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Women are more beautiful when they take a shower


Women are more beautiful when they take a shower

Daily timed spray is beneficial to health. Western medicine believes that the body’s body heat system is regular.

The morning to the evening is an instant storage time, but it is lost in the afternoon to evening.

Therefore, spraying at a fixed time every day is in accordance with the laws of physiological circulation.

銆€銆€However, Chinese medicine believes that different “qi” in the human body maintains the functioning of organs and regulates their functions. If the “qi” is not well circulated, it will affect the function of the human body.

External factors such as exercise, stress, and light can bring positive stimulation to the body, making the body’s “qimai” smooth and achieving the effect of health.

銆€銆€To vent the pulse, you have to have a precise hand shower with adjustable water mode, which is the key to shower health.

Use 5 minutes every day in the shower process, use the shower to adjust the different water flow to stimulate the body’s acupuncture points and internal organs, can pass the pulse, relieve the pain, and this method is simple and easy in people’s lives.

銆€銆€Experts believe that hot and cold shower massage can help promote blood circulation, but must be hot and then cold.

Hot water relaxes the blood vessels on the surface of the skin and relaxes the muscles, helping to relax. When the body is warm enough, take a cold bath.

This can tighten blood vessels and promote blood circulation, excites the spirit and the body.

銆€銆€Shower massage must be done after washing the body.

During the process, the water temperature will be raised a little higher, and the water flow intensity will be strengthened. A massage of the massage water will be used to massage the muscles and ligaments, and concentrate on the muscles or the sore ligaments.

After the whole body has been warmed up with hot water, you can try a cold water massage.

Cold water massage should be carried out step by step. Do not immediately align the whole body with cold water. Start with the face, feet or hands and then slowly lead to the side.

If it is difficult to accept cold water, you can only shower from foot to foot and from hand to elbow. Move up a little every day and slowly adapt.

銆€銆€Shower regimen: 鈼廚o shower massage can be treated during drought or just after meals. Those with cardiovascular or circulatory problems must consult a doctor or related specialist.

銆€銆€鈼?Shower or bathe before showering to warm your body.

銆€銆€鈼?Use a mild shower gel or baby shower gel when the skin is dry. After bathing, apply some body lotion or nutrient cream to those who feel uncomfortable.

銆€銆€鈼?Pay special attention to dry your toes after bathing.

銆€銆€鈼?After showering, use a cotton swab to carefully dry the ear canal to prevent ear canal inflammation, and do not use excessive force to avoid hurting the eardrum.

Little Snow, saving health, how to avoid depression in winter

“Little Snow”, saving health, how to avoid depression in winter

Xiaoxue, Wang Wensheng, said the time and extent of snowfall.
The folks once had: In October, the winter snow rose, and the fight was directed. The time was already cloudy, the cold was not deep and the snow was not big, so it was named Xiaoxue.
At this time, the north of the Yellow River has reached the north wind, and the snow flutters in Mengdong. At this time, there will be early snow in the northern part of China. Although the amount of snow is limited, it still reminds us that it is warm and warm.
銆€銆€Before and after the snowy season, the weather is often cold and dark, and people’s mood will be affected by it. Especially those who suffer from depression are more likely to aggravate the condition, so I want to focus on and suffer from depression in this solar terms.My friends talk about how to learn to nurse themselves in days when there is less light.
銆€銆€Using the view of Chinese medicine: “Angers hurt the liver, like sadness, think of hurting the spleen, sadness of the lungs, fear of hurting the kidneys.”
It shows that the human mental state reflects and embodies the mental and psychological activities of people, and the health of mental and psychological activities directly affects the occurrence and development of mental illness, and can also be said to be the key to the development of mental illness.
Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the relationship between mental activity and depression is very close. It is not unreasonable to attribute the cause of depression to seven emotions. Therefore, it is particularly important to adjust the health of a person to suffer from depression.
銆€銆€In addition, modern medical research has found that seasonal changes have a direct impact on patients with depression, because in the neurotransmitters associated with depression, the brain serotonin system is closely related to seasonal changes.
In spring and summer, the serotonin system has the strongest function, and the weakest autumn and winter seasons, when the sunshine time is reduced, causing the lack of serotonin in the brain of patients with depression, followed by a series of symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, pessimism, and disgusting.
銆€銆€Looking at the perspectives of Chinese and Western medicine, in order to avoid the unfavorable factors brought to depression friends in winter, I suggest that everyone become passive and take the initiative. You may wish to use the pleasure of the pipe to adjust the law. “The life of a mortal is also a joy, a worry is a loss of discipline.The anger is lost, the sorrows and anger, the Tao is nowhere.”
Adjust your mindset, stay optimistic, and enjoy anger, often participate in some outdoor activities to enhance physical fitness, more sun to keep the serotonin in the brain stable, listen to music and let the wonderful melody add life to your life.
Wu Shang, a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, said: “The disease of seven emotions, watching flowers relieved, listening to music, and better than taking drugs.”
“Other than this, the diet can not be ignored.

