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How to adjust infant sleep disorders after the holiday

How to adjust infant sleep disorders after the holiday

After the lively Chinese New Year, many parents are beginning to suffer: the baby is getting harder and harder to manage; always excited and sleeping less regularly; the baby is turned upside down day and night, and the spirit of sleeping during the day and night is particularly good . How can I help my child feel relieved?, Let the child return to regular sleep routine as soon as possible?

  Restore good habits and holidays, adults rarely get together to entertain, so sometimes there is no time to take care of the baby’s life rules, the baby’s routine may be disrupted, eating and sleeping are difficult to ensure.

  In the long run, it will damage the baby’s health.

  · After the festival, the environment at home should be as quiet as possible from noisy to ensure that the baby has a good rest environment and whirlpool.

  · Do some quiet games with your baby, sometimes tell him stories, jigsaw puzzles, and draw pictures with him. Try to minimize some activities that excite your baby.

  · Adjust the work and rest time, let your baby go to bed early and get up early, and let him slowly adapt to the previous regular or kindergarten work and rest schedule, so as to ensure that he has sufficient energy to study and play.

  · Taking a baby for outdoor walks can not only exhaust your body while exercising, but also help your baby to improve their sleep quality.

  Step-by-step sleep adjustment experts point out that every year after the Spring Festival, many parents face such problems.

Children are young, have poor self-control ability, and sometimes are not so “reasonable”. Therefore, parents must let their children feel at ease and also talk about methods, and the most important principle is gradual progress.

  During the Spring Festival, children are often amused and sleepy, can eat and drink, and now they need to adjust, and they ca n’t pull the child out of this life at one time, otherwise their hunger is not reached.

  The hustle and bustle of the Spring Festival gradually calms down. To help the children return to their daily routine, you can try to sleep a little earlier from today, but you cannot ask the children to sleep an hour or two earlier than usual.

  And before the child is ready to sleep, do not let the child watch TV or play games, otherwise the child’s brain is in an excited state, which is not conducive to falling asleep as soon as possible.

  How to correct your baby’s sleep upside down1. Make a life schedule for your baby and do it.

  2. Try to let your baby play during the day, reduce the time for siesta or don’t let your baby take a nap too late.

  3. It is best to change the bathing time to half an hour before going to bed-an hour before, so that the baby can relax and fall asleep easily.

  Also remind parents that when you want to adjust your baby’s sleep, also pay attention to whether the baby is full?

Is the diaper dry?

Is there any discomfort?

After you rule out these conditions, you can start your baby’s sleep adjustment program.

  Eating night milk is also the reason why your baby wakes up at night, so adjust the time when your child drinks milk.

The method is: increase the baby’s milk before going to bed.

  In the middle of the night when the baby is clamoring for milk, you can use boiling water instead of milk, and slowly quit the baby’s habit of drinking milk at midnight.

  Increase the last milk concentration.

Daily considerations for eating chrysanthemum brain

Daily considerations for eating chrysanthemum brain

[What is chrysanthemum brain]Chrysanthemum brain is a close relative of the wild chrysanthemum of the genus Compositae, which has two types: small leaf chrysanthemum and large leaf chrysanthemum. The quality of the leaves is better.

Chrysanthemum brain is the most common part of the folk dining table, especially the chrysanthemum brain egg soup is the best product for summer heat.

Chrysanthemum brain is not only rich in nutrition, but also has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, regulating appetite, and lowering blood pressure. It is a wild vegetable with great potential.

[Properties]Cool[Five Flavors]Xin[Transformation]242.

00 kcal (1011 kJ) / 100 grams[Efficacy]clearing heat and removing fire, removing fat and blood pressure, digestion, laxative, sweating table[Well-known production areas]origin from China, Jiangsu, Hunan and Guizhou provinces have wildSpecies.

The therapeutic value of chrysanthemum brain In addition to protein, trace amounts, cellulose and vitamins, chrysanthemum brain also contains flavonoids and volatile oils. It has a special aroma and is refreshing and refreshing.

Can be fried, cold or soup.

Its stems, leaves are bitter, bitter, and cold. In summer, it has the functions of clearing heat and cooling blood, regulating appetizers and lowering blood pressure.

It can treat constipation, high blood pressure, headaches, and red eyes.

Daily considerations for eating chrysanthemum brain Chrysanthemum brain has an adjuvant treatment for certain diseases?

