insist on drinking a glass of honey water on an empty stomach every morning to help clear the body.Of harmful substances.

It’s also important to eat more fruit.

  When it comes to the modeling industry, you must mention the three words Jiang Peilin. This name not only represents the highest level in the domestic modeling industry, but also one of the world’s super elite models.

Regardless of her professional quality or her rich knowledge, she is well deserved to have the title of “China’s Chief Supermodel”. Her style is outstanding and unparalleled.

Let’s take a closer look at her beauty secrets!

  Skin condition: Normal skin, firm and clean skin, transparent texture, healthy skin matte color Jiang Peilin’s beauty experience I think it is best to recuperate inside and outside, my skin was not very good when I was sixteen or seventeen, Acne, then take Chinese medicine conditioning.
Now I eat almost everything, including spicy ones. I think girls ‘body cleanliness is also important. I like to eat some less healthy snacks, so I insist on drinking a glass of honey water on an empty stomach every morning to help clear the body.Of harmful substances.
It’s also important to eat more fruit.
  Maintenance-I admire that most girls who are professional will not put a lot of pressure on the skin, at least they do not have to face the frequent makeup and light that hurt the skin.

Like us, maintenance is a must, and we must maintain a best condition for everyone.

This is not only a job requirement, but also a minimum of professional ethics.

  Professional maintenance / I advocate professionalism, whether at work or for my skin, I will leave it to professionals to take care of it. I regularly go to the beauty salon to do skin care.

     I was very tired during this time. I have been traveling outside. I got off the plane today at less than eleven, and then rushed to the beauty salon. For several days, I did n’t get enough sleep., And then these days because of work and make-up continuously, the skin and mental state are not very good.

     I did skin care for three hours in the beauty salon. During these three hours, one, the skin was repaired, two, the sleep time was supplemented, and three, the mood was relaxed very well.

  Care for dry skin If you always feel like your skin is smaller and tight, then your skin is dry.

In the fall, dry skin ushers in the most sensitive days.

As with other skin quality indicators, dry skin needs more care.

     Oily skin special care Although the face is shiny in summer, but in the fall, oily skin will also be dry and peeling.

Because low temperature and low humidity will make oil secretion return to normal, but the oil content is not equal to enough water, the skin after sebum and water imbalance is still shiny, and there may be peeling.

Never over-clean your skin, because moisturizing is the most important during this season.

     Carefully care for allergic skin. Autumn is here. Dryness and seasonal changes are the enemy of allergic skin.

In addition, some women who are usually less prone to allergies also begin to develop sensitive symptoms.

Therefore, be very careful and take good care of your skin.

  Cleanliness I choose skin and body care mainly to cleanliness, because models are not like actors, such limbs will be exposed more, so body maintenance is also necessary.

     Seems greasy, but the skin is fresh and fresh after use, which makes more and more people give up traditional makeup remover, makeup remover and use oily makeup remover to remove makeup.

     Makeup remover is actually a kind of oil with emulsifier, which can be easily merged with the makeup oil stains of the shell, and then the water can be used to remove all the dirt during washing.

The fats and emulsifiers used in cleansing oils are the key to product quality.

Compared to the traditional way of removing makeup: it is much more convenient to wipe the residual oil with a facial cleanser after wiping with facial tissue.

  The foundation we use, the makeup itself contains oil, as well as powders, pigments and other ingredients, these will have a considerable degree of adhesion.

The “oil” has a good affinity for make-up. You can use hands to massage the face to completely dissolve the make-up and bring the dirt out of the skin surface.

Especially for thick and heavy makeup, such as using noodles with high concealing power and high oil content, foundation cream, oily eyeshadow blush, etc., or when using makeup with anti-water and anti-perspirant effects, it is even more necessary to use a large amount of oilIn order to completely dissolve and clear.

    The concept of “oil-soluble oil” is basically no problem. If you do not rely on “oil” to remove makeup, you must overcome “surfactants”, which have strong degreasing power, but are relatively irritating. Surfactants are more sensitive toIt is more unsafe for the skin.

     Reasons I choose to go to a beauty salon to care for the skin, first of all because the environment there is not felt at home, the meticulous service, the elegant environment, and the second is the taste that makes people feel relaxed once they go in, and they are all womenA more private place where I can completely relax myself.

     I think doing beauty is a very complicated thing. It makes it difficult and troublesome for me to do it myself, because you can’t buy them all with many professional equipment.

