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Beware of children with Room Syndrome

Beware of children with “Room Syndrome”

[Introduction]In recent years, some symptoms have been found, mainly including cough, headache, eye discomfort or eye pain, chest tightness, lack of energy, and some allergic reactions.
After examination and analysis, these children were diagnosed with pediatric compartment syndrome.
It turned out that these children were caused by air pollution in urban living rooms for a long time.
1. When cooking in the kitchen, the fat is heated and even quickly decomposes gaseous substances that are harmful to the human body, such as acrolein, which is harmful to the respiratory tract and eyes of children.
2. Fuels used in cooking at home, such as coal and gas, emit fumes such as soot and carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide during combustion, which can stimulate children’s respiratory tract and easily cause respiratory symptoms such as colds, asthma and cough.
It also harms children’s skin, mouth, eyes, and hearing organs.
3. Smokers cause passive smoking in children.
Hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide and nicotine released after the cigarette is ignited can stimulate the throat and vocal cords of children.
Nicotine in the smoke can affect children’s nerve excitatory conduction, which can lead to children’s mental loss and memory loss over time.
This kind of room pollution is more serious in cities than in rural areas. Therefore, pediatric room syndrome is mainly seen in urban children.
How to prevent “House Syndrome” in children?
In order to prevent pediatric room syndrome, corresponding measures can be taken. The room should be kept fresh and often open windows for ventilation.
When cooking and oil heating, you should pay attention to the proper heat, and quickly pour the dishes when the oil pan smokes.
Improve the poorly ventilated coal stoves and gas stoves to make them burn more fully.
And install the necessary flue and blower.
Indoors, adults should not smoke.
When possible, a negative oxygen ion generator can be installed to purify the room air.
Indoor flower cultivation purifies the air.
Children are often allowed to take in fresh air outdoors.

The most appropriate psychological distance for men and women

The most appropriate psychological distance for men and women

For psychological and physical reasons, when men and women are together, they will have a relaxed and pleasant feeling, which will make the opposite sex attract each other and form a good relationship.

However, there are still some things to pay special attention to when interacting with men and women.

  It’s common to socialize with men in social activities.

So, how to grasp the proportion in communication?

There is much to learn here.

The scale of the exchange between men and women must be well grasped.


Don’t be too intimate.

Excessive intimacy has never caused one to be too frivolous, to cause people’s resentment, and it is easy to cause serious misunderstandings. Even lovers who have established a relationship should not arbitrarily express their passion and premature intimacy.


Should not be too cold.

Because indifference will hurt the man’s self-esteem, and it will make people feel that you are arrogant and arrogant.


Don’t be overly restrained.

In the interaction with men, you should just talk and laugh, you need to shake hands, you need to shake hands, you need to shake hands side by side, and you are tired of life; on the contrary, being too casual is not good.You can only talk between the same sex, some jokes should not be played in the presence of the opposite sex, this should be paid attention to.


Don’t rap.

Officials show off that they are knowledgeable and wow, wow, keep talking, or arguing over arguments in argument, are not flattering; of course, do n’t be too silent, always keep quiet, or just “oh””Ah”, even if he smiles at this time, it is easy to make people disappointed.


Don’t be too serious.

Too serious makes people dare not approach, fearful; but not too frivolous.

The sense of humor is pleasing, and “two hundred and five” deliberately make a fool of himself and thinks humor is the opposite.

Get rid of dampness and health porridge in summer, come and collect!

Get rid of dampness and health porridge in summer, come and collect!

In summer, the humidity is heavy and the weather is sultry. At this time, we must guard against the invasion of dampness.

Many people use diet to achieve the effect of dehumidification.

The following editors recommend a few congee products for summer dampness and health, let’s take a look together!

Click to buy 1, red bean porridge, rice porridge, 30 grams, 15 grams of red beans, the right amount of rock sugar.

Soak the rice and red beans with clear water all night, then put them into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water and cook until the red beans and barley are soft and rotten, and add the rock sugar to melt.

  Role: Red beans and barley are good products for removing dampness and strengthening the spleen, which can effectively remove the moisture in the body, and you can also replace red beans with red beans, and the effect will be better.

  2, red dates, lentils, rice porridge, red dates, 30 grams of lentils, 20 grams of barley kernels.

Wash the red dates to remove the kernels, soak the lentils and barley in water, and then boil the ingredients together in a pot. Continue cooking on low heat for 2 hours, preferably with a little rock sugar.