Hypertension, conjunctivitis.

Who is suitable for eating chrysanthemum?

People working in high-temperature environments, people staying up late, elderly people, professional people.

Is it appropriate for someone of a certain constitution to eat chrysanthemum?

A healthy constitution is a peaceful constitution, a constitution of qi deficiency, a constitution of damp heat, a constitution of yin deficiency, a constitution of stasis and blood.

Who are not suitable for eating chrysanthemum?

People with chronic illness and debilitating disease, dysentery patients.

Which physiques are not suitable for eating chrysanthemum?

Yang deficiency constitution.

Eating taboos and diarrhea.

Identify the quality of the chrysanthemum brain. The stem of the chrysanthemum has thin fibers, semi-lignization, erect or half-growth growth, strong branching, glabrous or fine hair near the upper part.

The leaves are alternate, long ovate, the leaf surface is green, the leaf margin has thick compound serrations or two-folded pinnate lobes, the leaf base shrinks slightly into a petiole, with narrow wings, green or purple.

Leaves axillary at the axillary side branches in autumn.

Do you need yoga?

Do you need yoga?

Unlike other fitness programs, yoga requires practice at a fixed time every day, and you may think: Ca n’t you persist without perseverance and perseverance?


The reason why every yoga lover loves yoga is not for the pursuit of fashion, but also for simple purposes such as weight loss, treatment of insomnia, etc., but yoga has become a need of life, just like eating and drinking every day.

Do you rely on perseverance to keep eating every day?

  ”I don’t have time to practice”, “I’m young and active, I can’t calm down .” These are not the keys, the key is whether you urgently need yoga.

Read the following points carefully to help you make your judgment.

  Do you need yoga?
  Need 1: Energy “Give me strength.” The most pleasant spell in childhood, but it has become the most helpless hope now.

Busy, stressful, competitive . Do you often look like a discouraged ball and feel that you are physically weak and lack energy?

  The word “energy” often appears in texts about yoga.

This “energy” may not give you dazzling large muscles, but it can guarantee the continuous power support inside the body; this “energy” makes you clear and refreshed throughout the day.

  Do you want to be a “Superman” who feels energetic as soon as he opens his eyes every morning?

  Need 2: Young, elegant body Even though yoga can lose weight, that is by no means the ultimate goal of practicing yoga.

  As we get older, the destructiveness of gravity is becoming more apparent.

Even if your weight remains the same, your back is a little hump, your belly is a little convex, and your upper arms are a little bloated . and you feel more and more stiff.

  Yoga enables your body to breathe new ideas, strengthen your strength, relax your energy, and maintain an elegant, compact body, and a light and agile posture unknowingly.

It was a natural body, a beautiful body, a young body.

Are you going to be fat and thin?

  Need 3: Improving the quality of life A successful career and earning a lot of money does not mean a high quality of life.

Cervical Spondylosis?




Sexual dysfunction?

. is modern disease invading you?

  Yoga is not a panacea for all diseases, but it can definitely improve bad trends and develop for the better.

Various postures of yoga, combined with breathing, stimulate the circulation of qi and blood through stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, adjust body, heart, breath, increase natural healing power, send fresh blood to gradually reduced body cells, and massage the bodyMultiple organs and rebuild function.

  Requirement 4: Happiness grows stronger and stronger, but it must be said, because many people who have practiced yoga have described it to me happily.

Yoga makes people calm down and no longer fretful.

When peace of mind and contentment, you will be more sensitive to good things.

A piece of green grass and a smooth white cloud can bring sincere joy.

  And more of the magic of Happy Hypertension Yoga, it will even change your notion of doing things for others.

I will no longer be upset by people or things that are not pleasing to the eyes as before, I will not drill into the horns of my own horns, and look at the problem from another angle.

Simple common sense of 6 kinds of fruits at home

Simple common sense of 6 kinds of fruits at home

Smash the oranges with their skins, immerse them in medical alcohol, add an appropriate amount of honey, put them in the refrigerator for a week and then take them out.

When applied to moisture, it smoothes the skin and removes wrinkles.


hzh {display: none; }  香蕉橄榄油去皱  将香蕉去皮捣烂后,加半匙橄榄油,一起放入碗中,搅拌均匀后,涂在脸上,也有去皱的效果。  Loofah juice and honey wrinkle Spread the luffa juice with alcohol and honey on a wooden board, dry it, and then wash it with water.

