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Teach you how to fight aging and beauty

Teach you how to fight aging and beauty

The most enviable actress is the beautiful face. Time seems to have no effect on them. After a few years, I feel that they are still beautiful.

So what are these female celebrities’ private health methods to enable them to fight aging?

Today, I will take stock of the three female celebrities’ health regimens, and let everyone see how they look good.

  Tang Can’s Health Recipes: “Because I was born in a family of medicine, I have known a variety of Chinese medicine since I was a child, and I know a little about its efficacy. I have some experience with medicated diets.

Now I recommend to you a kind of beauty and beauty soup 阿: Ejiao egg wine congee.

Specific method: first crush the gelatin with a small hammer, put it into a blender and beat it into powder. After boiling with 500 ml of water, put a few wolfberries. After boiling with 5 spoons of wine, add two beaten eggs.Rock sugar, then add a few spoonfuls of donkey-hide gelatin powder, roll a few rolls out of the pot, and finally put three cut jujubes.

Eat twice a week, has a very good effect of nourishing and nourishing.

“Comment: This diet porridge can already be counted as a medicated porridge, and it is paired strictly with the Chinese medicine prescription” Junchen Zuoshi “.

Among them, Jun is the gelatin, which plays the role of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and the egg is the egg, which can replenish the vitality, and is the wine, and the sugar candy and candied dates, to assist the effect of gelatin, and complete the nourishing effect.

  You can also COPY 1, suitable for people who eat Ejiao: Ejiao egg wine wine porridge has the effect of nourishing blood, nourishing qi and nourishing yin, and is suitable for people who are easy to dry, a small amount of dry skin, dry hair, dry pores, menstrual bloodPeople with a small amount will definitely get good results after eating for a long time.

  2. People who don’t eat Ejiao: People who have moisture in their body should not take Ejiao, otherwise it will increase the humidity in the body.

  Lin Zhiling’s method of warming up the health regimen: “bathing is a ritual for me every day”-she explained the necessity of bathing for maintenance.

Before going to bed, she will choose lavender or orange blossom according to her physical condition; if she is traveling or filming, she will add milk to the bathtub.

Lin Zhiling told everyone in particular that taking a bath before going out in the morning also has a very magical effect. It can quickly fall into a state of stagnation, but also make the complexion rosy and full of energy throughout the day.

  Opinion: The surface of the human body is covered with meridians. Each meridian is separated from dozens to hundreds of acupoints. These meridians and acupoints are responsible for nourishing the surrounding skin and internal organs.

Bathing is like rain in the sky, helping to replenish the qi and blood in the meridians, and adding water containing biomass to moisturize the skin.

However, the bath time is 10?
20 minutes is appropriate, and the water temperature does not exceed 42 degrees.

  You can also COPY 1, take a bath before bed.

According to your own situation, you can add hypnotic lavender or nerd essential oil. These plants that have a regulating effect transform heat into the meridians, so that sleep is sweet and boring, which makes us more energetic the next day.

  2, Kangfu bath.

Business trips, filming, or traveling will make our skin separate from the original biological clock and environment, prone to dry, rough, sensitive, dull and other problems.

Add fresh milk (1500?
3000ml) can repair damaged skin, while uninjured skin can be well protected.

  3. Take a bath in the morning.

Staying up late, the physiological period will darkly qi and blood, making the face look bad in the morning.

Taking a bath will accelerate the flow of qi and blood in our meridians, thereby redistributing excess energy in other parts of the body.

As a result, a harmonious state of qi and blood appeared again, rosy, and full of energy throughout the day.

  Wu Peici Decoction: “Because my grandfather is Chinese medicine, I used to drink nourishing soup from a young age, and now I always drink red date soup and chicken feet soup, which is very good for nourishing the skin and developing the body.

“Comment: The method of detoxifying health is” women are made of water. “This is an irrefutable truth. The flower of a woman, no matter her hair or her face, is everywhere because the water is abundant and beautiful.

As a kind of water, soup is added with a lot of ingredients to cook, which will be easier for human body to absorb and use.

  You can also COPY 1, drink red dates soup often.

Jujube has a good effect on nourishing the spleen and stomach.

Open the seam of jujube while cooking the soup and cook for 20 minutes.

If you take it for a long time, the qi and blood in your body will become exuberant, and it really has the effect of nourishing and nourishing.

  2. Drink duck’s paw soup in summer.

Both chicken feet soup and trotter soup have good nourishing effects.

