[Liver Care and Liver Recipes]_Conserve Liver_What to do

[Liver Care and Liver Recipes]_Conserve Liver_What to do

The health of the liver is very important to people. It is the largest digestive organ of the human body. Once the liver has problems, it often leads to a variety of symptoms, which can easily cause obese liver, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer.The work of protecting the liver can usually start with the diet, eat more vitamin C foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and so on. Let’s take a look at the recipes for protecting the liver and liver.

Liver-protecting and nourishing recipes 1. Eating honey, garlic and honey contain the minerals and sugars combined with the nutritional components of garlic to enhance liver function.

Garlic is a spicy and irritating food, which can stimulate the gastric mucosa. After eating, it will cause dry mouth, and honey has the effects of strengthening the spleen, stomach, and nourishing yin.

Therefore, eating garlic soaked in honey can supplement the shortcomings of garlic, and also better protect the gastric mucosa.

Honey garlic is best eaten after dinner. Patients with liver and kidney disease should avoid it during treatment.

2, red dates soaked in red dates pigment amino acids, they are beneficial to protein synthesis, can prevent low protein symptoms, and achieve the purpose of spleen and liver.

Jujube soaked in water can nourish the liver and detox.

Studies have found that drinking jujube water to people with poor liver function daily can enhance the body’s serum protein after one week in a row, thereby achieving the therapeutic effect of protecting liver toxicity.

3. Foods that are good for VC may be helpful for liver detoxification and have very good effects on protecting the liver and the liver.

For example, tomatoes and citrus are foods with good nourishing yin that everyone likes and can be used as a daily treatment for patients with hepatitis.

But do n’t eat too much. It ‘s easy to get angry.

4, eat cyan food Chinese medicine pays attention to “five colors into five internal organs”, cyan into the liver, red into the heart, white like lungs, yellow into the spleen, black into the kidney.

Cyan enters the liver, and eating more cyan food is good for the liver.

There are also different shades of blue and green in the hospital, which often calms patients and helps recovery.

We usually look at more green plants, which is also a good way to nourish the liver.

5. A study of eating curry rice often published in the Journal of the British Medical Association Digestive Tract brings good news to everyone: the curcumin in cheap curry rice has a good effect on protecting the liver.

Curry is one of the most abundant foods containing curcumin.

Many studies have confirmed that curcumin has a high health value and has a significant effect on preventing dementia and fighting certain cancers.

6, eat more acid to the liver means that eating sour foods or drugs can nourish the liver.

In the daily diet, you can eat some sour foods, such as hawthorn, oranges, grapes, etc .; sour foods are not suitable for eating all year round, not when the liver is strong in spring, you should not eat too much sour foods, otherwise it will cause liverExcessive, affecting human health.