  Tomato honey Chopped tomatoes, crushed into juice, add a small amount of honey and mix well, apply to the face, it also has a good wrinkle removal effect.

  Chestnut honey After peeling chestnuts, mash them into fines, add honey and mix thoroughly, then apply on the face, it can make the face smooth, stretch wrinkles, and achieve the effect of removing wrinkles.

  Papaya with mint. Papaya and mint are dipped in hot water to make tea. They are often applied or applied to the skin under the eyes after cooling.

Papaya tea not only relieves tired eyes, but also has the effect of reducing eye bags.

Ten possible psychology affecting your future

Ten possible psychology affecting your future

First, selfishness is self-centered at all times, only asking for information and not giving.

Fighting for fame and gains even harms others.

This psychology is extremely harmful to communication.

It hurts people from time to time, and such people will never find true friends.

  Second, self-esteem is the only thing I have in my own right, “I’m the No. 1 in the world.” He has high arrogance, despises others, even degrades others, laughs at others, and cannot listen to others’ opinions.

This kind of psychology is very harmful to communication, and it is difficult for these people to get along with others.

  Third, suspicion People with suspicion often like to look at each other and look at outside things with a distrustful eye. Whenever they see what others are talking about, they think they are talking bad things about themselves.

Those who are jealous of habitual acquaintances often catch the wind and make a fool of themselves. They talk about things and provoke incidents. The result can only be self-finding troubles and harm others.

  Fourth, rebellious psychology Some people always love and carry others, which shows that they are unconventional.

For everything, right or wrong, you say good, but he is bad, you say one, he is bad, you say chili is spicy, and he is not spicy.

Rebellious psychology tends to blur the strict boundaries of right and wrong, and often makes people feel disgusted and disgusted.

  Fifth, the existing knowledge, experience and thinking mode of human beings of exclusive psychology need to be constantly updated, otherwise they will lose vitality and even have side effects.

Exclusive psychology just ignores this point. It manifests itself as embarrassment and refusal to expand thinking. As a result, people have only a small circle of self-enclosed circles.

  Sixth, some people think of making friends as if they are playing in the field, often facing Qin Muchu, seeing different thoughts, and like bragging.

This kind of person-to-person communication is just a superficial article, so often no true friendship and friends are obtained.

  7. Mutual benefit. Some people think that the purpose of making friends is to “use each other”, so they only make people who are useful to them and can bring benefits to themselves, and they often “break bridges across the river.”

This psychology of taking advantage in interpersonal communication leads to damage to your personality, and you will lose your close friends over time.

  Eight, indifferent mentality Some people are indifferent to people and things that have nothing to do with them. They even mistakenly think that sharp words, arrogant attitudes, and high strides are their “personality”, which makes others dare not approach themselves, and therefore cannotMake good friends with black people.

  Nine, doubt jealousy Some people are jealous of psychological distress. Seeing others’ success is not happy for them, even jealous.

Conversely, when you see others being frustrated, you are often gloating.

Such people do not burden themselves with heavy psychological burdens, and they also encounter resentment from those around them.

It also makes others unwilling to associate with them.

  X. Inferiority complex Some people are prone to inferiority, and even look down on themselves, knowing that they are short and not knowing their own strengths. They live under the guise of others, lacking the self-confidence they are afraid of, and are unable to show their own advantages and strengths.

People with low self-esteem have no courage to do things in social interactions, and they are accustomed to accompany them without their own opinions.

If this state of mind does not change, over time, people’s courage, courage and unique personality may gradually wear off, which will hinder the realization of their plans and ideals.

Cowardly is a rope that binds thoughts and behaviors, and should be broken and discarded.

  These mentalities are not only detrimental to an individual’s physical health, they also have varying degrees of impact on interpersonal communication.

Makes people unwilling to approach and hard to reach.

It is hoped that each of us will check ourselves from time to time to prevent these mentalities from happening, to use warm and healthy psychological qualities to contact everyone around us, and to enjoy a beautiful human relationship.

Therapeutic medicated papaya ginger honey porridge

Therapeutic medicated papaya ginger honey porridge

[Raw materials]10 grams of papaya, 10 grams of ginger, 30 grams of honey, 100 grams of previous rice.

  [Manufacturing method]Put papaya slices into cloth bags, put them into the pot with the washed rice, washed ginger slices, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook into a thick make.
  [Usage]Take the service in the morning and afternoon.