  Function: nourishing blood and stomach, nourishing qi and regenerating jin, strengthening spleen and dampness, clearing away heat and removing heat, and has good effects on conditioning qi and blood, and dampness

  3, corn pumpkin porridge moderate amount of pumpkin, corn flour, glutinous rice flour, rock sugar.

The pumpkin is washed and peeled, steamed until cooked and mashed, then pressed into a paste, and then the corn flour and glutinous rice flour are added and mixed evenly. Add an appropriate amount of water, boil over low heat, and put rock sugar to the point.Stir and avoid the pan.

  Function: corn appetizer, turbid diuretic, pumpkin moderate spleen, glutinous rice spleen and stomach, nourishing and strengthening, is a good recipe for summer dampness.

  4, millet mung bean porridge amount of millet, mung beans.

Soak the mung beans in clean water for one night, then put them into the pot with the washed millet, add enough water, boil over high heat, and cook over low heat until the ingredients are thoroughly cooked.

  Role: mung bean clears heat and detoxifies, relieves heat and quenches thirst, etc. Xiaomi strengthens the spleen and stomach, soothe the nerves, helps sleep, nourishes Yin and nourishes blood.

This porridge can eliminate dampness and heat, detoxify and swell, reduce blood fat, and prevent heat stroke.

Tip: Prevent deafness from doing exercises in the ears

Tip: Prevent deafness from doing exercises in the ears

Regularly massaging the ears is very helpful to prevent and relieve senile deafness and tinnitus. Experts recommend a set of “ear exercises”: insert the palms of your hands to face the auricles, rub them clockwise 20 times, and then rub them counterclockwiseExercise 20 times, 3 times each morning and evening.

When rubbing, do not use too much force, it is advisable to use conical redness.

  Pinching the tragus The tragus is also called the small ear.

Squeeze with your thumb and forefinger to relax the tragus. The left and right tragus are pressed simultaneously, each time 20?
30 times, it is advisable to use binaural fever when pinching.

  Outline of loosening ears, palms of the hands facing the auricle, gently pressing in the direction of the inner ear, then lightly, repeatedly, just 3?
5 minutes, can be increased to 5 in the future?
10 minutes, twice each morning and evening.

  Rotate the index finger of the ear and gently insert it into the outer ear hole, turning it back and forth for 20 times each time, using even force, and not too fast, so as not to damage the skin inside the ear.

Do not do both ears at the same time, you should do it alternately from left to right.

  Pulling the ear contour After getting up every day, use your right hand to pull the left ear contour above the head 20 times, and then use your left hand to pull the top of the right ear contour 20 times.

Do you enter a fitness misunderstanding

Do you enter a fitness misunderstanding

Misunderstanding: Focus on exercise all weekend. Pay attention to the fact that some people cannot eat and eat hungry, so is exercise.

For example, some people like to take advantage of the insufficiency of regular exercise on weekends.

Fitness experts point out that too lazy exercise can hurt the body, and concentrated exercise can also hurt the body, which is tantamount to overeating.

  Imagine sitting in the office 5 days before the week, almost no movement, the body has actually adapted to this state.

Suddenly picking up a lot of time on the weekend to concentrate on exercise will actually break the established physiological and physical balance, and the consequences will be worse than not exercising.

Therefore, a scientific and effective approach is to exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

I usually have a lot of time to work and have no time to exercise. At least I should move my body after the tea. I still pay attention to the flow of water.

  Myth 2: Exercise + Dieting = Good Body Many women already know that they use scientific and healthy methods to control weight, but there are still some misunderstandings about weight loss.

For example, while exercising, nutrition supplements are ignored, and the diet is controlled blindly.

  Experts point out that diet control is necessary, but if you only care about exercise and do not pay attention to nutritional supplements, it will cause physical harm.

The human body needs a certain amount of transition and nutrition to maintain its operation every day, and women also need compensation for menstrual losses, so at least transformation and nutrition must be guaranteed.

Otherwise, if the human body performs high-intensity exercise in a state of lack of supplement for a long time, it will cause a decrease in immunity and disease will also enter.

  Misunderstanding three jump exercises is a woman’s business In the gym, there are usually two “well water does not violate river water” areas: the equipment training area are all men, and aerobics has become a women’s patent.

Many men always believe that “jumping aerobics is a woman’s business, a bit of sissy, and training equipment is a man’s business.

“actually not.