Only in the hot summer, they are somewhat hot. Try the duck’s paw soup. The duck’s paw is cooler. It can reduce the frequency of getting angry.

Urinary calculi cannot be ignored by sailors, and those who fly often should pay attention

Urinary calculi cannot be ignored by sailors, and those who fly often should pay attention

How big do urinary stones need treatment?

The urologist thinks that this depends on the size, location, and the presence or absence of symptoms. Usually, it is recommended to observe small stones without symptoms.

However, for special populations, some sailors, pilots, flight attendants, and people who often fly long-haul aircraft, even if the stones are less than 0.

5 cm, should also be treated as soon as possible, so as to avoid the sudden occurrence of renal colic, in a timely manner, leading to high blood pressure and even renal failure.

  Urinary calculi were quickly taken from the 58-year-old boss Chen. During a physical examination a few years ago, a small stone was found in the ribs, about 0.

4 × 0.

It is 5 cm in diameter and less than 1 cm in diameter. Because the stone does not cause any symptoms, the doctor recommends drinking more water and exercising so that the stone will be naturally discharged with urine.

However, recently, Boss Chen took a flight to the United States. When the plane landed, he made a sudden bump, and suddenly felt pain in his waist. After taking painkillers, he got better.

After returning to China more than ten days later, I trembled again on the plane, but the back pain suddenly suddenly happened. When I went to the hospital, it was found that his stone had slipped from the kidney to the ureter. The movement of the stone in the ureter caused the script of his waist suddenly.Pain and colic.

  Liu Jiumin, chief physician of the Department of Urology, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, said the stone was small and did not cause any symptoms in normal times.

For most people, there is no need to deal with it.

However, for people who travel frequently by air, this kidney stone has become an “time bomb”. Therefore, it is recommended that special groups such as seafarers who go to sea (they often stay at sea for half a year as soon as they go to sea), pilots, stewardessPeople who often travel long distances by plane should handle even small stones as early as possible.

  Check once every 6-12 months. For urinary calculi, a physical examination is easy to detect. Both abdominal ultrasound and X-ray can be found.

However, after obese people suffer from urinary calculi, when they do not show any symptoms, they often adopt two attitudes: one is that sometimes there is lower back pain, but it is not painful after a while.After that, the patient thought it was okay and stopped going to the doctor; the other was too nervous and overwhelmed, and the doctors everywhere wanted to deal with the stones.

  Liu Jiumin pointed out that for the treatment of urinary calculi, this is a very complicated problem.

First of all, the symptoms of urinary calculi lead to inconsistent serious consequences. At the same time, the absence of symptoms does not mean that the condition is not serious.

There are some patients who had already found stones during the physical examination themselves, but did not feel uncomfortable, and they did not take care of the problems because they were not serious.

As a result, a few years later, the stones had damaged their kidney function.

A patient had been diagnosed with kidney stones 5 years ago. At that time, the level of hydronephrosis was relatively mild, and renal function was only partially damaged. He was advised to take a stone for surgery, and the kidney could be retained, but he insisted on taking Chinese medicine “rowing stones.”Hearing said that the intervention turned to many places and took a lot of so-called “stone-eliminating drugs”. Not only did the stones fail to be discharged, which led to the delay of the disease, the increase of hydronephrosis, and the loss of renal function and was removed.

  Generally, whether the urinary stones need to be treated depends on the location, size, and obstruction and symptoms (hematuria, metabolism, etc.) of the stones.

Liu Jiumin believes that as long as there are stones, treatment is needed for symptoms.

Generally, the diameter is less than 0.

6 cm of stones, plenty of water (2000-3000 ml / day), moderate exercise will help to discharge the stones.

If it is accompanied by colic, then symptomatic treatment such as analgesia and dissolution can also be used.

  Asymptomatic stones, check the ultrasound or X-rays once in 6-12 months, observe for one or two years, drink plenty of water, exercise more, and help the stones excrete naturally. This is the best result.

  Tips: Different stone collection methods are different for different stones (1) Kidney stones[Symptoms]: Hidden pain in the waist, transparent pain, or asymptomatic.

  The simple treatment is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic can relieve pain.

But for volume fracture stones, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy or percutaneous nephrolithotomy lithotripsy are needed for treatment.

  (2) Ureteral stones[Symptoms]: Because the stones block the passage between the kidneys and the bladder, people will feel soreness in the waist.

  The treatment is the same as that of kidney stones. A small amount of stones can also be discharged by conservative treatment.