Don’t look at health care as high on


Don’t look at health care as “high on”

Health, the word comes out from the bottom of my heart, most people may have to go to the age of no doubt.

Young people feel that they are far away from themselves and feel that their health is mysterious. When they are tall, they will not think about it.

Occasionally, you will suffer from peers.

They think about houses, cars, tickets, chasing costumes, stars, dreams, girls, etc.

Every day, I work hard to make a career and go forward.

But forget the most important thing: health, just like forgetting the air, water, and sunshine, the basic element of life, the cornerstone of carrying life.

But when I lost one day, I wanted to get back and start to be healthy.

Do you want to be healthy?

During the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, Genghis Khan went to Qiu at the end of the road to grow the medicine. The Taoist said, “There is no longevity in the world, only the way of health.”

Going to life, you can do your best.

When the disease is ridden, we are eager for a panacea, and then we are crazy about it, and you will never return to the time when you are alive and well.

We don’t want to live for a hundred years, but we can’t struggle hard. There are old and small, and when we are under the top, it is really burning.

Is health care high?

Health is not to let go of the work to the temple to practice in the mountains, or to the health center to maintain.

Instead, in the daily life, in the usual time to practice.

Three meals a day, eat well in the morning, eat at noon, eat less at night.

Less greedy and cold, light diet.

Work on time and live regularly.

Find a sports or traditional health exercise that suits you, such as Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, etc., and stick to it.

When the pressure is high, meditation meditation, empty yourself, live in the moment.

Health is not mysterious, just live on a daily basis, conform to the heavens, do not work hard, and calm down.

Avenue to Jane.

Don’t look at the health care, said Inamori Kazuo, “Life is a practice.”

Health misunderstandings are not as good as no health


Health misunderstandings are not as good as no health

Now, health has jeopardized the body of people around the world. More and more people are starting to maintain health. But why do most people insist on maintaining health, but they can’t get good results?

On this day, the reporter consulted with Qin Changkun, deputy chief physician of the CCTV medical care outpatient medical team.

He believes that mainly some people’s health care methods are not correct, and explained some reasons for “nurturing” and “not healthy.”

銆€銆€Nap “doesing”, easy brain expansion According to media reports, a man was on a long wooden chair in the office during lunch break, taking a nap after waking up, feeling dizzy, dizzy, nausea, unstable walking, the doctor said he was lyingSleeping on a wooden bench is not good for oppressing the posterior artery, causing cerebral palsy.

There was also a lady who went to work on her lunch break and slept on the table. After waking up, her hands and feet were weak, the complications were stinging and she could not speak.

The doctor found that she suffered from cervical spondylosis, vertebral artery fracture, and sleeping on the table to make the cervical vertebrae compress the vertebral artery to aggravate, causing cerebral palsy.

銆€銆€”Sleeping a nap is a health care method that Chinese people are used to.

But now, children, adults, and even some older people, many of them are sitting in chairs, lying on the table or lying on hard boards to sleep, if not pay attention is easy to affect health.

“Qin Changkun said.

銆€銆€”What are the effects of these sleepy methods on the human body?

How to reduce these effects in terms of real conditions?

“Reporter asked.