Fitness coaches believe that men prefer equipment training mainly because they feel that this can increase strength and improve body shape, but equipment training cannot achieve the effects of improving cardiopulmonary function, and enhance the softness and coordination of the body. Therefore, it is recommended that men should use equipment training and haveAerobic exercises are combined to enhance complementary effects.

  Misunderstanding four muscles must be practiced every day, some young people are very passionate about bodybuilding.

In order to build a beautiful muscle, they practice in the gym all day.

In fact, the key to long muscles should be “relaxed.”

  Muscle exercise consumes a lot of nutrients. After the exercise, after proper rest, the nutrients in the muscle will be replenished, and the amount of replenishment will be more than consumed. This phenomenon is physiologically called “super””Volume recovery”.

“Excessive recovery” allows muscles to get more nutrients, the more developed and more developed.

Some studies believe that the rest time is calculated based on the muscles having the ability to exercise last time again. It usually takes 2 to 3 days.

  Misunderstanding 5: Large amount of exercise is more effective. Appropriate exercise and fitness training can help strengthen the body’s immunity, but excessive exercise can be counterproductive.

  Medical experts point out that both low-intensity and intermittent exercise can have a good effect on health.

Therefore, low-intensity exercise every day is not only good for health, but also reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Excessive exercise will only have an adverse effect on the body, leading to muscle contraction, stiffness, strain, severe fractures, even sports anemia, and even sudden death.

Therefore, exercisers can consult a fitness instructor to choose the right amount of exercise.

Track regret techniques

Track regret techniques

Translation: Baseball field pitcher, catcher, baseman, outfielder, see which task your friend can do?

  Analysis of the baseman’s catcher and the fielder’s pitcher: Your friend who is placed in the baseman’s position: He is not too particular about the type of the bar. As long as he is upright and regretful, he can immediately release the suspicion and return to the good.

The most feared is the lingering from start to finish.

There is also an affectionate “sorry” or an affectionate hug between friends, and the distance is drawn short.

  Your friend who is placed as a catcher: This type of friend needs the other party to listen to his own type of speech first, so you need to sort out your thoughts well.

However, the same reasons and the use of intrigue will make the other party unwilling to listen to you!

You may be helpless to meet such a friend. If you can bear his language attack, your relationship will be saved!

  Your friend who is placed in the outfield position: The other party is a very leisurely type, so a direct apology is not as effective as a phone call, email, or letter.

However, even so, it may be that the other party has already started to “revenge” you before you return to God. It seems that you have stolen your eraser, so you have to borrow it from him, embarrassed.The situation was broken.

  The friend you put in the pitcher position: He has strong self-esteem and always has the upper hand.

Based on his stubborn character, arguing with him is unfortunate, and you admit it, and apologize to him first, and the apology will be unexpectedly reconciled!

But if you do n’t bow your head, the Cold War may not be deadlocked!

Might as well coax him first, and then calculate the ledger after the fall.

Parents respect my disobedience

Parents respect my “disobedience”