Ureter stone infiltration, which causes hydronephrosis, can currently be treated by lithotripsy with hard ureteroscope or soft ureteroscope.

  (3) Bladder stones[Symptoms]: Rubbing of stones with the bladder often causes hematuria or frequent urination and urgency. When the stones block the urethra, it will cause difficulty in urination.

  When the bladder stones are relatively large, obstruction must be treated, which can be treated by laser lithotripsy under urethral cystoscopy.

Baby’s chest bumps cannot be ignored

Baby’s chest bumps cannot be ignored

[Guide]The chest is mainly the heart, liver and lungs, so the growth of the chest circumference has a great relationship with physical development.

Experts point out that parents should not ignore the bust when paying attention to the baby’s head circumference.

  Then, when a child is born, the bust is 1 cm to 2 cm smaller than the head circumference. The head circumference corresponds to the bust when 12 months to 21 months old. After 21 months, the bust exceeds the head circumference.

Bust is the length of a round with a soft ruler flat nipple.

It is 32 cm for newborns, 44 cm for 6 months, 46 cm for 1 year old, and 49 cm for 2 years old.

  Malnourished children have poorer development of the tibia muscles and a few, and the bust exceeds the head circumference later. This is not only due to nutritional factors, but also related to unconscious crawling and chest exercise.

If you notice any dents or distortions in your child, check them early.

Some diseases can cause fatal deformities, such as rickets can form chicken breast or funnel shape, and some severe congenital heart disease may be inserted into the breast bone bulge.

Five food therapy recipes to keep your throat clear in spring_1

Five Food Therapies to Keep Your Voice Clear in Spring

Spring temperature changes, warm and cold at first glance, uncertain weather, pathogenic microorganisms are easy to breed, allergen symptoms such as pollen, haze, etc. These factors stimulate the human respiratory tract, which can cause cough, expectoration, and sore throat.

In addition, the internal heat accumulated in the body in winter will also be emitted, which may easily cause dry throat, itchy phlegm, and dry throat.

At this time, you should nourish the yin and regenerate your throat, clear your throat, and recommend 5 dietary treatments.

  1, Luo Han Guo drink: moisturizing the lungs and pharyngeal Lo Han Guo’s sweet flavor, has the effect of clearing the heat and moisturizing the lungs, pharyngeal opening sounds, especially beneficial for lung heat and dry cough, it is good for ordinary throat itch, pain, aphasiaImprovement effect.

  Pair with Sydney or Honeysuckle: You can use Luo Han Guo directly to soak it in water to drink, it will have the effect of cough and throat; you can also use Luo Han Guo and Sydney (decored and cut), boiled water to drink, stew until the Sydney is soft and rotten., Runzao cough effect is better.

  Get up early and feel phlegm in the throat and uncomfortable throat. It is more suitable to use Luo Han Guo with honeysuckle, which can help to clear the heat and clear the throat.

  2, Ophiopogon japonicus porridge: Alleviate dry cough. Spring and dryness often cause dry cough. At this time, you can cook a bowl of Ophiopogon japonicus porridge.

Ophiopogon nourishes yin and nourishes the lungs, nourishes the stomach, nourishes the body, clears the heart and removes annoyance, Yuzhu nourishes the yin, nourishes, nourishes the thirst, nourishes the lungs, coughs, dry mouth, sore throat, upset and insomnia.

  You can add red dates or rock sugar: Ophiopogon and Yuzhu are sweet and moisturizing products. After cooking porridge, the taste may be too light. You can add a few red dates or two sugar candies to make a bowl of moistening cough porridge perfect.

  3, Sydney cream: Nourishing and nourishing the lungs with nourishing Sydney cream is also a good choice.

It is also very convenient to eat, one spoon at a time, drink directly with water or water.

  Homemade Sydney cream is very simple: Wash the Sydney, remove the core and pound it into juice (about one pound), then put it in a pot, boil it with a low heat to make a thin paste, and then pour honey (about four or two) and boil it.The paste can be stored in a clean glass container.

  4, Liu Juice Drink: If you feel dry skin, yin deficiency and cough, you can squeeze “Liu Juice Drink” to drink.

Liujue drink cold and heat, to dry and cough, so if you have a cold and cough or have a cold constitution, it is not suitable for drinking.

  Remember to use fresh products: take 1 Sydney (without core), 30 grams of fresh coriander, coriander, white radish, sugar cane, and fresh lily, mix and eat after juicing.