銆€銆€Qin Changkun explained the following three types of sleeping positions.

銆€銆€One is lying and sleeping: lying down is the most beneficial sleeping position for the human body.

But when you take a nap, people often have no conditions to lie on the bed, sleep comfortably on the couch, but lay on the floor of the office, put up on the chair, and even sleep on the wooden bench in the public place, it is easy to get cold; especiallyDue to the lack of pillows, the head is not good enough to cause cervical spine injury, vertebral artery compression, cerebral palsy.

Therefore, when relaxing in these places, in addition to clothing, try to put some soft mats to prevent cold; especially to make the head a comfortable, soft object.

銆€銆€The second is to sleep: in primary and secondary school students and office workers, many people can only kneel on the desk and body to take a nap.

Because the head pillow is on the arm, the arm is blocked and the blood backflow is blocked, the arm will be numb and sore; the eyeball is also oppressed, causing the eye pressure to be too high, and temporary visual blur will occur after waking up;Cause cervical spondylosis, cerebral palsy, and even cause cerebral infarction, headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms; pressure on the head, will hinder breathing.

So, unless you can only lie on the table, don’t use your arm as a pillow, but put your head and face on a soft, thick mat; this sleeping position can’t be maintained, preferably at 15Within a minute; after waking up, you should raise your head and move it right.

銆€銆€The third is to sit and sleep: in the office workers and the elderly, there are many people sitting and taking a nap.

This sleeping position causes blood to accumulate in the lower limbs, and the blood supplied to the brain is reduced. When the person wakes up, he is prone to dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, and other symptoms of hypoxia in the brain, and even swelling of the foot; if the head and neck are flexed, over-rear, sideHey, may cause cervical spine injury, cerebral palsy.

Therefore, unless you can only sit and sleep, it is best to choose a high-back chair, rest your head on the back of the chair; after the tips, put some soft items on the pillow, instead of pulling the head on the back of the chair or putting the arms on the backBehind the head as a pillow; at the same time, try to raise the foot.

銆€銆€The excess meat has not been reduced, and the anti-injury spine Qin Changkun said: “The fitness training such as equipment and gymnastics has been highly anticipated by many people, but sometimes it is counterproductive and the body is hurt.

Therefore, when choosing a fitness exercise method, you should obtain expert guidance. If your physical condition is not good, you should consult your doctor.

He gave examples of the three types of fitness exercises that people often do.

銆€銆€For example, the device uses a seated leg contraction exercise that enhances the strength of the quadriceps.

This type of fitness training can easily strain the ligaments and tendon tissue of the leg during the process of increasing the weight of the intended part and stretching the leg muscles.

Because women’s ligaments are more fragile than men’s, when women do this kind of fitness training, the chance of ligaments being pulled is 2 males?
4 times.

銆€銆€Another example is that some women who wish to reduce their waist circumference, especially those who have lost the excess meat on the waist, often do sideways knee flexion.

But in fact, the resulting size of the waist (including a lot of excess meat) “no damage”, and will oppress the spine and its nerves, and may cause damage.

銆€銆€For another example, some people often do upright dumbbell exercises in order to reduce excess meat on the shoulders.

This not only did not achieve the goal, but caused pain in the shoulder and wrist injury.

銆€銆€Inaccurate understanding, the method is invalid Qin Changkun told us: “Some health care methods are good, but because some people realize that there are misunderstandings in understanding, they have not achieved health care effects, and even have adverse effects.
He subdued the following three misunderstandings of health care to reporters.

銆€銆€Misunderstanding one, “More sweating will detoxify.”

Some people think that a sweat can make the body “difficult” to discharge a poison, which is good for health, so they are keen on the sauna and lengthen the sauna time.

However, Chinese medicine believes that blood and sweat are homologous, excessive sweating will hurt the body fluid and damage the heart and blood, and will consume gas and hurt the sun.
The same is true. Some people feel dizzy and unwell after steaming in the sauna.
Therefore, do not spend more than 40 minutes in the sauna. If you feel unwell, you should come out of the sauna immediately.