I first went to the beauty salon to listen to my friends saying it was good. I tried it once because of curiosity. I felt quite comfortable. It did not work as well as I did at home. It was only when I first thought about it.Being able to maintain a frequency, it has been done for three years now, and after two years, I started to keep nursing once a month, and it has become a habit until now.

  I usually do not wear makeup in daily care. Actually, you should put on some makeup today.

But no, because the skin should not be put on makeup just after the treatment.     Face three cleansing / skin with makeup, that remover is a must. My face and eye makeup remover is integrated, and I use eye makeup remover products, and I rarely change the brand. I use the same one for three years.I have estimated that dozens of bottles of brand eye makeup removers have been used so far. Although eye and face makeup removers should be done separately, I think the eyes are the most delicate in terms of skin structure.In some cases, facial products are certainly not as detailed as those of eye products.

     After removing makeup, I use cleansing products to clean. I care about cleaning, so after cleaning, I will clean it again with cleansing water, which is equivalent to cleaning three times, and then I use skin toner, eye cream, serum, day /Night frost.

  As long as I have time at home, I will make desserts that are good for the skin. Put the white fungus, pear, and rock sugar together and cook, or add hawthorn and papaya analogous fruits that are good for the skin. This is very likely for the skin.

     Every day my detox honey water is relatively fixed for breakfast. Before breakfast, I will drink a cup of warm honey water to detoxify the stomach and then eat breakfast. My breakfast is relatively simple, usually milk, soy milk and bread.

    Noon is basically a working meal, and then I eat a big meal at night. Usually, dinner is the most enjoyable for me. I eat almost everything. Besides, I am not afraid of getting fat. I do n’t eat anything. This is very happy.of.
    I have a bad habit of eating at night before going to bed, ice cream, chocolate, fruit, and very unhealthy puffed food.

I have a lot of cats and dogs, and I eat them, and we share them (laughs).

     Fruits that grow on the ground I like to eat more watery fruits. I read a book that said that fruits that grow in the air are nutritious. Fruits that grow on the ground are more nutritious but less nutritious, but I do n’t like to eat them.Apples, apples grow in the air (laughs), although they are rich in nutrients.

 I like to eat fruits that grow on the ground, certain kinds of melons and strawberries.

I will ingest fruit without interruption. I should eat more fruit. For example, there will be fruit every day at noon work meal, and I will eat it no matter how unpleasant.

     The Peach Fruit Sect-Pear is also mixed with quick fruit and jade milk, which is called “natural mineral water” because of its tenderness and juicyness.

It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, refreshing and moistening dryness, clearing heart and reducing fire.

It has quite good moisturizing effect on lung, bronchus and upper respiratory tract, can help digestion, promote appetite, and has a good antipyretic and diuretic effect.

Eating one or two pears a day can effectively relieve autumn dryness.

     Doctor’s first medicine-Apple Apple is also known as Ping Po. It has a sweet taste, has the effects of replenishing the temper, nourishing the stomach and yin, replenishing and quenching thirst, and nourishing the lungs and the heart.

More food can improve the function of the respiratory system and lungs.

When you are nervous during work, you can smell the scent of apples and refresh your mind.

Teach men how to read women’s psychological secrets

Teach men how to read women’s psychological secrets

“Women’s heart, a needle in the sea”, do you want to know what secrets are hidden in women’s hearts?

Want to know more about your girlfriend?

Let Xiaobian reveal it for you!

  Secret 1: The dress that the woman dated him was bought 4 hours ago. Women usually think that it is a mistake to wear old clothes when dating a new man.

In order to go to your date, she spent at least 500 yuan to make her seem to be aligned.

  Pay more attention to her outfit-reach out and caress the lace on her dress, fiddle with the bow on her underwear, and unzip her leather boots-all of which will make her feel value for money.
  Secret 2: The more unnatural a woman is when she receives praise, the more she desires to praise. If you tell a baby how beautiful she is, she may not even blink her eyes and wo n’t leave any impression on your praise.

But when you praise a woman, she blinks unnaturally, or looks away, or asks if you have smeared honey on her mouth, she is just an ordinary person.

In fact, if you say that she is “beautiful”, she is as precious as pure gold in her heart and will be remembered forever.

  Praise her often, and then you will see her slowly melting towards you.

