[How to make snack tofu dishes?

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[How to make snack tofu dishes?
】 _How to do_How to do

In each area of our country, there are more local cuisines, and the most popular among young people is snacks.

In many cities, there is even a snack street where you can eat food from all over the country.

Don’t look at the lowest cost of snacks, the ingredients are not very large, but the taste is not a lot of high-end foods.

So, what about snack tofu?

Tofu dishes are a specialty snack from Henan and Shaanxi. The main ingredients are old tofu and noodles.

Dishes special tofu dishes originated from Henan and Shaanxi. They are exquisite materials with unique characteristics, and have a thousand-year-old flavored snacks. They are all called tofu noodle dishes.

Supplemented with fennel, star anise, chili, pepper, wolfberry, cinnamon, green onion, and other more than ten kinds of condiments, it tastes delicious only, not fragrant but greasy, and has the functions of warming the stomach and cold, nourishing yin and yang, and health and disease prevention.
Method[Materials]Use old tofu, cut into 15 X 15 square pieces, and fry in a pan.

Cut the shreds as fine as possible after cooling.

Selected high-quality noodles (sweet potato flour is preferred) also need to be supplemented with sheep blood (slang) and green onion (or garlic).

You also need to have mutton and cook broth (mutton soup).

[Cooking method]First take 800ml of broth into the pot, add noodles and sheep blood to the broth in order, then add seasoning salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, and secret recipe (this is only known to masters of this cuisine).

When the noodles are mature, add pre-cut tofu, green onion (or garlic seedlings), or add some lamb chops (according to personal taste).

Just serve.

The main effects are heat clearing, detoxifying, slipping soup and cooling blood. It can be used to treat constipation, dysentery, bloated, dermatitis and other diseases.

Because of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and protein, and the volume is low and the amount is small, regular consumption has the functions of lowering blood pressure, nourishing liver, clearing heat and cooling blood, diuretic, preventing constipation, and it is very convenient for the elderly.