“Be obedient” covers many expectations of parents for babies.
However, when the child is two or three years old, one of the most obvious changes is that he is “skinned”, “stunned”, and has his own small idea.
Therefore, “disobedience” has become a lingering “pain” in the hearts of parents.
However, have you ever thought about it, why is your baby “disobedient”?
Is there some “hidden feeling” behind it?
  Try what’s inside the socket. Playback of the camera. The 2-year-old Tao Tao looked at the electric socket with interest and suddenly looked at him. Suddenly, he stuck his little finger in.
His hand was hit, and he flinched back, crying in pain.
The mother heard the sound running from the kitchen and slaps his little butt in annoyance: Didn’t I tell you that it is dangerous and that children can’t touch it?
Why can’t you remember?
  孩子的心里话  这个东西真有意思,妈妈把电饭锅的插头插进去,不一会儿,好吃的饭就做好了;还有我床头的台灯,插上它才能亮……我想看See what’s in these “holes”!
However, my mother would not let me touch it, she always said it was dangerous, but my parents could touch it, so could I!
  Interpretation baby Tao Taotao is doing this out of curiosity.
Children around the age of two do not yet know the consequences of their actions, nor do they understand what “disobedience” is.
As far as the baby’s cognitive level is concerned, they can only understand the surface meaning of the language ignorantly, and they do not understand the full meaning of the words of their
  Your approach: Dangerous activities such as touching the electric door and playing with fire must be stopped, but it is best to let your child see what is happening.
For example, find some related storybooks and TV shows for your child and tell him: If you get an electric shock, you will be seriously injured and very hurt; you will still be in danger of life, and you will never see your parents again.
It is easy to leave a deep impression on children and consciously accept instructions from parents.
  You said you ‘re doing my lens playback “There are so many dishes in the bowl, why do n’t babies eat by themselves?
Mother said, a spoonful of “shrimp, carrot, peas and diced” had been sent into pure mouth.
Chunchun beat the plates and bowls with her small spoon with interest, and did not chew the vegetables in her mouth for a long time.
Mother took her spoon and said seriously, “Dine well!
”纯纯却又抓起筷子继续敲,对妈妈送到嘴边的菜,就是不张口……  孩子的心里话  每次吃饭,妈妈都让我多吃菜,可我不喜欢吃、不喜欢嚼I don’t want to sit and eat honestly, just play and eat.
Listen, how good the sound I knock out with a small spoon, I just want to eat and play!
  The baby ‘s self-awareness is gradually strengthened, and the two-year-olds are beginning to have their own ideas and try to do it. They ask “no” to their parents ‘requirements and arrangements, or they simply do it.
This shows that the child has entered the “first resistance period”.
  Your approach: An effective way to avoid your child saying “No” is to give your parents some choices and let the child make their own decisions.
For example, for Junchun, the mother can ask: “Are you willing to eat first, and then the mother knocks with you, or is you willing to eat grindly and take a nap immediately after eating?
“Because of the mother’s” big playmate “, most children will choose the former.
  不想当乖宝宝  镜头回放  星期天,琳琳妈的同学带着女儿珍珍来做客,两个孩子玩儿得可高兴了:她们给芭比娃娃穿衣服,换了一套又一套;过了一会儿,Linlin pulled out a small block of cars and said, “Let’s build the blocks.
“Zhenzhen put her dolls and clothes into a toy box.
Linlin’s mother couldn’t help but boast a few words: “Zhenzhen is so good, she can pack her own toys!
Linlin, look at you. It’s like a girl who puts a bunch here and a stall there.
“Linlin was upset when she said this. She immediately pushed the toy box down and sprinkled it all over the place . The child’s heart With the children, my mother loved to say that I was inferior to others.
Why are they always better than me?
Mom likes them so much, just treat them as moms, why do you want me?
The more I want to get angry, the more chaotic I can make my home, the better, anyway!
  Interpreting Babe With the development of baby’s self-awareness, self-esteem is getting stronger and stronger, and they do not like parents to compare themselves with others.After having a bad temper, a quick temper, and being more unwilling to live with a more thoughtful child, once they were “uncovered” by the public, they felt that their face was unsustainable and their emotional performance was fierce.But soon afterwards you will forget.

Linlin belongs to this category of children.

  Your approach compares heart to heart, understands and respects children.

Parents can encourage their children to do things with their children, rather than bluntly criticize them. Somehow, the mother said to Lin Lin, “Baby, help your sister to collect the baby. Mom knows that you are most willing to be a little helper, right?

“Ming Jing said so, I believe Lin Lin will do it obediently.

Of course, in the absence of outsiders, mothers can also urge the children to do what they can with a negotiated tone.

Because of respect, children are mostly able to cooperate.

Parents should give a smile when the child falls

Parents should give a smile when the child falls

Pengpeng is more than 4 years old and can’t rest. He always messes around.

The surrounding things also fell with the mold, either by knocking over this or breaking the one, but the most unlucky one was himself, falling down constantly.

Every time I saw this situation, I would stand and watch him with a smile, and I would get up and run like no one else.

Sometimes he also fell out of some misery, at this time, he would be embarrassed at both ends, as if he was not sure, a little shameful.

  However, the previous friends and friends did not perform so well, especially in the year when Grandpa took care of him, his tears seemed to be very rich, and he was crying with a little discomfort, and it was a great event to fall.

Grandpa was so distressed by his grandson that when he saw his friends fall, he rushed forward to help him, and comforted him, pretending to beep on the floor.

But the more so, the more fierce the friends cried.

  Later, I brought my friends back and brought them with me, and began to deliberately correct this error.

Every time he fell and looked for me with aggrieved eyes, I kept calm and smiled and said to him, “Man, it’s okay, get up yourself.

“If he cries terribly, I will symbolize my hand, but don’t walk over and say,” You come over, mother holds.

“When he falls heavily, I hug him and ask him what game he is playing, or find other toys with him to distract him.