銆€銆€Misunderstanding 2, “The old man is doing well in the morning.”

Most elderly people think that “getting up early and getting up early and getting good health”, so I like morning exercise.

In fact, the function of the elderly in the early morning is difficult to adapt to the heartbeat during exercise, the change of blood pressure, prone to accidents, not suitable for morning exercise; in the evening, the heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. of the elderly have reached a state suitable for exercise, soThey are more suitable for exercising in the evening.

銆€銆€Misunderstanding 3, “Sports can control cardiovascular disease.”

Some people with cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and angina pectoris, by taking medicine and exercise to lower blood pressure, angina is no longer happening, stop the drug, and think that it can “solve” the problem by exercise.

In fact, this is very dangerous, and the exercise at this time can also cause them to suddenly become ill or have an accident.

Therefore, they must take medicine and exercise and combine to control cardiovascular disease, unless the drug is also needed to be guided by a doctor.

銆€銆€Qin Changkun reminds everyone that health care should be scientific, don’t be stubborn, and don’t blindly listen to rumors.

Why is winter always prosperous?


Five kinds of foods help you “fire”

Why is winter always prosperous?
Five kinds of foods help you “fire”

The cause of liver fire is caused by external stimuli. Therefore, it is very important to adjust emotions and stabilize emotions. Anxiety will add fuel to the fire, and maintaining a good mood will help regulate the body’s anger.

Insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality can also cause liver fires to rise.

Frequent staying up late will disrupt the normal working schedule of the human body. The liver can’t rest and detox as scheduled, so I have to work overtime to remove the impurities and toxins accumulated in the body, which undoubtedly increases the burden on the liver itself.

Here, let’s take a look at how to eat liver fire.

What does the liver eat?

According to the “Chinese Medicine Dictionary”: sputum is sweet, slightly cold, non-toxic, warm and qi, clearing heat, appetizing, digestion and hangover effect.

Clinically, it can be used to relieve symptoms such as fever, polydipsia, hot cough, and sore throat.

After the fever, the restless heat is not upset, thirsty, mouth sores, dry urine and other liver fires are very suitable for eating.


We know that the olive’s flesh is rich in calcium, and eating fresh olives is especially good for the body.

Olives are sweet and sour, flat, can clear away heat and detoxify, eliminate phlegm and phlegm, nourish the lungs and throat.

Eating a few olives is effective for clearing the liver.


Lemon has a very big effect on protecting the liver, so you can drink some lemon tea when the liver is hot.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C. It is recognized by the beauty industry as an important ingredient in whitening skin care products, especially the whitening skin care products launched in summer. Lemon is an indispensable protagonist.

Drinking a cup of lemonade, in addition to excreting toxic substances in the body, also has a natural whitening effect, which helps to eliminate freckles on the face and the effect of reducing fire.


If you have a “food fire” symptom caused by eating foods with high protein content such as meat, you can use the hawthorn to cook and add the right amount of sugar.

Hawthorn is the best food for digesting friends. Like a scavenger, it can quickly turn the various foods absorbed into nutrients that are most easily absorbed by us and shield them from obstacles.

Not only is it effective for meat, it is no exception to pepper.


Apple is the king of fruit, can run lungs appetizers, and can often drink some apple juice in life.

Apple can prevent and eliminate fatigue. The potassium in apples can be combined with excess sodium in the body to replace it.

Therefore, when eating excessive salt, you can eat apples to help eliminate.

Tea for killing liver fire Wheat seedling tea material: a wheat seedling, talcum powder 2 – 3 money.

Practice: decoction, slag, on behalf of tea.

Indications: hot and thirsty, chest and abdomen swell, sweat more, urinary is not smooth.

Chaigao root tea material: Bupleurum 3 – 10 money, licorice 2 money, Bai Maogen 10 money.

Practice: take water after decoction, add brown sugar to dissolve, heat, and serve on behalf of the tea.

Indications: thirst, physical annoyance, cold, unhealed, yellow urine.

Qingshu tea materials: Yin Chen, Shannon 3 money, car money grass, half lotus, each three money.