  [Efficacy]3 Qushishujin, scattered cold and pain.

  [Indications]1 Rheumatoid arthritis of the senile type is particularly suitable for patients with a partial weight.

  [Information]Papaya can cure dampness. Recent experimental studies have found that papaya has a metabolic analgesic effect.

  Ginger Xin warm and cold, also has analgesic effect.

  According to observations, this dietary prescription is effective for elderly people with rheumatoid arthritis who have sore facet joints who are soggy and fix the wrist with pulses.

Simple three-stroke quick-action method to smooth facial wrinkles

Simple three-stroke quick-action method to smooth facial wrinkles

Some people are puzzled.
Why do you wrinkle up at a young age?

In fact, there are many reasons for wrinkles in life.

Today I will teach you how to quickly smooth your face wrinkles.

.hzh {display: none; }  当你第一次在镜子里发现自己的嘴角有浅浅的纹路时,就要开始给予它充分的关注。Because once the decree is created, it is very difficult to eliminate it. Let it be eliminated at the beginning.

  First, maintenance is the first anti-wrinkle product. Nowadays, hot medicine-like peptides, as well as many anti-aging ingredients that can promote skin collagen regeneration, such as vitamin A, polyphenols and plant extracts, can make the skin fromThe bottom of the skin begins to proliferate with collagen and fibers, making the inside of the cell appear to be “filled up”, thereby supporting the outer depression.

Sisley’s Anti-Wrinkle Revitalizing Serum is one such product, and it was particularly prominent at its press conference that it can eliminate the most difficult to remove the wrinkles.

  In addition, many eye masks containing peptides or collagen are also a good helper to eliminate the wrinkles. If your wrinkles are heavy, apply a meniscus-shaped eye mask to the wrinkles and let them “work” locally.Crease lightens.

  Second, massage effective daily skin care must be lifted in order to eliminate the wrinkles. In addition to using the right product, you also need daily massage with skin care.

Don’t underestimate the power of a few moves. Perseverance can bid farewell to the old lines.

If you are worried about the law visit, young girls with a lot of expressions should use massage to prevent it, saving money and being effective.

  Step1 Put your palm against your face, draw a large circle from bottom to top, and gently push your ears.

This action can give elasticity to slack skin.

  Step2 With both hands and fingers against the person, slide from the center to the outside.

  Step3 Slide your finger downwards and upwards from your lips, just like pulling the corners of your mouth up. This can prevent sags and fine lines around your lips.

  Step4 Close your fingers, slide your hands from your chin toward your ears, and lift up the contour of your entire face.

  Step5 Use the thumb and forefinger to insert the order lines from bottom to top, gently pinch the skin surface, repeat 3?
5 times.

This action can stimulate the surface tissue of the skin and gradually smooth the wrinkles.

  Note: The distance between thumb and forefinger is 0 when pinching.

1 cm, the force of the finger should be perpendicular to the wrinkles.

The Nirvana Purification Method of Yoga

The Nirvana Purification Method of Yoga

Yoga cleansing method refers to five methods of removing impurities and toxins from the human body and one method of increasing concentration. They are collectively called “six karma”. If you want to progress in yoga, the “six karma” method is essential.
Of course, there are several methods that are too extreme. We introduce one of the safer and more convenient “Nirvana” methods, which clean the nose passages occasionally. In plain terms, wash the nose with saline.
) Can also be used as daily health care.
  1. Take a cup of warm water (about 250 ml) and add a pinch of salt. The salinity can be determined according to the degree of personal adaptation, so that the salt is completely dissolved.
  2. Prepare a washbasin or by the pool, with your head slightly lowered, hold your right nostril with your right hand, hold the cup with your left hand, and absorb water with your left nostril.Blow your nose gently.
  3. Do the same with your left and right nostrils.
  4. Each nostril can be done seven to eight times.
  5. Finally, after placing your hips with your hands, your fingers are raised upwards, your body is tilted forward, your head is lowered for 30 seconds, and the remaining water in the nose is removed.
  Be careful when you do it first. The two nostrils may feel aching pain. After a few times, the pain will disappear.
Raise your head after stopping water absorption, otherwise, the water will easily enter the trachea.
Do not add raw water in salt water.

Table: Is it a paradise or a battlefield-

Table: Is it a paradise or a battlefield?