  5, white radish drink: Shunqi phlegm, white radish is a good ingredient for lungs, laxative, there are clearing heat and promoting fluid, appetizing and spleen, the role of qi and phlegm, cough, sputum eat a lot of time.

  It can be used as a drink or a snack: To make white radish drink, first cut the raw white radish into small pieces, and then mix the honey evenly. Let it stand for more than 2 hours. The honey radish juice can be obtained at the bottom of the container.

The remaining honey and white radish can be eaten directly or dried as a snack.

  Note, however, that radishes are cold, the spleen and stomach are not good, and those with inferior bowel movements are advised to eat less, especially the elderly are not suitable to eat more.

Spring spinach is a good vegetable

Spring spinach is a good vegetable

Spinach can nourish blood and nourish yin. It has a better therapeutic effect on high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, diabetes and anemia, which are often caused by insufficient liver and yin in the spring. Refer to the following simple cooking methods to achieve the goal of eliminating diseases:, High blood pressure, headache, dizziness, constipation: 100 grams of fresh spinach and roots, boil for 3 minutes with boiling water, remove and mix with sesame oil.

Eat 2 times a day.

  2, vision is unclear, dizziness, limb tremor: spinach, fresh maggots 200 grams each.

Simmer the spinach into boiling water; peel and slice the fresh scallions, simmer in boiling water, add salt, sesame oil, and MSG and mix well.

This dish has the effect of clearing the liver.

  3, blurred vision, dry eyes: fresh spinach, sheep liver 500 grams each.

Boil the water into the sheep’s liver, roll the spinach slightly, add the appropriate amount of salt, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate.

This soup has the effect of nourishing the liver.

  4. Iron deficiency anemia, diarrhea, stool blood, scurvy: 500 grams each of fresh spinach and cooked pig blood.

Stir-fry pork blood, cook into cooking wine, add broth, salt, pepper, and spinach when the water is dry. After boiling, put in a soup pot.

This soup has the functions of nourishing yin and blood, and astringent yin and dryness.

  However, spinach contains oxalic acid, which prevents the body from absorbing calcium.

Therefore, when eating spinach, it should be scalded with boiling water, removed and fried.

Infants and young children need calcium supplements urgently, and some still have tuberculosis calcium deficiency, spinal disease, kidney stones, diarrhea, etc., they should eat less or temporarily quit spinach.

Skin care and maintenance strategy for the Spring Festival holiday!


Skin care and maintenance strategy for the Spring Festival holiday!

The traditional Chinese Spring Festival is the theme of family and reunion. Reunion gatherings are inevitable for various parties and staying up late. So how do you do skin care during the Spring Festival holiday?

On the way home for the Spring Festival, and the party must be tired, how can we not let tiredness gradually become a burden on the skin?

Let ‘s take a look together!

  How to do skin care during the Spring Festival trip?

  How to get skin care on the train or plane when I go home or travel on the Spring Festival?

How to keep the moment beautiful?

Therefore, it is very important to do skin care on the road. Let’s take a look at the best skin care on long-distance buses.

  1. How to organize the cosmetic bag with too many bottles and cans, which increases the burden on luggage is one of the most important. Some fragile packaging materials need to be careful when they are broken or even burst due to collision or pressure changes during the journey.

It is therefore recommended that you take care products in aliquots.

You can prepare a set of care products in case of need on weekdays, or you can purchase a travel kit combination.

Nowadays, some manufacturers on the market have also introduced portable care products, such as aluminum foil-packed lotions, lotions, etc., which are often convenient to carry and the capacity is just right.

  2. Bring a simple facial tissue to prepare a facial tissue. Add a drop of lavender oil to the paper bag. If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable, take out the facial tissue directly on the nose and inhale deeply, which can effectively relax the body and improve fatigue!

  3, remember to bring a moisturizing spray on a long-distance bus, bring a moisturizing spray to hydrate the skin in time, the moisture will make your skin fully moisturized, and it can also give the skin a lot of nutrients.

Of course, in addition to hydrating the skin directly, you can also choose to drink water!

  4. It is not easy to put on an eye mask during a break in a crowded place. If you wear an eye mask before resting, you can isolate the dust from the air and help your body relax.a bit.

  I hope the points summarized by Xiaobian above will help everyone to make skin care during the Spring Festival trip!

Sand is the best toy for children

Sand is the best toy for children

The classmate returned from Australia and gave Zhuo Ying’s daughter a large box of white sand, saying it was a toy for the child.