Practice: After the decoction, take the juice, add the brown sugar to dissolve, and keep the heat on behalf of the tea.

Indications: Dry mouth, dizziness, short urine, and boredom.

Yin Chen dry ginger tea material: Yin Chen 3 鈹€ 5 money, dry ginger 1 money.

Practice: After decoction, go to the slag, add brown sugar to dissolve, heat insulation on behalf of tea.

Indications: Not too hot, not very thirsty, like to drink warm water, dark yellow skin, hands and feet not warm.To avoid the fire of the liver, it is also necessary to pay attention to maintain a calm mood.

Winter tonic should eat hot early, eat cool late

Winter tonic should eat “hot” early, eat “cool” late

According to Chinese medicine, with the increase of age, people’s qi and blood also show a process of gradual weakness and weakening. In addition, the winter cold evil dissipates the human body yang, so it is prone to cold, so the talent needs to be tonic.
In winter, it is a good time to supplement, but how to make up is also very particular, there are experts suggest: eat hot early, eat cold late.
銆€銆€The heat and cool here are not the temperature of the food. It is not hot to eat hot food in the morning and cold food in the evening.
Heat and cool refer to the nature of food, that is, cold foods and hot foods.
銆€銆€In winter, many people are afraid of cold, especially women are often cold hands and feet, which are mostly yang deficiency, need to properly fill the temperature and yang.
銆€銆€From the day of the day, people began to live in the yang from the middle of the night, and gradually became strong in the morning, and the human body activity was strong; from the afternoon, the human body yang gradually converges, and gradually occupies the body at night, and the human body function becomes weak.
Therefore, eating warm foods for breakfast and lunch is conducive to the rise of human yang, warm food can not only raise kidney and cold, but also nourish the five internal organs; proper consumption of cold food at dinner is conducive to the convergence of human yangHidden for sleep.
This is the theory of the theory of 鈥渆at early, eat cold late鈥?
銆€銆€Among them, hot foods that can be eaten in winter lunches include beef, lamb, muscle, leeks, garlic, ginger, carrots, etc., while cold foods that can be eaten at dinner include fish, pork, mushrooms, tofu, cabbage, and celery.Wait.

5 tickle madness best treatment


5 tickle madness best treatment

Introduction: “Itching is dead!


“A lot of people are suffering from torture. I can’t bear it. How can I recover from breathing?

Chinese medicine tells you the best treatment of 5 big anal itch madness!

銆€銆€1, scalp itching caused by scalp erosion is no more than two reasons: dry scalp or infection with dandruff.

This kind of bacteria usually adheres to the exudation of sebaceous glands such as hair roots. When it is multiplied, it will cause hair follicles around the hair roots to infect, causing dandruff and scalp inflammation.

銆€銆€The best treatment uses a shampoo containing ketoconazole, which is available at pharmacies.

Regular consumption of styling gel may also cause scalp problems, try to choose anti-allergic brands, or use them instead.

Let the shampoo stay on the hair for 5 minutes and then wash it off, then wash it again to completely remove dandruff and yeast.

銆€銆€2, dry skin itching You can not see the crack of the skin, does not mean that the skin is not permeable, in fact, countless tiny particles can enter the skin through the gap in the skin surface, causing itching and even inflammation.

The skin inflammation worsens the moisture inside the skin and evaporates more easily, so the dryer the skin, the more external irritants are more likely to invade, causing damage again, forming a vicious circle.

銆€銆€The best treatment uses a thick moisturizing lotion, the thicker the emulsion, the better the isolation protection of the skin.

Your doctor recommends that you use a variety of natural products to avoid allergic reactions. Use them 3 minutes after bathing, otherwise it will be invalid.

銆€銆€In addition, the bath water can be close to body temperature, more than the natural oil that washed away the body surface.

However, when shaving after bathing, you can put some hot water to increase the humidity of the air. The human body is most comfortable in an environment with an air humidity of 55%.

Try to avoid dry air, use less air conditioning, and humidify air if necessary.

銆€銆€3. When the wound is itchy or other skin wounds are repaired, the skin undergoes a process of reconstruction.