Over time, the facts described at the beginning of the article appeared.

  It is not terrible to fall. The fear is that the parents used the wrong way.

In fact, children usually don’t fall too much. Crying is mainly because they are startled. At this time, if the parent laughs first, he will relax and feel that this is not a big deal; but if the parents panic, he willFrightened by the impact and crying, this is always the case, and it will make him used to looking for sympathy as a solution to the problem, and lose the opportunity to grow autonomously.

So when you see the child fall, please give him a smile.

The fun of reading together

The fun of reading together

Children’s favorite coloring books are always listened to. Don’t say “just read them.” Or read them aloud.

  Even if it is the same story, the tone of each reading is different, and the angle of looking at the pictures is different.

In the course of repeated listening, children can learn more about the mystery of the story, and the boots spark interest in other books or texts.

  During repeated listening, some frequently appearing words will naturally enter the child’s mind, and then begin to forget the content of the article.

When the storyline is fully digested, the child will naturally be able to memorize the entire book. In this way, when listening to the story, the child has the distorted power to become interested in the text.

  Later, when mom is reading, it is best to read at the same time.

In this way, between repeated readings, the child can understand where he is reading now, and at the same time, he can follow the mother’s reading speed and listen to the story against the text.

The mother reads it again and again. From words to storylines, the child can place his imagination at will. At the same time, the structure of the article is naturally portrayed in the child’s mind. Therefore, while watching the text, he can also enjoy it in the context of the textFun throughout the story.

Early morning weight loss yoga thin waist thin legs thin arms

Early morning weight loss yoga thin waist thin legs thin arms

Eyes still open after getting up in the morning?

Is the body still tired?

Yoga can help you solve this problem.

It takes only 5-10 minutes after getting up to do a few yoga moves, you can be 100 times more energetic, you can also thin arms, beautiful legs, and reduce your waist!

Now teach you two simple weight loss yoga exercises.

  The first set of actions is step 1 lying on the ground with your knees bent and your legs apart shoulder-width apart; inhale, fist (or hold the water bottle), arms straight up, 90 degrees to your neck, and your eyes look towards the ceiling.

  Step 2 Exhale, open the scapula, open the elbows on both sides of the arms and place them on the ground; inhale, raise your feet and forward with your waist and abdomen, so that your thighs, tibia, and body are on the same straight line, with your eyes looking at the ceiling.

  Slimming part: Arms, waist and abdomen movements Step 1 Open your feet forward, stand firmly, straighten up, lift your arms, put your fists (or water bottle) on your chest, bend your left knee, and lift your left toe.

  Step 2 Inhale, bend your right knee so that your right thigh is perpendicular to your calf, with the most retreat pressure, with your arms straight and your body straight, and your eyes looking straight ahead.

Repeat after changing sides.

  Slimming parts: arms, thigh movements, three step 1 with feet apart from shoulder width, natural posture, fists in both hands (or water bottle); inhale, bend knees, hang down until thighs are parallel to the ground, keep straight, exhale, armsStretch down and shrink as far as possible.

  Step 2 Inhale, slowly return to stand straight, stretch your arms straight forward, turn your body to the left, and look at the middle of the coaxial.

Repeat after changing sides.
  Slimming part: arms, thigh movements, step 1 with feet apart from shoulder width, natural posture, fists in both hands (or water bottle); inhale, bend knees, lie on your back until thighs are parallel to the ground, keep straight, exhale, armsStretch down and shrink as far as possible.

  Step 2 Inhale, slowly return to stand straight, stretch your arms straight forward, turn your body to the left, lift your left foot, your thighs and calves at 90 degrees, and look straight ahead.

Repeat after changing sides.
  Slimming part: arms, thighs movements, step 1 with your feet apart forward, lift your left toes, straighten your feet, and keep your back straight; inhale, make a fist (or water bottle) with both hands, and lift it up 45 degrees.

  Step 2 Exhale, recover, inhale, lift your left foot so that your thighs and legs are at 90 degrees, turn your body to the left, put your hands next to your left hips, and look into your hands with your eyes.

  Slimming part: arms, thigh movements, six steps 1 lying on the ground supine, knees bent; inhale, arms straight up, grab your left elbow with your right hand, grab your right elbow with your left hand, eyes look towards the ceiling.

  Step 2 Strain your waist and abdomen with your body up, your back off the ground, and keep parallel.

  Slimming part: waist and abdomen