  Secret 3: Maybe a woman likes cold men, but what she loves most are those who are empathetic and show similar aspects to men at the beginning of love, so you will soon know how much she likes to eatStrawberry ice cream, how many action movies she collects, and her unique snowboarding skills.

However, every strong and independent girl has a soft side. It won’t be long before you find that she actually likes watching Madagascar, and likes watching overnight Korean drama on Saturday night.

  Pay more attention to her sentimental side. When this mood heats up, your tenderness and thoughtfulness are as effective as Baiyoujie.

  Secret 4: Women’s feelings about men are all written on their faces. If she likes you very much, when you walk into the room, she will look at you and smile like a fool.

If she stands up and walks towards you, that means she is completely fascinated by you.

  If you don’t want to keep a distance from her, just smile at her as she walks into the room.

  Secret 5: It takes 20 minutes for a woman to write a simple e-mail to a man. Don’t think that she writes an e-mail to you in one go, change a few typos at most, and then send it directly to you without even looking at it.

In fact, she not only had to modify the editor, but also corrected it aloud to ensure that the letter looked concise, powerful, and natural.

  Every time you write to her, write more concisely and witty, so that her desire for you will continue to heat up.

  Secret 6: A woman does n’t show how successful she is when she talks about her job. If she says her title is not as great as it sounds, do n’t believe it.

Women are always easy to be humble when it comes to work. This is partly because they have never considered the success of their career to be their full value.

  When you introduce her like others, you should focus on her professional excellence and get her the praise she deserves.

Simple complications treatment for insomnia!

Simple complications treatment for insomnia!

We know that insomnia can be improved by expectations.

Many insomniacs cure insomnia by taking some simple insomnia treatments. So, what are the simple insomnia treatments?

Here are a few we recommend to you: 1. Fruit hypnosis: People who are too tired and insomnia can eat apples, bananas and other fruits before going to bed, which can prevent muscle fatigue. If you put fruits such as oranges on the pillow, theirScent can also promote sleep.

  2. Millet hypnosis: In addition to the rich nutritional content of millet, millet has the highest tryptophan content in cereals.

Chinese medicine believes that it has spleen strengthening, stomach and sleeping effects.

How to eat: Take an appropriate amount of millet, add boiled porridge, eat at dinner or before bedtime.

  3, Hypnotic Hypnosis: Hyaluronic acid is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and many vitamins.

How to eat: Take fresh loquat and simmer on low heat, add appropriate amount of honey after slicing, and eat at will.

  4, lotus seeds hypnosis: lotus seeds are delicious and delicious, with the effect of nourishing the heart and spleen, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.

At the back end, biologists have confirmed through experiments that the lotus seeds, aromatics and other ingredients contained in the lotus seeds have a sedative effect; people can fall asleep after eating.

  5. Jujube Hypnosis: Jujube is sweet, sugary, protein, vitamin C, organic acid, slime, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It has the effect of nourishing the spleen and calming the nerves.

Use jujube 30 every night?
60g, add water to cook, help to fall asleep.

  6, sugar water hypnosis: If it is difficult to fall asleep because of irritability, you can drink a glass of sugar water.

Because sugar water can be converted into a large amount of serotonin in the body, this substance enters the brain, causing the cerebral cortex to be inhibited and easy to fall asleep.

  7, lettuce hypnosis: There is a milky white slurry in lettuce, which has a calming effect and has no toxicity, which is most suitable for those with insomnia and insomnia.

When used, the lettuce with the skin sliced cooked and soup, especially before bedtime, has a better sleep effect.

  The above several simple anticipatory insomnia treatments are recommended. It is hoped that the majority of insomniacs can choose according to their own conditions, which has achieved the purpose of insomnia as soon as possible.

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The most healthy way to place electric fans

The most healthy way to place electric fans

The weather is gradually getting hot, everyone often blows at the electric fan, insert the electric fan close to the body, and keep blowing for a long time. In this way, the blood circulation of the human body will eventually be out of balance, the sweat will not be evenly discharged, and headaches may occur.Dizziness, general discomfort and other symptoms may cause stroke.

So how to use and place the electric fan correctly?


The wind speed at which the electric fan is turned on should not be too large, so that the human body has a process of adaptation.

The indoor wind speed is best controlled at 0.


5 m / s, especially in rooms with better ventilation and places where there is wind in the room, the fan speed should not be too high.