Tissues such as dead skin are replaced to produce new skin, nerves, blood vessels and other tissue.

This is when the wound begins to scab, and the nerves around the clam shell feel itchy due to the stretching of the skin, and the fibroblasts that make up the clam shell also release chemicals that cause itching.

銆€銆€The best treatment for itching is the performance of wound healing, so you should encourage yourself to resist and not bend, but when the consciousness can’t hold on, try the citrus stone lotion, which contains mint to suppress itching.

銆€銆€4, local itching can be considered to be unspeakable, even patients are more than imagined, but most people know very little about this, mainly because everyone is difficult to talk about.

Don’t think that this kind of symptom is because it is not hygienic. On the contrary, the itching of the chrysanthemum is often caused by cleansing.

Excessive wiping can remove natural sebum, causing inflammation of the skin and causing itching.

銆€銆€The best treatment does have too many drugs for the symptoms, bathing and fumigation is the best way.

Please let the old Chinese doctors have a prescription for the situation and take a bath for half an hour every day.

Also use the toilet paper above, even you may prefer a tough and thick texture, but the chrysanthemum is more delicate and fragile than you think, we even want to recommend baby toiletries.

In addition, you must also be attracted to other life, be kind to yourself, you know.

銆€銆€5, the foot and the scars of the foot and the femoral hernia are actually the same thing, are caused by a hairpin, but the infection is in the foot and the tibia.

This is a difficult disease that is difficult to cure, the recurrence rate is extremely high, and the foot and the femoral hernia are easily cross-infected.

銆€銆€The best treatment experts recommend antifungal drugs for the treatment of athlete’s foot and femoral hernia.

The inclusion of imidazole in such drugs can effectively eliminate the comminution; in addition, the alcohol can act as a drying agent.

After the external symptoms are removed for another two weeks, the fracture can be eradicated.

Remember to remember everywhere, baths, carpets. so wear slippers and bring your own compromises, whether in the gym or in the locker room.

Rough ground may leave a slight wound on the sole of the foot to make it wrinkle.

In addition, moldy bacteria also like to stay, take a bath, choose breathable socks and underwear.

Don’t wear the same pair of shoes for two days.

銆€銆€Therefore, if the itching is uncomfortable, use the effective anal itching method to relieve it. The best treatment of 5 tickle madness can be used.