Looking at her possible expression, the classmate explained that parents abroad encourage young children to play in the sand. Many people also make sand pits in their yards to spend time with their children; children’s toy stores also sell them exclusively for children.Where is the sand?

  Zhuo Ying’s family lives in a university dormitory. The big sand pit on the side of the guide was once the happiest paradise for her daughter, but Zhuo Ying didn’t like her daughter to play in the sand.Source: What’s so fun about sand? It’s so dirty, so many toys at home are not enough?

In fact, from 15 months to 6 years old, sometimes young children are loyal FANS of “Playing in the Sand Club”, and they also have their own reasons: they can play whatever they want, don’t worry if you break it, you will be punished by your parents.Scolding; playing with sand can meet many kids; sand pits are like a large public living room, it does n’t matter how you play and how messy; if you draw on paper, if you do n’t paint well, parents will scold; if you do n’t draw well on the sand, you canThe sand was smoothed again, and the sand allows us to make mistakes; playing with sand can turn our parents into children, and they are more lovely than usual when they sit in the sandpit and play with us.

  Especially in winter, the sun’s sand is warm and fun than cool plastic toys.

How are these reasons enough to convince you?

With children, try the following gameplay, you will find that playing sand is really not as useless as you think.

  The handprint painting on the sand flattened out a piece of sand of 60 × 40 cm, rolled up the child’s sleeve, and let him use his own handprint to paint on the sand, and put it on cartoon animals, flowering trees, curved grass, etc.OK; in addition to the outstretched handprints, you can also use fistprints, thumbprints, and three-finger prints; you can also use your fingers to outline the outline of various objects.

Children who are obsessed with handprints will have more understanding and association of their magical little hands.

  You can buy basic measuring instruments such as measuring cups, fine-handled funnels, etc. for children over 5 years old, and even buy a small balance for him.

Place the funnel on the experimental iron frame and fill it with sand. Place the graduated measuring cup underneath to receive the leaked sand. Weigh the leaked sand every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes, orFill the space surrounded by the leaking sand with a measuring cup to instill the concept of time into your child.

For interested children, you can also talk about the development of timing equipment and learn how to recognize time.

Hourglass experiments can turn invisible time into tangible sediment, which is easy for children to understand.

  Three-dimensional sand statues allow parents to make models, and lie flat on the grass next to the sand pit, let the children imitate human faces, and pile up human three-dimensional features on a flat sandy land of 50 × 50 cm.

If the sand is too fine and soft to form, you can teach your child to use a little white glue.

After playing this game skillfully, parents can ask the children to recall the children they usually play with, the uncle with beard who came to visit the house, the grandmother with a lot of wrinkles, and so on. Their three-dimensional avatars should be right, so as to train the children’s image shorthand skills.
  The footprints of small animals piled up the mountains, deep valleys, rivers, plains and other terrain in the sand pit with the children, and then caught three or five small ants on this sandy land, and taught the children to observe the ants’ survivability in the wild; they can alsoLadybugs, pupae, etc. are put on this small three-dimensional sand table to observe how these insects behave differently, how they look for companions and escape danger, and they can cultivate children’s ability to observe carefully and passion for scientific research.

  There are many ways to play sand. Parents can play their imagination with their children.

The only thing to pay attention to is to choose a clean source of sand as much as possible; if the sand is very dirty, you can wash it out, dry it in the sun and sterilize it, and then give it to the child.

You see, while playing with sand can give your children happiness, they can also cultivate their hands-on ability, make friends, and develop their imagination and creativity. Why not do it?

Sand is the best toy for children.

Two daily health soups to restore your good blood

Two daily health soups to restore your good blood

Insufficient qi and blood, a person’s spirit is not good, and his complexion is also very poor.

Qi and blood are the foundation of human health, and two soups for replenishing qi and blood are recommended to restore your good looks!

  ”Medical Zong must read” can also be said that “blood qi, people depend on the living.”

People with both qi and blood deficiency seem to be lifeless, with symptoms such as palpitations, insomnia, fatigue, and paleness.

In daily life, we should often prepare foods for nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

  Today I recommend two soups for nourishing blood and nourishing qi.

  Ingredients of ginseng ginseng soup: 500g bonito, 30g codonopsis, 15g angelica, 3 slices of gingerThen add ginger, then add the anchovy, and fry until slightly yellow; 3, put the codonopsis and angelica in the stew pot, and then pour in the appropriate amount of water; 4, after the high heat boil, turn to a low heat pot for one hour, simmerThe fish is cooked and seasoned.