The electric fan should not be blown directly at people. The wind evil can easily invade the body, especially when the body is weak or sweaty, it is best to let the electric fan blow to a corner.

Children, the elderly, and the frail people should use electric fans less often, but they can be used to adjust the indoor airflow to reduce the temperature indirectly.

When sweating heavily, you can’t directly approach the electric fan to avoid sweating obstacles on the surface of the body, which will damage the circulation of the human body, which can easily cause stroke.


When sleeping, the wind volume should not be turned on too much. When people are sleeping, the human body’s circulation slows down, and this is the most vulnerable time.Symptoms, stroke can occur in severe cases.


Do not turn on the electric fan for a long time. If you turn on the electric fan for a long time, the body will cause discomfort.

The human body temperature will absorb a large amount of evaporation and reduce the sweat. Over time, it can easily cause colds, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. It should be turned on appropriately. The recommended opening time is about 1 hour.


It is also important to place it properly. The electric fan should not be too close to the human body. If the blood circulation and sweat circulation gap of the hair dryer is too large, the nerve center will lose balance. Once the time is too long, the human organs will feel tired and the whole body will feel unwell.

The best placement of the electric fan is about 2 meters away from the human body, so the wind is softer and more uniform.

  To improve the use efficiency of electric fans, select products of excellent quality.

Due to the low biology of the technical sector of the fan industry and the unevenness of products in the market, we must choose products from well-known brands to ensure quality.

  The fan is used with an air conditioner.

The fan can directly convert electric energy into kinetic energy, and the power consumption is very low. From the perspective of energy conservation, using a fan in summer is the best choice.

The fan is used with an air conditioner, and the temperature of the air conditioner is set at about 26, which saves electricity and money.

  Try using mid or slow gear.

Normally, open the fast gear first and use the slow gear after cooling down to reduce the power consumption of the electric fan.

  The electric fan should be placed near the door and window when in use, with proper air circulation to improve the cooling effect and reduce power consumption.

  Keep running normally.

  Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the fan.

Maintain its good performance and avoid wind blade deformation and vibration, which is conducive to energy saving and power saving to a certain extent.

  Use an air-conditioning fan to pay attention to dehumidification and cleaning. Before use, be sure to check whether water and ice are excessive. When adding water and ice, be sure to unplug the power plug.

The water in the water tank should be kept at a safe level, and it should be replaced regularly. Be sure to place the air conditioning fan horizontally and not tilt it when you start to use it.

  When filling the water-cooled device, pure water can be used.

Purified water has high purity and few bacteria, which can reduce the breeding of bacteria during the condensation process.

  After continuous operation of the air conditioning fan, due to the dual effects of dust and dirt, it will affect the air volume of the filter, the air curtain and the cooling effect.

Therefore, it is best to clean the filters and air curtains every two weeks.

  When using air-conditioning fans, the distance should not be too close, it should be kept at about 3 meters.

  The air-conditioning fan uses water for cooling, which usually increases the humidity in the room. If necessary, dehumidifiers or desiccants can be used to reduce the humidity in the room.
  When the air-conditioning fan is not used for a long time, the water in the water tank should be cleaned, and the air supply should be run at room temperature, so that the inside of the machine, especially the filter, is completely dry and then covered with plastic bags for reuse.

Drink more milk crystal osteoporosis

Drink more milk crystal osteoporosis

Dairy products are the most calcium-rich foods in common foods, and some green leafy vegetables and fish can also be calcium.

Milk is also rich in phosphorus, which contains about 125 mg of calcium per 100 milliliters of milk, with a ratio of calcium to phosphorus of 3: 1.

  Since calcium is required for proper use of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D, the phosphorus ratio ranges from 1?
Between 2: 1, infants are 1.

5: 1, 1: 1 after life to life, so the calcium and phosphorus ratio of milk is relatively moderate, and calcium, phosphorus and other substances are fully absorbed.

  Milk also contains protein, lactose and other substances.

Without dairy products in your diet, it is difficult to achieve the recommended daily amount of calcium.

If you drink 2 cups of milk (about 480 ml) per day, you will exceed the calcium requirement for adults, 3 cups for children, 4 cups for adolescence, and 3 cups for the elderly.

  In order to better absorb the calcium in milk, you should increase the amount of physical activity while drinking milk every day to ensure that you “sun exposure” every day, so that you will get better results.