Little Snow solar terms health medicine diet health

“Little Snow” solar terms health medicine diet health

In the winter, the temperature changes greatly, especially after the 鈥渟mall snow鈥?solar terms, the temperature is even more sudden, and some areas in the north have even snowed.
TCM health care pays attention to “smooth health”, “the corresponding person of heaven” is advocated by the overall concept of TCM. Therefore, it is very necessary to adjust all aspects of food and drink to adapt to changes in solar terms.
銆€銆€鈥淟ittle Snow鈥?solar terms, climate change is large Every November 22 or 23 is a small snow, when the sun reaches 240掳.
Xiaoxue is one of the 24 solar terms that reflect climate change.
“Monthly Seventy-two Hours Set”: “In mid-October, the rain is thin and cold, so it is condensed and snow.
The little one has no words.
During this period, the weather gradually became colder, and Xiaoxue became the symbol of the beginning of the cold. Generally, snow has begun to snow in the Central Plains, while in the south, it is obviously in the late autumn, and the autumn winds and autumn rains are bursting.
銆€銆€Homeopathic health, medicated diet to raise the body during the snow season, should eat warm and kidney food, Sun Sizhen “cultivation law” in the cloud: should reduce hard work, to raise kidney.
At this time, you can eat more lamb, beef, chicken, cashews, clams, medlar, yam, chestnuts, ginkgo, walnuts, black fungus, black sesame, black beans, mulberry, huangjing and so on.
At the same time, it can be used together with medicated diet.
銆€銆€Dangshen porridge: 15 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of medlar, 100 grams of glutinous rice.
Washed on the 2 flavors, and porridge with the washed glutinous rice, has the effect of nourishing the liver and strengthening the spleen and kidney.
銆€銆€Yizhiren porridge: 15 grams of puzzle kernels, 150 grams of glutinous rice, salt and salt.
Wash the puzzle, dry it or dry it, and then research it into fine.
Put the washed glutinous rice into the casserole, add the appropriate amount of water, and cook the porridge with a small fire. When the porridge is ready, transfer it to the glutinous rice kernels and salt, and cook for a while.
It has the effect of warming the spleen and stomach and warming the kidney.
銆€銆€Mushroom 鏋告潪 beef 鐓? 250 grams of beef, 150 grams of mushrooms, 60 grams of medlar, a little salt.
Wash the beef, put the blood in the boiling water pot, remove the cut into pieces of meat; shampoo the mushrooms with water and tear them into small pieces; wash the scorpions, put the 3 flavors into the casserole, add some water, and simmer until the meat is cooked.Add a little salt.
Have the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the kidney
銆€銆€Eucommia Achyranthes soup: 10 grams of Achyranthes, 100 grams of black beans, 20 grams of Eucommia, 6 jujubes, 2 to 4 chicken legs (about 400 grams), 2 chicken wings (about 200 grams), ginger, onions, salt,Rice wine has the right amount.
Wash the achyranthes and eucommia into the pot, add appropriate amount of water to boil the medicinal juice, and leave the slag to leave the juice for later use.
Clean chicken legs, chicken wings washed, smashed into pieces, and put onions and ginger together in the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, rice wine, boil with high heat, remove the floating foam, use a small fire to cook, simmer into a clarified soup,Put the washed black beans, add black jujube and aroma, add jujube and medicinal juice, then cook for a while, then transfer the salt to Serve.
It has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening the waist and strengthening the knee.
銆€銆€Mulberry sesame cake: 30 grams of mulberry, 60 grams of black sesame, 10 grams of flax, 30 grams of sugar, 700 grams of glutinous rice flour, 300 grams of sticky rice flour.
Put the black sesame seeds in a casserole and saute them with a small fire.
After washing the mulberry and flax, put it in a casserole, add some water, boil it with a large fire, then cook over low heat for 20 minutes to remove the juice.
Put the glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour, and white sugar into the pot, add the medicinal juice and the appropriate amount of water, knead the dough into a cake, sprinkle black sesame on each cake, and steam for 20 minutes.
It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and supplementing the liver and kidney.
銆€銆€Lotus carp soup: 500 grams of lotus root, 1 carp (about 400 ~ 500 grams), 3 slices of ginger.
Wash lotus roots, go to the knot, cut into sections; squid slaughter, slowly fry until both sides are yellowish.
Then put it into the corrugated with ginger, add 2,500 ml of water (about 10 bowls of water), and then change to a simmer for about 2 hours after the fire is boiled. Transfer the appropriate amount of salt.
This amount can be used by 3 to 4 people. Lotus root and squid can be used for food.
The autumn and winter season is the season of lotus root harvest. Modern nutrition believes that lotus root is a food with high iron content and a large amount of vitamin C and fiber, so it is quite suitable for people with diabetes and other physical weaknesses.

Life is not good, and learning Su Shi’s health is perfect, life will be smooth and comfortable.


Life is not good, and learning Su Shi’s health is perfect, life will be smooth and comfortable.

Since ancient times, the people who have become big events have not followed the wind and stepped into the sky. They are all fateful and frustrated, and they are rushing in the face of adversity.

Su Shi said such a famous saying: If you become a major event in ancient and modern times, you will not only have the talents of the world, but also the tenacity.

People who have become great events in the past and present have not only their own skills, but also a strong will.

Su Shi can have such feelings because his life is so bumpy in his life; in health, he is weak and sick since childhood.

In the career, a lifetime of twists and turns, after a few deductions to all parts of the country, it is running.

But even if the physiology is devastated, Su Shi also relies on his own “perseverance”, and he is in peace with his face, and he has written his travels into the article and spread it through the ages.

For example, in “Red Cliff Fu”, “the sorrow and the heavens and the earth, one of the seas.”

The sorrowful sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the Yangtze River; the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred

“What a heart is this.

