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[How tall is a cup of milkshake?

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Milkshakes are the hot products of major tea shops today and have been loved by more and more people.

Most people should think that the main ingredient of a “milkshake” is milk.

But usually, “milkshakes” are not dairy products.

In fact, dairy products include fresh milk, milk powder, condensed milk and yogurt.

Their nutritional value and flavor have a great relationship with processing methods.

So, how exactly is a milkshake made? How high is the conversion of a milkshake?

A glass of milkshake is amazing.

Some experts have pointed out that a cup of milkshake replaces 2000 calories per thousand tons, which is equivalent to the displacement replaced by 25 slices of bacon.

Health experts generally believe that, for the average person, the casual intake of 20g every day is in line with health norms, but a glass of milkshake sold in a fast food restaurant is 3 times the daily injection amount.

Most milkshakes are skimmed milk powder. Since various flavored milk teas have been exposed without “milk”, but after being blended with “creamer”, many people have begun to wonder whether milkshakes are also blended with “creamer”?

According to relevant sources, milkshakes are very “white” at this point.

Although the milk in the milkshake is not fresh milk, at least it comes from natural products such as skimmed milk powder, whey powder and cream, not a “creamer”.

This is still welcome.

The taste of a milkshake comes from “flavors”. However, some experts point out that although the “milk” of a milkshake is a natural food such as skim milk powder, flavors are often used in order to bring out the taste of milkshakes.

For example, the flavor of strawberries depends on the composition of flavors. To express the flavor, the delicate cooperation of 40 compounds is required.

The milk comes from skimmed milk powder, whey powder and cream.

In order to match the cool sweetness, not sugar but fructose syrup.

In order to be as red and seductive as strawberries, you must also participate in the composition of red pigment.