From the beginning of pregnancy, the role of the mother as a source of nutrition for the fetus is extremely important.
Fetal development depends on proper and adequate intrauterine nutrition.
Mothers read everything they could about food and feeding.
Their worries, anger and contradictions are all caused by fear-fear of spoiled food, concern about additives and vitamin content in food, fear of milk radiation from radiation dust.
All these concerns reflect a sense of responsibility as a mother.
They feel that it is their responsibility to give their children the best-not just the right food.
  Getting Started Whether to breastfeed is the first major decision.
Most pediatricians, if not all, think that breastfeeding is preferable to bottle feeding for most babies.
Compared to the best formulas, breast milk not only contains antibodies that protect your child from infections, it is also easier to digest and less likely to cause allergies.
Fathers should also plan to feed the baby once a day or at least twice a week.
The opportunity offered to feed your child is unparalleled for building a sense of closeness and intimacy with your child.
By the time they are three or four weeks old, parents should start to separate the time that their child feeds from other important experiences.
The baby’s need to understand her needs and explore her new world should be balanced with her need for food.
     Obstacles 母亲 When a child refuses food, the mother is surprised at first and then angry.
How could she not want to eat it?
Am I doing something wrong?
The two of us found that the first obstacle that mothers encountered when learning to feed their babies was likely to come from babies.
>>> Dinner less for children is not suitable for children
As she works on this important new task, she can take the opportunity to feed her a complete meal.
If parents ignore this new ability, it can easily lead to feeding problems.
     Over the next few months, babies’ desire to eat on their own will increase.
The result would be much better if the baby was allowed to be independent.
     The rapid development of a baby’s sense of independence at the end of the first year is likely to cause more feeding difficulties.
At this time, it is more important for babies to know themselves than to eat.
If the mother forces the baby to eat, the baby will be more determined and must make his own decision.
>>>不宜给半岁前婴儿喂蛋清      避免争执      喂食出现问题就是这样开始的――不是因为父母不关心孩子,也不是因为他们是“坏”父母,而是因为他们对孩子的关心太多了.
     The only solution is to avoid disputes with the child.
You will not win, and you should not win.
The independence of a baby is too important.
Even if you win through power, your child’s eating problems will cause you a lot of headaches, and it is likely that problems will occur in the future.
>>> Will the baby’s nose become more and more spirited?
     Minimum Daily Needs Understanding your child’s moderate food needs in the second or third year can help parents relax.
The four ingredients I need for daily advice that I’ve been suggesting for years are simple-even if children don’t eat these foods, there are simple alternatives.

Test your tendency to learn

Test your tendency to learn

Translation: If a teacher tells you that your math is not working, you will: 1.

Step up your efforts 2.

Great loss of confidence and aversion to mathematics 3.

Do not believe what the teacher said 4.

Ask the teacher further how to improve the analysis: 1.

Choosing “Intensify Your Efforts” You are a person who needs encouragement from others. The pressure given to you by the teacher or classmates can effectively affect your learning intentions.

In your subconscious, you always feel that academic performance is the factor that determines your interpersonal relationship and your personal value, so once you get the message that your performance is not good, you will step up your efforts, because you don’t want to be laughed at and not crowded out of the group.Inside and outside, your learning intentions are closely related to the people around you.


Choose “Large Confidence, Disgusted with Mathematics” Your learning emotions are easily affected by outsiders. Once you are denied your ability, you will renounce yourself because you have no confidence in yourself, plus the denial of your teacher or classmates, You will lose all confidence and do n’t want to touch the book again.

Perhaps the teacher ‘s words just want to motivate you to redouble your efforts and catch up, and you will think about the bad side, you can see that you are a person without the intention of active learning.


Choose “Do not believe the teacher’s words” Your learning is not easy to be influenced by others. You are very confident in your abilities and achievements. Even if your grades are not good, you will not be panicked, and you will not be just a word from the teacher.Change your schedule or reading habits.

Therefore, the learning effect of you is entirely up to your conscience. If you are not interested in a certain subject and kill you, you will not read it.


Choose “Go further and ask the teacher, how to improve”. You are a person who is very self-examination and self-love. Although the teacher just reminds you, you will automatically find the problem and then actively ask the teacher, which means that you areA very autonomous student is very active in caring about his studies, not to compare scores with his classmates, nor to study for teachers and parents. Your study is for your own needs.

A student like you should be a teacher’s favorite.