  This soup also strengthens the spleen and replenishes the blood and qi.

First of all, angelica has a good effect of nourishing vitality, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, while catfish has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing stomach and nourishing essence, smoothing joints, and softening muscles and bones.

This soup is a combination of two, which doubles the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

  Lily ginkgo beef soup ingredients: lily, ginkgo 50 grams each, 8 red dates, 300 grams beef, 3 slices of ginger.

  Method: 1. Remove the shell of ginkgo, dip the outer layer and wash, wash the lily and red dates, and remove the dates. 2. Cut the beef into thin slices.4 、 Wuhuo boil, change to boil to Lily, add beef after ginkgo is rotten; 5, boil beef, add appropriate amount of salt and oil.

  Lily has a cold taste and sweetness, and has the functions of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, clearing the heart and soothing the nerves, and ginkgo is flat, sweet and astringent, can clear heat and reduce phlegm, and can also nourish yin and nourish anti-aging.

Beef has the functions of nourishing spleen, nourishing the spleen and stomach, and quenching thirst and asthma.

This beautiful soup for family health has both the function of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and can also achieve beauty and beauty, and moisturize the skin.

Autumn Detox Slimming Honey Burdock

Autumn Detox Slimming Honey Burdock

Honey burdock material: 1 kg of burdock, 240 grams of malt, 1 kg of sugar, 4 plums, and white sesame instead.

  Practice: 1.

Cut the burdock into 3 cm long sections, add water (salted to burdock) and cook until cooked. Add the plums and top up. Turn down the sugar to taste, and then simmer over low heat until the sugar melts.Scorch one side and let the water dry.


Stir in a little white sesame before use to add flavor.

Note: The water will easily evaporate without the lid.

  Opinion: Burdock is really good for the body. There are many benefits to eating it.

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, lipid-lowering, clear away the viscera, and prevent the growth of carbohydrates.

The whole honey burdock contains only 200 calories. MM who wants to lose weight remember to eat more.

What are your father’s parenting tips?

What are your father’s parenting tips?

Dad also has childcare tips, using coups to easily raise the baby.

  Timetable-Game Time Limit Nana Dad: Letting a 3-year-old daughter stop the toy at hand to do another thing is no different than a battle that requires a lot of effort.

Once, I pointed to the watch on my wrist and told her: “Now we have 5 minutes to slide, and after 5 minutes it will ring, indicating that the game is over.

“It makes me very cautious that when the timing of the sound is over, my daughter starts to pay attention to my watch.

It’s been like this all day, she always cares about the sound of my watch.

Of course, all day she obediently followed my original plan.

In the future, every time she went out to play, she asked my watch to make such a reminder sound, which made her understand the time concept.

  Storytelling-Parting Smoother Dad: My son went to kindergarten last fall.

He would be frustrated when I separated from him at the school gate.

In order to get my son through this special time as soon as possible, I tell him a new story every day.

The story was told halfway on the way to the kindergarten. If he didn’t cry when he separated, then he would tell the other half when he picked him up at night. In this way, the son had a difficult time without much time.

However, during this period, the challenge for me was also quite big. The stories told every day must be of high quality, novel, and have to stop abruptly in the most exciting places, so as to attract him to look forward to the second half of the story.

So, I have to spend time reading fairy tale books every day and designing the course of the story.

My son likes me to be with him now.

  Answer the phone-quickly change the diaper. Babe Dad: When I change the diaper for a 1-year-old daughter, he always keeps moving, often making me unable to do so and failing.

According to observations, one of my daughter’s favorite things is to grab my or her mother’s phone, so I did my best and invented a way to keep her still.

To change the diaper, I pretended to pick up the phone and listen to it, and said to my daughter, “Babe, your phone.

“As she yelled into the phone, I quickly changed my diaper.

  Playing “Treasure Hunt”-Actively Going to Sleep Pippi Dad: Previously, it was difficult for Pippi, who was 4 years old, to go to bed every night. It always took a lot of trouble.

Because of this, his mother was also very upset.

One night, I hid my son’s pajamas under the quilt and asked him to look for them.

Unexpectedly, he liked this “treasure hunt” game, which almost became a routine before going to bed every day.

I often hide the books he likes and read before bedtime in the bed, or other places beside the bedside table, and then give him three clues to find.

Now that he has fallen in love with bedtime, he sometimes asks to go to bed earlier.

I think it’s hard to make sense to children, and if everything is considered a game, the child will be very happy if he can achieve his purpose.