Su Dongpo’s good friend Zhang Wei heard that he was so encountered and could talk and laugh, so he asked him for his health.

Su Dongpo wrote a stroke of his own life and wrote four things about his life: one is nothing to be expensive, the second is to be a rich man, and the other is to be a car, and four nights to eat meat.

Nothing is expensive: when we come, we are empty-handed, and we can’t take anything when we leave, so the fame and fortune are all outside the body. Don’t take it too seriously.

Hold a normal heart, let everything go with the flow, and meet with you.

Going to bed early to get rich: getting up early and going to bed early is a good living habit, but also a way to maintain health, fully beneficial to good health, and the moment is in the morning, a good day begins in the morning.

Anbu to be a car: people still have to be diligent, don’t enjoy too much comfort, can walk without riding a horse (in modern times, drive less), more exercise can keep fit and smooth.

Late food to meat: In the diet, Su Dongpo believes that eating out every day is like eating meat, one is hungry and then eaten, and the other is eating seven points.

Healthy longevity and health

“Health” is initially seen in “Zhuangzi·Internal”, the so-called “life”, life, survival, growth meaning; the so-called “nurturing”, maintenance, nursed back to health, nourishment, care.

The connotation of “health” is how to extend the time limit of life and how to improve the quality of life.

  To be healthy and long-lived, the key is to implement health knowledge into the daily life and persevere.

Here are some simple and easy ways to try.

Adhere to a few “less”: less salt and more vinegar, less sugar and more fruit, less meat and more vegetables, less medicine and more food, less sleep more, less worry and sleep.

In a poem, the contraction “has been a matter of sleep, no joy or no annoyance, what is a real thing, and a body is a treasure.”

Adhere to a few “normal”: hair often combed, face often sputum, nose often sputum, limbs often stretch, the eyes often move, the teeth are often sputum, the abdomen is often rotated, the ear is often bounced, the anus is often raised.

Practice the “eight characters”, lifelong unremitting: childlike heart, ant food, turtle desire, monkey line.

Childlike heart, be childlike.

Ant food, eat less.

Nowadays, many people have problems eating too much, too good, not exercising, and food is piled up in the body.

The tortoise wants to be indifferent.

Monkeys should exercise more and exercise.

Dry cleansing every day: first hot, then pinch your face.

Get up every morning and do it dozens of times.

Fuyang Mingjing this part, blood and blood transport.

Adhere to the dry-cleaning noodles, eye bags and wrinkles are slowly stretched, and it is more effective than beauty.

Learn to vomit the law: Tao Hongjing puts forward in the “National Deferred Record”: “Are you angry, there are six exhalations.”

One of the gas is said to be sucking; the six who exhale, that is, blowing, calling, swearing, swearing, swearing, swearing, are also venting.

“When you exhale, you can’t open your mouth too much. You should be silent, long, and vomit.”

When exhaling, according to the best difference of each word, there is a slight change in the mouth shape, and the part of the exhalation is also different, and the gas should be maximized.

When you reach a certain level, you can reach the tire suction.

The fetus is in the mother’s body, although there is no breathing, but there is also life, this is the sucking.

Before practicing Qigong, first set your mind, remove all distractions, and enter the state.

After completing the method according to the method, you will find that the mouth is full of fluid, the ancient book called “water on the pool”, and then swallowed the liquid.

The body fluid is an important life substance, and it cannot be spit it out.

“Three links”: Our modern people have been constantly making up, and now the traffic on the road is blocked, and our body is also blocked by traffic.

High blood lipids, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure are the result of the retina.

Therefore, we must correct the “complement” to “pass”.

The blood must pass, the gas must pass, the heart must pass, the gastrointestinal qi should pass, to reach the end of eating, sleep, pull the net, let go.

Persevere in the brain: Do not think that raising flowers, raising grass, raising fish, is to maintain health, a little spiritual sustenance, aging is faster.

At the age of 70, Ma Yin began to learn Russian. When Goethe was 80 years old, he wrote “Faust”. Many of the poems in Lu You’s “Southern Collection” were written after the age of 60.

Do not think that 60 years old will be in his later years.